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Swift-Add a filter effect to a picture (sepia old photo filter, black and white filter)

The Core image is a powerful filter processing framework. In addition to the image can directly add a variety of built-in filters, but also to accurately modify the brightness, color, exposure, and so on, the following two examples show how to add a

MATLAB Practice Program (Sepia tone Filter)

I have a software on my phone to implement a lot of image filters, very interesting, I intend to try.This filter is mainly for old photo effects.The code is short, and I won't go into it in detail.Original:Post-processing effects:The MATLAB code is

Core Image several filter sample OC version number and swift version number

OC Version numberKaleidoscope mode + (CGIMAGEREF) Getkaleidoscope: (Cicontext *) context{ciimage * image = [Ciimage imagewithcgimage:[uiimage ima genamed:@ "Icon"]. Cgimage]; Cifilter * Kaleidoscope = [Cifilter filterwithname:@

OpenCV Study Notes (vii)--OPENCV for Android real-time image processing

In the previous article we have implemented the camera open and real-time image information acquisition, then we can try to get the image information to do some processing, and then real-time display, here we have to complete the processing of

Analysis of CSS3 filter

Css 3 filter is a powerful tool in the page for specific display effects. It makes our pages more personalized and reduces PS work. Filter attribute values mainly include the following 10 types: Blur Grayscale Sepia Saturate

Photoshop Action set of actions

The Photoshop5.5 action set provides us with a convenient image processing function. Not to be exploited, a little pity. And, through the Study of Action action set of the various command combination, you can learn Photoshop to deal with the image

Filter special effects in css3 and css3filter Special Effects

Filter special effects in css3 and css3filter Special Effects The filter attribute in css3 is simple, easy to use, and powerful. These effects are used to implement some special effects on images (or in vidio. Only image effects are discussed here ).

Talking about 10 kinds of special effects of CSS3 filter

filters is mainly used in images to achieve some special effects (although they can also be used on video). However, our main discussion is the use of the filter image. Again, introduce the syntax of filters: Filters syntax is very simple, for

Cross-browser image grayscale (grayscale) solution

E10 started to abandon this private filter, but has not yet provided support for standard Cssfilter, so it is still a problem to say that the grayscale image of IE10 above. 2.W3C CSS Filter Mode CSS3 provides a standard CSS filter scheme in the

PHP Imagick function in Chinese explanation, _php tutorial

The Chinese interpretation of the Imagick function in PHP, Imagick:: Adaptiveblurimage-Added an adaptive blur filter imageImagick:: Adaptiveresizeimage-Adaptive adjustment of image data dependency triangleImagick:: adaptivesharpenimage-adaptive

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