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Current status of web analytics industry

Although there have been many years of practice, but the global web site analysis is still a new development of science. This is because the website analysis method and the practice is in recent years only systematized theory. Nevertheless, web

Google Analytics Report Interpretation

  Google Analytics (analytics) divides all its reports into six categories: consoles, visitors, traffic sources, content, goals, and E-commerce . The console is the summary of the report summary. The goal is the website analyst in order to better

Google services and software-favorites)

Google is now a "big business" company. They always offer some fresh services, which will make the industry more exciting. However, over the years, Google has developed too many services and software. What services have they provided? Now let's take

How to use Google to increase the amount of traffic on your site

google| Access Google periodically publishes new services that have been designed to help Web site administrators handle excess data on site access or help them catch more network jams. One of Google's recent offerings is to make it possible for web

Use Google Sitemaps to help you seo_ website operations

Use Google Sitemaps to help you SEO Author: Matthew Coers Translator: Sheneyan (Zi Wu) Time: 2006.07.12 Search Engine optimization with Google sitemaps Address: Google sitemaps to help you SEO (Sub-note: This article on Google launched a free

3.4 Web Analytics Algorithms

In a search engine, the crawler crawls the corresponding page and stores the Web page in the server's original database, after whichSearch engines will analyze these pages and determine the importance of each page, which will affect the ranking

Analyze the impact of user behavior on Google rankings

User behavior on Google's impact, is the pros or cons, how should we look at the user's behavior Google and what impact? Do we often think that a site without traffic will rank first? Obviously the impossible thing, I knew as early as 2006 that

Google search engine optimization beginner's Guide-learning notes

Summary of common points of 1. It is recommended that each page have a unique

Google Webmaster tools to help us improve more SEO details

Hello everyone, I am Chengzhou. Do not know how many friends have used Google Webmaster tools, to tell the truth because they have been doing Baidu optimization work, for some of Google's attention is indeed very little, I believe there are many

Google Spanner principle: The largest single database on the planet

10 great algorithms for truly dominating the worldSome day ago, I was browsing Reddit and found an interesting article, "Ten Algorithms to rule the world," in which George Dvorsky tried to explain the importance of algorithms to the world today, and

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