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PHP: create Baidu Dictionary word query collector _ PHP Tutorial

PHP makes Baidu Dictionary word query collector. This article describes how to use PHP to create a Baidu Dictionary word query collector, if you need it, you can refer to the collection of samples written by Baidu dict to create a Baidu Dictionary

PHP production Baidu Dictionary search word collector _php Tutorial

PHP production Baidu Dictionary search word collection device This article mainly introduces the PHP production Baidu Dictionary Search Word collection of relevant information, the need for friends can refer to the next Baidu Dict Collection

Database Dictionary generation

Database Dictionary generation Php generates mysql database data dictionary /** * Generate a mysql data dictionary */ Header ("Content-type: text/html; charset = utf-8 "); // Configure the database $

Lucene's PHP tag dictionary Search Method

First, you need to maintain a tag library. This library cannot be too large. I tested a million pieces of data. If it is a vertical website, it should be almost usable. The tag table should have the following fields:Tag_id tag IDTag_word label

History of lossless data compression algorithms

Introduction There are two main compression algorithms: lossy and lossless. Lossy compression algorithms reduce files by removing small details that require a large amount of data to be stored under fidelity conditions. In lossy compression, it is

Generate random usernames in batches using PHP

Generate 6 ~ There are several 16-bit user names, mainly text operations. The premise is that there must be a string package. It mainly contains three programs. Procedure 1: Extract data randomly from the dictionary and write a new file. (1.php )?

Use PHP to batch generate random user names

Born 6 ~ There are several 16-bit user names. The most important thing is text control. the condition for a colleague is to have a string package. It mainly contains three programs. Procedure 1: Extract data randomly from the dictionary and write it

Do all things in PHP (Injection utility programming) _php Tutorial

Article author: mika[est] Information Source: Evil Octal Information Security team Recently I have a crush on the script, hehe ~ ~ ~ just finished PHP and then read some PHP security articles, so from Google to find a few stations to practice.The

PHP implementation of dictionary ordering algorithm _php tutorial

if ($_post["perdata"] = = "") { $_post["Perdata"] = "1 2 3 4"; } $data = Chop (Trim ($_post["perdata")); $a = Explode ("", $data); Sort ($a); $data = Implode ("", $a); ?> Function Nextpermu (& $c) { $s = sizeof ($c); $i = $s-1; while ($i > 0) { if (

Doallthingsinphp (injection exploitation program)

Author: mika [EST] Source: mika information security team has recently become infatuated with scripts ~~~ After learning PHP, I read some articles on PHP Security, so I found several sites on google to practice. It turns out that it is really hard

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