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LNMP Environment install IMAP mail Protocol module steps

LNMP one-key package default does not install the IMAP module, currently need to use, as long as the recompilation into the IMAP module, the following record steps:Cd/root/lnmp1.0-full/php-5.3.17/ext/imapYum-y Install Libc-client-develLn-s/usr/lib64/

How to create an imap ssl self-signed certificate

How to create an imap ssl self-signed certificate Today, I think the imap ssl self-signed certificate is incorrect. I can check it online, and no one can say it completely. Clearly, there is no way. Please take a look at the official documentation

PHP get mail instance based on IMAP, IMAP get instance _php tutorial

PHP gets mail instance based on IMAP, IMAP gets instance This article is an example of how PHP gets mail based on IMAP. Share to everyone for your reference. The implementation method is as follows: IMAP is a mail interactive access protocol, the

Imap c # examples

Imap c # examples Read IMAP mailbox Secure IMAP over SSL List IMAP mailboxes List IMAP mailboxes with reference Read IMAP email headers Scan for emails with attachments and save attachments to files Search IMAP mailbox for email

How IMAP and POP work in an Exchange (2007/2010/2013) Coexistence environment

Understanding how IMAP and POP works in an Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013 coexistence environment is helpful for exchange troubleshooting. We need to know how Exchange 2013 forwards the Imp, pop request to an older version of Exchange, and that the

Stunnel-General SSL encryption program

Stunnel is a program that can use SSL to encrypt any TCP connection. It can run on a variety of UNIX and Windows operating systems. In this way, it effectively solves the problem that SSL cannot encrypt the data transmitted by existing applications.

Centos-6.3/PHP5.3.23P without recompiling PHP add IMAP extension module

Find the package installed before, or re-download the unzip installation package: 1. Enter the source code installation package [ ~] $ Cddatasoftsphp_packetphp-5.3.23extimap2. Install IMAP dependency [root@hexu.orgimap] $

PHP supports IMAP

install PHP under Linux to support IMAP2008-11-26 10:31:10| Category: Linux learning logs | Report | Font size Subscription First step: Install ApacheNote: The current directory is/tmp,The directory has httpd-2.2.4.tar.gz, php-5.2.3.tar.gz and

PHP obtains email instances based on imap and imap obtains instances.

PHP obtains email instances based on imap and imap obtains instances. This example describes how PHP obtains mails Based on imap. Share it with you for your reference. The specific implementation method is as follows: Imap is a mail interaction

Use pop IMAP SMTP for mail in Mac

use of commonly used mailboxes (126, 163, QQ, Google, etc.): Enter mail, select the appropriate type of mailbox, as prompted to enter the relevant user name, password can be.Mailbox/Other mail accounts for specific domain names:Enter mail, choose

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