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[Spring transaction], the reason why the service implements non-transactional methods in the class of direct calling of its own

[Spring transaction], the reason why the service implements non-transactional methods in the class of direct calling of its own transaction method causes the transaction to be invalid, transaction is not First, prepare the service interface. public

Let's talk about how yii2-GridView implements list page direct modification of data, talk about yii2-gridview_PHP tutorial

Let's talk about how yii2-GridView implements a list page to directly modify data and talk about yii2-gridview. Let's talk about how to implement yii2-GridView list page direct modification of data, talk about yii2-gridview author: White Wolf Source:

Go Oracle 11g Direct NFS

Direct NFS ClientNAS storage devices Use the Network File System (NFS) to access data. In Oracle Database 10g, NAS devices were accessed using operating system–specific kernel NFS drivers. This required, tune many parameters, and the configuration

MAVEN implements direct deployment of Web projects to TOMCAT7

Reprinted from: used to use maven very little in my project, and recently I learned about Maven, which is really a very powerful project building tool, for the definition and version of dependent packages,

direct-run-apk Apk Free Install direct start principle and implementation (i)

I think this should be a lot of people to discuss, I 13 years when the framework has been made, you can run 80% apk, but I am more lazy has not been to write a summary of some of these ideas, today to share with you,Similar Items

Java Virtual machines-symbolic references and direct reference understanding

Java--the symbol reference and direct reference of the JVM the class loading process in the JVM, during the parsing phase, the Java virtual Opportunity replaces the symbolic reference in class two-level

Direct Project: Sending medical information through the cloud

In almost all other industries, cloud computing has been a revolutionary force in promoting system interoperability and reducing it costs, but it is hard to adopt a cloud model for healthcare it. Today, medical IT in the cloud is largely limited to

The quest for direct-connect technology for Windows Server 2016 storage spaces

about the direct connection of storage space technology, in my previous Blog Small and medium introduction, which is only about this distributed storage implementation of a small amount of extension, here this technology on my superficial research

RegExp () in JavaScript, direct amount of regular expression

Regular Expressions in JavaScript:Let's start with a brief description of regular expressions in JavaScript. The ECMAScript v3 standardizes JavaScript Regular Expressions. JavaScript 1.2 implements a subset of the regular expressions required by the

One of the device IO (mmap, direct IO, and asynchronous IO)

Now, in Linux often can be seen in the user space to write the driver, such as x server, some vendors private drive, etc., which means that user space has access to the hardware, this is usually through the MMAP device memory map to the user process

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