iis worker process high memory usage windows server 2012

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IIS 6.0 application Pool recycling and worker process usage Introduction _win server

process (pid=5716) is stopped, and the new worker process (pid=3896) formally replaces the old process, This prevents the service from being interrupted during application pool recycling, ensuring that the program runs continuously. The worker

Unable to start debugging on the Web server. The IIS worker process for the open URL is not currently running.

Eject when debugging: Unable to start debugging on the Web server. The IIS worker process for the open URL is not currently running.Workaround:1. The authentication of the computer itself is not turned on,: Control Panel-> Programs-> Turn Windows feature on or off->internet

Build a high-performance. NET application to configure a high-availability IIS server-Article 4 common IIS problems: Working Process recycling mechanism (I)

Through the popularization of the three articles, I believe everyone should have a basic understanding of IIS. Starting from this article, we will start to discuss some practical topics about IIS: how to configure IIS to ensure its performance as high as possible. Series of articles:Configuration of

IIS resolves an issue with high CPU and memory usage

The w3wp occupancy rate in the discovery process is too high. After the query, found as follows: W3wp.exe is a process that is associated with an application pool in IIS (Internet Information Server), and if you have multiple application pools, there will be multiple W3wp.ex

IIS resolves an issue with high CPU and memory usage

when your site program is heavily consuming system resources, IIS automatically recycles the process and quickly starts the process, and your site can temporarily work.The memory limit and the process recovery time settings: I set the m

IIS application pool multi-Worker Process settings and Session sharing

When tuning iis, I would like to share with you a great setup step. Thank you for sharing it with me. IIS application pool multi-Worker Process settings and Session sharing1 Overview Microsoft's IIS is Asp on Windows. the default

Windows 2012 How to install IIS and FTP _win server

Microsoft's Windows Server 2012 is a brand new face for some users, and there are few technical documents to apply on the server. Guardian God after finishing, and gradually the new technology to the vast number of users, hope for the development of the building blocks ... Anyway, you are currently using the

Using the ANTS Performance profiler&ants memory Profiler tool to analyze the IIS process with high CPU consumption

First, prefaceIn recent times, there have been two problems with websites:1. Memory usage increases slightly until the server memory fills up.2. When you visit a page, the page responds too slowly and the CPU stays high.An initial estimate of memory growth may be due to the

Solve the problem of high IIS memory usage

In IIS6, w3wp memory usage often fails to be released in time, resulting in slow server response. After studying it today, you can make the following configurations: 1. Separate applications for each website in IIS ProgramPool configuration. That is, they do not affect each other. 2. Set the recycle time of the app

Ways to determine the dynamic memory availability of virtual machines in Windows Server 2012

As you may know, adding dynamic memory to a virtual machine in Windows Server 2012 can refer to the previous article about dynamic memory. So how do you confirm the maximum available resilient memory available to the current gues

Web garden Maximum number of worker processes for IIS 6.0 _win server

additional worker processes are required, and IIS 6.0 increases the number of worker processes again if the load becomes large and requires additional worker processes. All of this is done automatically without the need for administrator intervention. Web garden: In a Web garden You can configure the maximum number o

Reason for high memory usage in Windows 7-Superfetch Memory Management

Many people have misunderstandings about the memory usage of Windows Vista and Windows 7. Most users who upgrade from XP think that the more memory the system is idle, the better. In the age of 7 (more accurately after Vista), this idea that should have changed remains in th

Install the Windows Server 2012 detailed process (graphics) in the XenServer 5.6 environment _xenserver

. However, virtual switches are more similar to the concepts in VMware products, and server2008r2 are somewhat different. 6, here do not recommend a tick, you can choose later. 8, the virtual machine file storage location, it is recommended not to save on the system disk. 9, wait patiently, wait for reboot. 10, in the process of waiting, in fact, can be completed, not to ignore it, it can be installed in the background silently. 11, the

How to find the PID through the Iisapp command to solve the problem of high CPU usage of IIS _win server

application pool process, there are several processes will have several w3wp.exe, will find that a w3wp.exe process CPU and memory are very high terrible! Well, let's see what we can do in practice, first of all, windows2003. First open Windows Task Manager – Click to vie

Why is my linux server memory utilization high? Correctly understand the Linux memory usage mechanism

to release according to the instructions, we can think that this part of the memory is not actually used, You can also think of it as free.So look at the memory currently being used by the process is used-(Buffers+cache), it can also be considered that if swap is not heavily used, mem is sufficient, only the mem is actually occupied by the current

Log worker process recycle events in IIS 6.0

By default, IIS does not record worker-process recycle events. However, you can enable the specified worker process to recycle event records. Unlike other IIS activities that are recorded at your designated location and file,

Configuration of high-availability IIS server for building high-performance. Net Applications-Part 3 Explanation of the three core components of IIS (Part 1)

SeriesArticle: Configuration of high-availability IIS server for building high-performance. Net Applications-Article 1: required knowledge of IIS Build a high-performance. NET application configuration

The IIS Worker Process has encountered a problem that requires a closed resolution

Server for 2003 system, usually used well, but recently jumped out! IIS Worker Process encountered a problem shutdown! The second dialog box also has a connection that you click here Solution: One Run command net stop w3svc the IIS

System problems occur when IIS application pool-web garden-maximum Worker Process> 1

Problem summary: 1. When the enterprise database cache is used as the cache, some of the cache objects cannot be hit. The static variable counter does not output data as expected. 2. If the session fails to be obtained, the session is configured as sessionstate mode = "inproc" in Web. config" Cause: When the maximum worker process is greater than 1 (worker

IIS 8.0 IIS 6 is installed on Windows Service 2012

My goal is to install IIS6 on the server, but inspired by this article and follow his steps to see the "IIS 6 Management Compatibility", my problem is solved, I am here because to install VSS 2005 and U8 and other earlier software will encounter this problem;The following content is reproduced from: http://www.zhaomu.com/news/detail-394.htmlThe contents are as follows:Windows

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