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Python pandas. Dataframe the best way to select and modify data. Loc,.iloc,.ix

Let's create a data frame by hand.[Python]View PlainCopy Import NumPy as NP Import Pandas as PD DF = PD. DataFrame (Np.arange (0,2). Reshape (3), columns=list (' abc ' ) DF is such a dropSo how do you choose the three ways to pick the data?One, when each column already has column name, with DF [' a '] can choose to take out a whole column of data. If you know column names and index, and both are well-entered, you can choose.

Python pandas. Dataframe selection and modification of data is best used. Loc,.iloc,.ix

I believe many people like me in the process of learning Python,pandas data selection and modification has a great deal of confusion (perhaps by the Matlab) impact ... To this day finally completely figure out ... Let's start with a data box manually. Import NumPy as NP import pandas as PD DF = PD. Dataframe (Np.arange (0,60,2). Reshape (10,3), columns=list (' abc ')DF is such a drop So what are the three

[Data analysis tool] Pandas function introduction (I), data analysis pandas

browsing data. The default value is 5. Df. sample (n): Randomly browses n rows of data. The default value is 5 rows. Df. shape: the number of rows and columns of the tuple type) Df. describe (): Calculate the evaluation data Trend (): memory and Data Type 3. It is easy to add columns to DataFrame in DataFrame. The following describes several methods. Simple Method Directly add new columns and assign values Df ['new _ column'] = 1 Calculation Method Df ['temp _ diff '] = df ['tem

Tutorials | An introductory Python data analysis Library pandas

section "Getting Started with data structures (Intro to data Structures)". Open this page next to your Jupyter notebook. When you read the document, write down (rather than copy) the code and execute it in the notebook. As you execute your code, explore these operations and try to explore new ways to use them.Then select the section "Index and select data (indexing, Selecting data)". Create a new Jupyter notebook, write and execute the code, and then explore the different actions you learned. T

Pandas Array (Pandas Series)-(2)

The pandas Series is much more powerful than the numpy array , in many waysFirst, the pandas Series has some methods, such as:The describe method can give some analysis data of Series :Import= PD. Series ([1,2,3,4]) d = s.describe ()Print (d)Count 4.000000mean 2.500000std 1.290994min 1.00000025% 1.75000050% 2.50000075% 3.250000max 4.000000dtype:float64Second, the bigges

Detailed analysis of cdn logs using the pandas library in Python

[26]: Beijing 80000.0Hangzhou 60000.0Nanjing NaNShanghai 70000.0Suzhou NaN The index of Series can be modified locally through replication. In [27]: obj.index = ['Bob', 'Steve', 'Jeff', 'Ryan']In [28]: objOut[28]: Bob 4Steve 7Jeff -5Ryan 3 DataFrame Pandas reads files In [29]: df = pd.read_table('pandas_test.txt',sep=' ', names=['name', 'age'])In [30]: dfOut[30]: name age0 Bob 261 Loya 222 Denny 203 Mars 25 DataFrame column selection df[name] In [3

Python code instance for cdn log analysis through pandas library

FalseHangzhou FalseShanghai FalseSuzhou True An important feature of Series is to automatically align data with different indexes in data operations. In [24]: obj3Out[24]: Beijing 40000Hangzhou 30000Nanjing 26000Shanghai 35000In [25]: obj4Out[25]: Beijing 40000.0Hangzhou 30000.0Shanghai 35000.0Suzhou NaNIn [26]: obj3 + obj4Out[26]: Beijing 80000.0Hangzhou 60000.0Nanjing NaNShanghai 70000.0Suzhou NaN The index of Series can be modified locally through replication. In [27]: obj.index = ['Bob',

Pandas simple Introduction (ii)

) New_titanic_survival= Titanic_survival.dropna (subset=[' Age','Body','home.dest'])Multi-line IndexThis is the original titanic_survival.After I deleted the rows with the Body column Nan, the data becomes the following New_titanic_survival = Titanic_survival.dropna (subset=["body"])Visible, in the New_titanic_survival table, the row's index remains the same as before, and is not recalculated from 0. In the previous article, Pandas (i), you can know t

