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Three PHP Chinese verification code generation and invocation Method _php Tutorial

Three PHP Chinese code generation and invocation method in PHP to generate a Chinese verification code must be done with the generated verification code is not the same operation, because the GD function only accepts UTF8 format encoded text, so in

Chinese display in image functions [go]. I remember someone asked me.

Zlm June 7, 2001Send it to me to talk about my views. I read a piece of code on to convert the GB code to UTF8. In php, TTF supports UTF8 encoded non-ASCII characters. after analyzing this code, we found that the image can be output in

Python Verification Code Simple identification

Because of the demand, so contact with the verification code this piece, originally felt difficult, after learning very simple, but later found himself or too young ...PIL (python Image Library)The latest official version of PIL is 1.1.7, supported

Go Language Learning-Basic (2)

One, go data types and operators1, Boolean typeThe bool type has only two values in the Go language: true and false; unlike other languages, 0 and 1 can also represent Boolean types, which are not allowed in the go language, and define a bool type

Ionic/cordova Instant Messaging Solution (UP)

WebApp Instant Messaging Solution at the beginning always look for some web-side third-party, in fact, do mobile or more recommend the use of plug-in to introduce native third-party better. Of course also tried to use the WebSocket protocol to do,

Chinese display in image function [turn], remember someone asked

function | display | Chinese ZLM June 7, 2001 Email it to me. I'll talk about my opinion. Last article On the read a piece of code, is the conversion of GB code to utf8,php TTF support UTF8 encoded non-ASCII character output. After

Shellcode avoiding stack protections sample --- vallez/29A

------------------------------------------------------------From: To: bugtraq@securityfocus.comSubject: avoiding stackguardDate: 18 Oct 2004 19:16:24-0000   Hi,Im posting here a manner for avoiding stackguard. shellcode without zeros. /**************

OPENCV (Python) Tutorial-Contour (2) Contour feature __python

Goal Look for different features of the contour, such as area, perimeter, center of gravity, bounding box, etc., which will be used in many future image recognition. The key problem of the concept image recognition of moment is the feature

My Emacs Installation

Ubuntu 10.10Emacs23 I have been using Vim for a long time. I often feel that the ESC key makes me very uncomfortable. I always need to press it so far. So I want to use Emacs and install Emacs first. Apt-Get install Emacs Oh, at least you can read

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