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Analysis of common authentication modes in IIS, such as anonymous, bisic, digest, and Windows Authentication

credential, the credential is encrypted into the HTTP header Through the message digest secret algorithm, and then transmitted to the server together with the request. the package sent out is shown in: Step 4: After the server receives the request, it extracts valid client credential from the header and connects to the DC Through the LDAP service to find the domain user with the matching username and digest information. If it is found, the credential is valid, and process the request is s

WCF BasicHttpBinding Security Resolution (4) windows authentication (iis host)

used to view the communication details. It is not recommended in actual scenarios. Code List 11-84 configure windows Verification 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: 9: 10: 11: 12: 13: 14: 15: 16: 17: 18: 19: Go to listing 11-84 and set the security mode to transportcredentia

Summary of IIS windows Integrated Identity Authentication

Prerequisites:Disable Anonymous Access and enable Windows integrated authentication. If the client browser accesses IIS through an IP address, the access will be treated as a non-local Intranet access, only NTLM authentication will be used, and the user name and password of the current logon user will not be automatic

IIS Windows authentication prompt for account password

I checked. Windows identity authentication prompt for the root cause of your account passwordfirst, make it clear that basic identity authentication and Windows identity authentication is IIS Two

In IIS 7.5, how does one pop up the custom error page after three failed Windows Authentication Settings?

In IIS 7.5, how does one pop up the custom error page after three failed Windows Authentication Settings? 1. Set Windows Authentication: In the "authentication" Window of the site, "Anonymous

IIS Various authentication detailed test 1th/2 page _win server

I. Authentication overview for IIS .... 3 1, Anonymous access ... 3 2. Integrated Windows authentication ... 3 2.1. NTLM authentication ... 3 2.2. Kerberos Authentication ... 3 3. Basic Authen

Detailed IIS Authentication Test page 1/2

1. IIS Authentication overview... 3 1. Anonymous Access... 3 2. Integrated windows Authentication... 3 2.1. NTLM verification... 3 2.2. Kerberos verification... 3 3. Basic Authentication... 4 2. Anonymous Access... 4 Iii. Windows

[WCF Security Series] authentication and creden: User Name/password authentication and Windows Authentication

or encrypt the original password Based on the required security level and whether to return the original password. However, plaintext storage of passwords is not allowed. If you have selected a user name/password credential, WCF provides you with three authentication modes: Maps user names to Windows accounts and uses Windows

Configure web Identity Authentication through IIS

NTFS formatted drive has the highest security level. IIS supports the following Web authentication methods.Anonymous Authentication IIS creates IUSR _ComputernameAccount (whereComputernameIs the name of the server running IIS), used to authenticate anonymous users when requ

Questions about iis authentication failure caused by sharing 80 with iis via apache proxy

Wang1.cn Problem: I have a server with an all-around virtual host environment. Apache is used as a proxy, occupying port 80 and other iis ports. If the website is configured to be in the integrated windows Authentication Mode and anonymous authentication is disabled, the authenti

(IIS and built-in accounts in Windows 7 IIS 7.5) IIS and built-in account IIS

I have been using Windows 7 for some time. From project development to familiarity with IIS 7.5 to the process of gradually understanding it: IIS 7.5 and iis5 IIS6 have fully reflected the module componentization, iis7.5 is based on. net Framework 2.0, of course, if you need to use vs2003 1.0 + Windows 7 +

Five types of authentication in IIS services

authentication. Note: If more than one authentication option is selected, the IIS service first attempts to negotiate the safest method, and then it tries the other protocol down by the list of available authentication protocols, until it finds some common authentication pr

Chapter 2 User Authentication, Authorization, and Security (1): Select Windows and SQL authentication, Authentication

Chapter 2 User Authentication, Authorization, and Security (1): Select Windows and SQL authentication, AuthenticationSource: Workshop Without the consent of the author, no one shall be published in the form of "original" or used for commercial purposes. I am not responsible for any legal liability. Previous Article: http://blog.csdn.net/dba_huangzj/article/deta

ASP. NET windows part.1 (Introduction, NTLM authentication protocol, Kerberos Authentication Protocol)

ArticleDirectory 1. Why use Windows verification? 2. Why not use Windows verification? 3. Windows Authentication Mechanism 3.1 basic verification 3.2 digest Verification 3.3 integrate windows Verification 3.3.1 NTLM Verification 3.3.2 introducti

Authentication in IIS

This article is taken from MSDN:Http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/chs/default.asp? Url =/library/CHS/vsent7/html/vxconiisauthentication. asp Authentication and creden An important part of many distributed applications is to identify a person (called a subject or client) and control the client's access to resources. Authentication is the act of verifying the client identity. In general, the client must provi

Methods and basic principles of IIS Server Authentication

BKJIA exclusive Article] We previously introduced how to ensure IIS security when attacks come quietly. The IIS server is a powerful server launched by Microsoft. It can implement multiple user authentication. Many administrators fail to understand the related methods and principles. You can master the user verification principles of the

How to call the Web ser Based on Basic Authentication/digest authentication/Windows authencation Authentication Mode and provide the client certificate

Preface: When the client fails to carry non-anonymous authentication modes such as Basic Authentication/digest authentication in IIS, the client must provide the corresponding credential. Important Notes: 1. How to generate proxy class When using the WSDL command, you must provide the user name and password con

IIS 7.0 explores Web servers for Windows Vista and more

). Figure 2 IIS manager provides a graphical management tool (click the image to get a small view) Figure 2 IIS manager provides a graphical management tool (click the image to get a large view) IIS Manager allows you to manage most IIS 7.0 features and monitor server operations. This tool supports remote management t

After MSDE is installed, authentication is automatically performed in Windows. The osql command is replaced with sqlserve authentication or hybrid authentication.

-- Modify the registry. 1. Click "start"-"run", enter regedit, and press enter to enter the Registry Editor. 2. Expand the registry key in sequence and browse to the following registry key: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ MSSQLServer] 3. Find the name "loginmode" on the right of the screen and double-click to edit the double-byte value. 4. Change the original value from 1 to 2 and click "OK" 5. Disable Registry Editor 6. Restart the SQL Server service. Top Zjcxc (zhujian) on the th

Security tips: Configuring IIS 4.0 certificate Authentication

Configuring IIS 4.0 Certificate Authentication Ramon Ali Windows NT Magazine-February 1999 Use Certificate Server 1.0 (Certificate Server 1.0) as Certificate Authority Wouldn't it be nice if you could give trusted users access to encrypted websites transparently? In this way, whenever these users enter your site, they do not have to always need To enter their

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