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Win2003 IIS Installation Method graphics and text tutorial _win server

Generally, we first install the WIN2003 system, graphics and text tutorial Win2003 Server system installation graphics and text tutorial To be installed through the control Panel. The specific procedure is: 1. Enter the control Panel. 2.

Win2003 IIS Installation Method Graphic Tutorial

Recent water quality is not high excuse meGeneral everyone first installed Win2003 system, graphics tutorial Win2003 Server System Installation Graphics tutorialTo be installed through the control Panel. Specific practices are:1. Go to the "Control

Web Server construction for beginners (1)-IIS Construction

Many children's shoes say they are engaged in mobile development. They want to build a simple Web API, but the server does not work, So Testing becomes a problem. Looking at the tutorials on the internet, I found it was a little difficult to

Run PHP with FastCGI in IIS 7.x

As a matter of fact, since Microsoft provided FastCGI support, there has been a detailed tutorial on how to configure FastCGI support for various versions of IIS and how to run php using FastCGI on the official site of IIS, so as early as IIS 7.0

IIS tutorial installed in Windows 7 Win7 installation Configuration IIS method diagram

Small knitting brings the Win7 IIS installation tutorial, many friends for the Win7 installation of IIS steps are not very understanding, then you can refer to the following OH ~ If you need to install IIS on the computer but do not know the steps,

Iis+fastcgi+php5.3+mysql5.1+gzip configuration graphics and text detailed tutorial _win server

Description This post is what I have done all day and night, different from the general online article, in addition to the details of the entire configuration process and test procedures are detailed screenshots, especially in the fastcgi aspects

Windows 7 + IIS + PHP environment setup tutorial

I have talked a lot about how to configure the php environment in iis before. Here we will introduce you to loading a php extension for iis In a Windows 7 32-bit system, so that iis can run the php environment. Because the computer uses a Windows 7 3

IIS + FastCGI + PHP5.3 + MySQL5.1 + Gzip detailed tutorial

Note: This post is completed one day and one night. Different from the general online articles, except for detailed descriptions of the entire configuration process and test process, especially in FastCGI, Microsoft's "web platform installer" is

In Windows, IIS runs PHP in FastCGI mode. iisfastcgi_PHP tutorial-php Tutorial

In Windows, IIS runs PHP and iisfastcgi in FastCGI mode. In Windows, IIS runs PHP in FastCGI mode. iisfastcgi, due to PHP5.3 improvement, the original IIS parsing PHP scripts through isapi is not supported, PHP versions later than 5.3.0 use IIS in

IIS 7.x FastCGI The configuration method running PHP _win server

So long before IIS 7.0, Microsoft has provided a more streamlined way of running PHP on IIS--fastcgi. But until IIS 7.5 comes along with Windows 7, there are a lot of "prawns" on the web that teach the rookie how to support PHP under IIS 7.x, in a

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