iis7 download for windows 7 32 bit

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Set up the PHP development environment in Windows 7 (iis7 + PHP7 + PHPStorm2016.2.1) and iis7php7

Set up the PHP development environment in Windows 7 (iis7 + PHP7 + PHPStorm2016.2.1) and iis7php7 I have been working on asp.net before. Visual Studio 2012 is quite comfortable to use. The debugging function is also quite good and intelligent, which

PHP Environment configuration: windows7+iis7+php+mysql

Configure requirements Operating System: Windows7 (x32/x64), windows2008 IIS version:7.0 PHP Version:7.0.6 and above MySQL version:5.7.12 and above First step: Install IIS Note : Starting with the IIS 7+php 5.5 version, the

IIS7 and TOMCAT7 Integration

The deployment environment is win2008r2_x64, IIS7 and jdk1.7.0_51,tomcat7.0.59 one. Turn off the IE Enhanced Security configuration in Windows2008. The Server Manager----Configure IE ESC----Both administrators and users choose to disable it. two.

IIS7 Deployment Django Site Guide

Operating Environment: Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise (64-bit) IIS 7.5 IIS 6.0 Compatibility Management SQL Server 2005 Note: IIS 6.0 Compatibility management must be installed Required Software: Please go to the official website to download,

How to install PHP ISAPI on Windows IIS7 x64 < reprint >

With the release of Windows Server, and IIS 7, Microsoft have included PHP5 FASTCGI support. ISAPI is still faster in my opinion, and if used correctly, very stable. PHP uses a 32-bit DLL so it won't work with an x64 system. There is several ports

Windows Server R2 Configuring Exchange 2010 mail servers

The Windows Server server system builds a mail server in two general cases:1:winmail Server Software2:exchangeReference Tutorial: http://www.cnblogs.com/zhongweiv/archive/2013/02/02/windowsserver2008r2_exchange2010_ews.htmlPreparatory work:1:

Win2003 under the Environment of PHP development

installation configuration and connection of win2003+iis6+php5.3.8+mssql2008(This method applies to PHP 5.3 and later, SQL Server 2000/2005/2008)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Windows R2 below to build Iis+sql server +PHP56 environment to meet some of the problems recorded

Because the Web server was previously deployed under IIS a few Web sites, now this project development is PHP, originally Php+mysql+iis should be very simple to search out a lot of online, but, because the previous web site is used SQL

10 Recommendations for application

Windows apiwindows This multi-job system in addition to coordinating application execution, allocating memory, managing resources ... , it is also a large service center, invoking the service center of the various services (each service is a

Microsoft's improvements to PHP support and other nonsense

Here is a slide that I think is worth recommending to you. This slide is a recent speech by Microsoft Wang Chaoqun at WordCampChina2009. the speech entitled "Familiar Strangers: Microsoft's new support for PHP makes WordPress stand up on IIS7".

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