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[Translate].net shell Extensions-shell context Menus---. NET Shell Extension right-click menu

My own preface explains:The original author is Dave Kerr, the original link to the. NET Shell Extensions-shell Context Menus, I was in order to complete the latest needs of the time when the query information found, because too long have not read

(25) unity4.6 Learning Ugui Chinese document-------Ugui-extensions

?? Source: What is this library?in this repository is an extension script to enhance the collection of your Unity UI experience. These scripts are collected and merged from many sources, improving the unity UI

Share Extension and appextensionshare in App Extensions

Share Extension and appextensionshare in App Extensions Reprinted please indicate the source: Preface Here are some introductions to App Extension and details about Share Extension. Other Extension

12 The best experience you can get from Web browsing Chrome extensions

Original address: article tags: Chrome extended web browsing experience engine Word translation tool Chrome browserI believe many friends and I, every install new operating system, will use safari/ie download

Share some of the most useful Visual Studio extensions

Extension ManagerVisual Studio 2010 has a new Extension Manager feature that you can use to add, remove, enable, and disable Visual Studio extensions. We can install extensions from the Visual Studio Gallery Web site, which are typically VSIX

The file structure of chrome extensions developed by Chrome extensions

A chrome extension includes a range of files, HTML files, CSS style files, JavaScript scripts, images, and one of the most characteristic manifest.json.1. What is Manifest.json ?It is a manifest file that each Chrome extension has and has only one,

19 useful jQuery image slide extensions and tutorials

JQuery is a very good Javascript framework, which is simple and flexible to use. There are also many mature plug-ins to choose from. One of the most impressive applications is image processing, which helps you add exquisite effects to your project.

IOS 8 excellent cross-app communication effect: Interpreting action Extensions

this article reprinted to program extension was originally unveiled at the WWDC 2014 conference, a way to extend the functionality of iOS applications to other parts of the system, and to achieve better

Chrome plugin (Extensions) Development strategy

Directory Why do I need Why Chrome? What to prepare How to get Started Page Action Chrome plugin Structure Learning materials My example Debugging Debug Content Scripts Debug background

Research on Several image processing Libraries

There are many well-known image processing libraries, such as leadtools. This is a powerful image multi-media library, but it is charged for registration. There are also many open-source image libraries, such as imagestone, gimp, and cximage.

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