images of regular polygons

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Summary and improvement of AI algorithm in game

Reference article:Http:// Definition of artificial

PHOTOSHOP 7 Filter description (bottom)

Filter VI, pixelate (pixel) filterPixel filter is mainly used to different extents of image processing, so that the image decomposed into the naked eye of the pixel particles, such as square, irregular polygons and dots, and so on, visually

MIP-mapping in direct3d

Introduction For those of you who don't know, MIP-mapping is a form of anti-aliasing that is used in processing 3D rendering engines. it prevents the well-known interference pattern that occurs on detailed textures, known as the 'moir é pattern '.

3D Battle Network Game C + + framework based on C/s architecture _03 Client detail design with OpenGL, QT Basics

This series of blog mainly on the background of the game to introduce 3D PvP Network game Common Development technology and C + + advanced programming skills, with this knowledge, you can develop small and medium-sized game projects or 3D industrial

Computer graphics three kinds of rendering (drawing) technology, rendering technology

In computer graphics, there are many ways to represent a real three-dimensional object, such as point cloud, mesh, voxel, curve, etc. this also affects the selection of the drawing primitives when drawing three-dimensional objects, the following is

Types of maps

Diffuse Map (Supported by quick shader and pixel shader) The most frequently used texture mapping method. It wraps the bitmap image onto the 3D geometry surface while displaying its original pixel color. Any bitmap image, such as scanned images

Vlib Experiment of DSP

Disclaimer: Reference Please specify source DSP development, in order to save development time and difficulty, ti encapsulates some mature algorithms as modules for developers to use. If we can make

The simplest AV playback example 5:opengl play RGB/YUV

===================================================== The simplest audio-visual Playback Example series article List: Simplest visual Audio Playback Example 1: general statement The simplest AV playback example 2:gdi play YUV, RGB Simplest AV

"Front-end GUI"--Summary of important knowledge points of website design & Mind Map (I.)

Preface: Web page Art design has four characteristics, namely, interactivity, integration, multidimensional and dynamic. The complete web design requires both the audition element and the layout design in order to effectively communicate the

Three-dimensional Reconstruction Foundation

The three-dimensional reconstruction technique describes the real scene as a mathematical model which conforms to the computer logic expression through the process of deep data acquisition, preprocessing, point cloud registration and fusion, and

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