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The realization of image pencil drawing algorithm based on "combining Sketch and Tone for Pencil Drawing Production"

one, for reference:This paper draws on the understanding of this paper's algorithm in the summer of Csdn: Wind-blown summer's image pencil drawing algorithm, and the home page of the paper written by people such as Cewu Lu, the Chinese University of

Combining Sketch and Tone for Pencil Drawing production optimization process

Combining Sketch and Tone for Pencil Drawing Production is a very good natural image to pencil drawing algorithm, the specific algorithm principle is not much to say, do not understand can look at this blog, write very

Photoshop converts a photo into a pencil sketch post-processing tutorial

We will give you a detailed analysis of photoshop software and share with you the post-processing tutorial on converting photos into pencil sketch portraits.Tutorial sharing: Comparison chartOpen the clip file in Photoshop. A photo with a solid

About Cewu Lu's "combining Sketch and Tone for Pencil Drawing Production" A text pencil drawing algorithm understanding and record.

  Links to related papers: combining Sketch and Tone for Pencil Drawing ProductionThe first time to see "combining Sketch and Tone for Pencil Drawing Production" a article in two years ago, feel free to look at, think of the formula in the paper

Photoshop post-course on photo processing pencil sketch effect

I would like to give you a detailed analysis of photoshop software and share with you the post-tutorial on how to process the pencil sketch effect of photos.Tutorial sharing:In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a pencil sketch. 1. Create a

Photoshop tutorial on making pencil sketch effects with filters

For users of Photoshop software, let's say a tutorial on making pencil sketches with filters. Tutorial Sharing: Final effect: One, the picture source Step 01 From the selection of the source of

Use PS to make a pencil drawing that turns a girl's figure into a pencil drawing.-PS tutorial

How can I attract my sister-in-law's attention? There is no way to draw a pencil drawing. Nowadays, the popular pencil drawing effect is very popular among many sisters and is also a high performance, today, I organized a tutorial on converting

Photoshop quickly converts a character image into a pencil sketch tutorial

I would like to give you a detailed analysis of the Photoshop software and share a quick tutorial on converting character images into pencil sketches.Tutorial sharing:1. Open the prepared Image in PS, execute ctrl + J to copy the layer, and execute

PS Simple steps to quickly change the photo to pencil sketch effect

Pencil sketch is a very unique effect, so do not want to know how to use PS to convert ordinary photos to this effect, the following let small series to tell you: This tutorial is very simple, I believe you will soon be able to learn, first look at

Learn app design from scratch sketch

Sketch Design Classroom! Learn app design from scratch sketchFirst we open this beautiful gem. The main interface is as follows, and we see that the top is the toolbar, a bunch of buttons. The bottom of the default is three columns, the left is the

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