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Iv. MDT Update 1 Batch Deployment-windows 7 Professional Image capture (sample machine image production)

Iv. MDT Update 1 Batch Deployment-windows 7 Professional Image capture (sample machine image production)4, 1 Image capture task creation650) this.width=650; "src=" "style=" float: none; "title=" Mdt2013u1-2015-08-27-15-16-17.png "alt=" Wkiom1xfje-y

Live Docker, write Dockerfile custom tomcat8 image for Web application online deployment

Tag: color img command to execute UIL span user Images address installation packageThe first way to deploy a web app on Tomcat was to make a war package with the Maven Maven-compiler-plugin plugin and then copy the war package into the Tomcat WebApps directory. Later with the Tomcat7-maven-plugin plug-in, can be directly on Maven compiled, packaged, deployment one-time completion, the key is to create a user account on Tomcat, and then the MAVEN plugi

Windows 10 Enterprise Batch deployment refresh and add boot image

After the relevant components and configuration are set up, we need to refresh our console to build the Windows PE boot image and add it to the WDS boot image to complete the final operation of Windows 10 enterprise deployment. For a simple description of the x64\x86 two boot image, it is recommended to use X86PE if th

HOWTO: Making a Windows 7 accelerated Deployment Image (Author: Su Fan)

accelerate deployment of images - Which is what we usually call a system template, usually to improve Windows installation speed, a standardized system with drivers, application software, patches, and custom settings is produced beforehand. This allows us to use the accelerated deployment image after the installation, allowing users to work directly, not only g

Installation deployment of the OpenStack Mirroring Service (Image service)

-list+--------------------------------------+----------------- ----+-------------+------------------+----------+--------+|id |Name |diskformat|container format|size|status|+------------------------------ --------+---------------------+-------------+------------------+----------+--------+| df54ff49-b167-4fed-987a-0ade3cbc9aca|cirros-0.3.4-x86_64|qcow2 |bare| 13287936|active|+--------------------------------------+---------------------+-------------+------------------+----------+------- -+7) Dele

Grunt automated deployment of CSS, image, JavaScript, HTML compression gruntfile.js configuration (Learn reprint)

removecomments:true,115 removecommentsfromcdata:true,116 collapsewhitespace:true,117 Collap sebooleanattributes:true,118 removeattributequotes:true,119 removeredundantattributes:true,120 useshortdoctype:true,121 removeemptyattributes:true,122 removeoptionaltags:true123},124 HT ML: {126 files: [Expand:true, CWD: ' dist/html ', src: [' *.html '], dest: ' dist/html '}127]}129}130 131}); 133 134 Grunt.registertask (' prod ', [135 ' Copy ',//Copy File 136 ') Concat ',//merge file 137 ' image

Yum Image source environment deployment record under Linux system

Prior to the introduction of the Linux environment local Yum source configuration method, but this is the simplest and most basic configuration, in the Yum installation may be some package is not complete, the following is the full Yun mirror source system Environment deployment record (Yum source update script: https:// PAN.BAIDU.COM/S/1MIMNPGC Extract Password:hq6u):1) Install Nginx for Yum image source A

SME OpenStack Private Cloud Deployment "9.3 Master Controller One-way synchronization glance-image directory"

backupMkdir/usr/scripttouch/usr/script/rsyncd.shchmod +x/usr/script/rsyncd.shvi/usr/script/rsyncd.shrsyncprocess= ' ps aux|grep '/usr/bin/rsync ' |grep-v grep 'if [${#rsyncProcess}-ne 0] Thenecho $ (date +%y-%m-%d_%h:%m:%s) >>/var/log/rsync.logecho "' Date ' Process is already running! Do nothing!! " >>/var/log/rsync.logElse/usr/bin/rsync-rtopglh--progress--delete--bwlimit 90000 [email Protected]::glance/home/local/glance/ima ges/--password-file=/etc/rsyncd.secrets 1>>/var/log/rsync.log 2>1echo

Grunt automated deployment of CSS, image, JavaScript, HTML compression gruntfile.js configuration

//Compress Pictures94 imagemin: { the prod: { the options: { theOptimizationlevel:7,98Pngquant:true About }, - files: [101{Expand:true, CWD: ' dist/html ', src: [' images/*.{ Png,jpg,jpeg,gif,webp,svg} '], dest: ' dist/html '}102 ]103 }104 }, the 106 //dealing with CSS, JS introduces merging problems in HTML107 usemin: {108HTML: ' dist/html/*.html '109 }, the 111 //Compress HTML the htmlmin: {113 options: { theRemovecomments:true, theRemovecommentsfromc

Dockerfile configuration tutorial generates Docker image and implements Docker deployment