"Python Data Analysis" Note--pandas

PandasPandas is a popular open source Python project that takes the name of panel data and Python data analysis.Pandas has two important data structures: Dataframe and seriesThe dataframe of PANDAS data structurePandas's DATAFRAME data structure is a tagged two-dimensional object that is very similar to Excel spreadsheets or relational data tables.You can create dataframe in the following ways:1. Create a dataframe from another dataframe2. Generate Da

Python traversal pandas data method summary, python traversal pandas

Python traversal pandas data method summary, python traversal pandas Preface Pandas is a python data analysis package that provides a large number of functions and methods for fast and convenient data processing. Pandas defines two data types: Series and DataFrame, which makes data operations easier. Series is a one-di

Pandas. How is dataframe used? Summarize pandas. Dataframe Instance Usage

This article mainly introduces you to the pandas in Python. Dataframe to exclude specific lines of the method, the text gives a detailed example code, I believe that everyone's understanding and learning has a certain reference value, the need for friends to see together below. When you use Python for data analysis, one of the most frequently used structures is the dataframe of pandas, about

What are the methods of dataframe queries in pandas

-04-14 4 52013-04-15 1 2 182013-04-17 9 12013-04-18 7 17 Update: If there is no special requirement, it is highly recommended to use LOC with minimal use [], as Loc avoids chained indexing problems when Dataframe is re-assigned, using [] The compiler is likely to give settingwithcopy warnings. See the official documentation for details:

Pandas basics, pandas

Pandas basics, pandas Pandas is a data analysis package built based on Numpy that contains more advanced data structures and tools. Similar to Numpy, the core is ndarray, and pandas is centered around the two core data structures of Series and DataFrame. Series and DataFrame correspond to one-dimensional sequences and

Python pandas usage Daquan, pythonpandas Daquan

Python pandas usage Daquan, pythonpandas Daquan 1. Generate a data table 1. Import the pandas database first. Generally, the numpy database is used. Therefore, import the database first: import numpy as npimport pandas as pd 2. Import CSV or xlsx files: df = pd.DataFrame(pd.read_csv('name.csv',header=1))df = pd.DataFrame(pd.read_excel('name.xlsx')) 3. Create a da

Pandas+dataframe implementing row and column selection and slicing operations

This time to bring you pandas+dataframe to achieve the choice of row and slice operation, pandas+dataframe to achieve the row and column selection and the attention of the slicing operation, the following is the actual case, take a look. Select in SQL is selected according to the name of the column, pandas is more flexible, not only can be selected according to

Teach you how to use Pandas pivot tables to process data (with learning materials) and pandas learning materials

Teach you how to use Pandas pivot tables to process data (with learning materials) and pandas learning materials Source: bole online-PyPer Total2203 words,Read5Minutes.This article mainly explains pandas's pivot_table function and teaches you how to use it for data analysis. Introduction Most people may have experience using pivot tables in Excel. In fact, Pandas

Pandas Quick Start (3) and pandas Quick Start

Pandas Quick Start (3) and pandas Quick Start This section mainly introduces the Pandas data structure, this article cited URL: The data used in this article comes from: This data mainly describes

[Data cleansing]-clean "dirty" data in Pandas (3) and clean pandas

[Data cleansing]-clean "dirty" data in Pandas (3) and clean pandasPreview Data This time, we use Artworks.csv, And we select 100 rows of data to complete this content. Procedure: DataFrame is the built-in data display structure of Pandas, and the display speed is very fast. With DataFrame, we can quickly preview and analyze data. The Code is as follows: import pandas

Pandas data analysis (data structure) and pandas Data Analysis

Pandas data analysis (data structure) and pandas Data Analysis This article mainly expands pandas data structures in the following two directions: Series and DataFrame (corresponding to one-dimensional arrays and two-dimensional arrays in Series and numpy) 1. First, we will introduce how to create a Series. 1) A sequence can be created using an array. For example

Data analysis and presentation-Pandas data feature analysis and data analysis pandas

Data analysis and presentation-Pandas data feature analysis and data analysis pandasSequence of Pandas data feature analysis data The basic statistics (including sorting), distribution/accumulative statistics, and data features (correlation, periodicity, etc.) can be obtained through summarization (lossy process of extracting data features), data mining (Knowledge formation ). The. sort_index () method so

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