Docker there's a dockerfile, why should we use him?To put it simply: we used to Docker run to create a Docker container that sometimes comes with a lot of parameters.Like what: The code is as follows Copy Code Docker run-d-P 22-p 8080:8080 Ruifengyun/ubunt-redis "Redis-server redis.conf /usr/sbin/sshd-d" Will find it very troublesome. This time we can create an edit Dockerfile file, generate a new image, and then

Nagios Image Drawing Plugin Pnp4nagios deployment and testing

host_name node11 service_description Current Users check_command check_nrpe!check_users notifications_enabled 1}define service { use local-service,services-pnp ; Name of service template to use host_name node11 service_description Total Processes check_command check_nrpe!check_total_procs notifications_enabled 1}5. TestingRestart Nagios to see NODE11 performance monitoring data on the monitoring site.6. SummaryPnp4nagios can be understood as PnP for Nagios, which is t

Custom Linux Image Batch deployment initial application

ISO is too large (more than 4G), you will not be able to burn to a normal disc, you can burn to a USB flash drive, make a CD-ROM to useU disk requires mass production, can refer to following error occurs when you use a USB flash drive to emulate a CD-ROM (ISO booting in VMware no problem)Error One:No driver findunabled to find any devices of the typeneeded for this installation type. Woulud to manually select Yourdevice or use a

python3.6.6-based Scrapy environment deployment + image recognition plug-in installation

.tar.bz2cp-r phantomjs-2.1.1-linux-x86_64/usr/local/share/ln-sf/usr/local/share/phantomjs-2.1.1-linux-x86_64/bin/phantomjs/usr/local/bin/PIP3 Install SeleniumIv. installation of TESSEROCR, PILYum install-y tesseract tesseract-devel leptonica-develgit clone tessdata/*/usr/share/tesseract/tessdatapip3 Install TESSEROCR PillowFive, Test>>> Import PIL import Image>>> from PIL import

SQLServer2008 Deployment Image

the production environment (28).Figure 28Click Next, display the summary, confirm the error, and click "Finish" (29) to configure the endpoint.Figure 29When the configuration is completed successfully, you are prompted to start mirroring immediately (30) and click Start Mirroring.Figure 30When the database synchronization is complete, the mirroring status is displayed as synchronized: The database is fully synchronized (31). As a result, the deployment

Deployment of nginx installation manual and image server

1. Install gcc Yum install gcc 2. Install PCRE and PCRE-devel Create the source build directory under the zhoulh directory Mkdir source build Go to the build directory Create a PCRE directory CD PCRE Wget The PCRE version may change over time. Ftp:// version Decompress the package Unzip Enter the PCRE directory CD pcre-8.35 Step 1:./configure Step 2: Make Ex

Docker the use of Dockerfile to create shadowsocks multiple-user version of the image, to achieve rapid cluster deployment

Mirror capture[Root@docker-node01 ~]# Docker Search Shadowsocksr_manyuserNAME DESCRIPTION Stars Official automatedBenyoo/shadowsocksr_manyuser based on SHADOWSOCKSR version of Manyuser package 0[Root@docker-node01 ~]# docker run-d--name=shadowsocks \-P 10000-10010:10000-10010 \-P 10000-10010:10000-10010/UDP \-E manyuser=r \-E mysql_host= \-E mysql_port=3306 \-E mysql_user=mysqlroot \-E mysql_dbname=shadowsocks \-E mysql_password=********* \-E method=rc4-md5 \-E protocol=auth_simple \-E ob

Batch deployment, unattended deployment, salt master/minion deployment

Step 5: Prepare kickstart for unattended installation Requirement: avoid human-computer interaction during batch deployment You can manually write one or use a python tool to generate the ks file. Steps: Yum install system-config-kickstart-y Admin] # system-config-kickstart # image decryption is required. You can also generate a file on another server, and then cp it. Note that the installation source opti

Thinkphp Learning Project Deployment: Application Deployment approach and Module grouping deployment method

, if possible, You can even place these resource files on a separate external server for remote invocation and optimization. (In fact, the system directory and the project directory can be placed under the non-Web Access directory, the site directory only need to put public directory and portal files, so as to improve the security of the site.) )(Image source: modules are grouped in such a way as to configure App_name

4th Deployment Model Deployment plan (deployment planning)

A component-based application has been developed that is logically constructed as a multilayer structure, such as the three-layered Services application. As described in. You want to distribute it across a set of servers that are physically hierarchical, as described in tiered distribution.Figure 1: Layer three service ApplicationImpact factorsWhen deciding which tier to deploy components to, you must consider the following factors in the context of your actual environment: Layered applicati

14. MDT Update 1 Batch Deployment-Microsoft Wds/pxe deployment and Deployment installation combat

14. MDT Update 1 Batch Deployment-Microsoft Wds/pxe deployment and Deployment installation combatMicrosoft WDS is a server operating system deployment service that enables deployment services with a PXE network environment, and MDT UPDATE 1 is a perfect combination of Micros

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