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If you pay more attention to cost, in the long run, the cost will increase, the quality will decrease, if the quality is more attention, in the long run, the cost will fall, the quality will improve

, the more emphasis on quality, will make the product potential problems are discovered earlier, thus reducing repair costs, the final overall cost will be reduced.As a tester myself, I have been stressing the shift forward: testers should be involved in the requirements analysis, design, and development of the software as soon as possible, rather than waiting for the developer to write out the code so that it can be tested. The goal is to identify th

Embracing quality: Draft Plan to Improve the team's code Quality

Recently, we are committed to ensuring and improving product quality. The first thing we hope to solve is the code quality problem. The unrestricted program code is like a Pandora box. It will surprise people to connect after it is opened. Of course, what I feel is far better than happiness. To improve code quality, we

Improve the quality of the site from a single page quality start

Hello everyone, I am Chengzhou. Recently has been concerned about the site's internal optimization skills, personal understanding is: do the internal optimization, the most important can be divided into two parts of the construction, one is for search engine internal optimization, improve search engine retrieval quality optimization, one is for the internal optimization of users, to provide users with the m

Methods to improve the reliability of test results for wireless network quality assessment

advantages of wireless network quality assessment test in these aspects, the test results play a leading role in the quality evaluation of mobile communication networks. The reliability of the test results of wireless network quality assessment reflects the test results, reflects the degree of the actual level of network qu

Baidu bid Promotion account optimization skills How to improve the quality of keywords

quality of a star and the two stars almost all ranked in Baidu promotion to the right, the daily cost is over, but did not consult, the effect is different AH.   What are the factors that affect the quality degree? Account structure and stability, creative quality, url settings, keyword display volume and clicks, account stability, keyword clicks, account cre

Ashu: How to improve the quality of bidding keywords

Keyword quality optimization is Baidu bidding account optimization of an important means, can help you to lower the price to get a better ranking, thereby reducing the overall promotional costs, improve ROI. According to Baidu bidding quality optimization Guidance manual ranking mechanism analysis, keywords ranking and a number of factors, such as

How to improve code quality

1.1 How to improve code quality We put aside any specific technology to talk about how to improve the quality of the code. How to improve the quality of the code, I believe that not only the people here are distressed, but also a

Improve code quality with Eclipse plug-ins

can double-click the method in the Metrics list, which opens the source code for this method in the Eclipse editor. This makes the fix super simple (if needed)!Figure 14. View the cyclomatic complexity of a method As I mentioned before, the Eclipse Metrics plugin also provides a number of powerful metrics to help you improve your code as you develop your software-visible, it's a plug-in in a progressive programming sense!The right one is the bes

I know how to improve the photo quality of the shop image experts

I know how to upgrade the image of the photo shop picture quality? Open Shop sellers are not all photo-masters, real photos will certainly appear dark, blurred, color, brightness is not enough problems, so that the picture quality becomes worse. Here are 4 questions about sellers photos, how to use ISEE to deal with, to improve picture

iSEE How to improve the photo quality of shop

Open Shop sellers are not all photo-masters, real photos will certainly appear dark, blurred, color, brightness is not enough problems, so that the picture quality becomes worse. Here are 4 questions about sellers photos, how to use ISEE to deal with, to improve picture quality. First, isee repair light dimming photos----digital fill light. When the weather is

Improve image quality When viewing Crystal Report reports on the WEB using Visual Studio. NET

The knowledge in the article is directed towards: Visual Studio. NET built-in Crystal Reports Apply to: Only for reported versions Image quality Web Viewer Outline The WEB program uses the Crystal Report built into Visual Studio. NET as a report development tool. When you view a report on the WEB, the resolution of the image and the chart is reduced to DPI (for performance and download speed) by default. How to im

Talking about how to improve keyword quality and get potential customers

Many SEO friends may often encounter such a problem, the word did come up, but did not click, or clicked! The conversion rate is very low and there is little likelihood of a deal order. So what's the problem? must be and we choose the word has a relationship, the quality of the word is not high, so we need to think about how to improve the quality of the keyword,

6 refactoring methods can help you improve code quality by 80%

English Original:Top 6 Refactoring Patterns to help your Score 80% in Code Quality In the past to do a lot of code in the daytime, found some code quality more common problems, the following is the top five : bloated class :Classes are bloated because developers lack the understanding of the most basic coding principles, the "single Responsibility Principle" (SRP). These classes tend to become bloated becau

Writing high-quality code to improve C # programs--using generic collections instead of Non-generic collections (recommended) _mssql

first time is: list The line that is annotated in the code is not compiled because "Mike" is not an integral type, and here is the characteristic of type safety. The following compares the efficiency of a non-generic collection and a generic collection in operation: static void Main (string[] args) {Console.WriteLine ("Start test ArrayList:"); Testbegin (); Testarraylist (); Testend (); Console.WriteLine ("Start Test List The output is: Start Test

Improve software quality----consistency

Improve software quality----consistency Moakap One important criterion in designing and writing programs is consistency. Consistency is when you have a set of functions, such as all the member functions of a class, and the design of function names and parameters should be consistent. This is also the beginning of good turning skills. The simplest example, for example, is to design two member functions, r

(go) Improve code quality---One

 1. SummaryThis is the second chapter of the bad Code series, in the article I will discuss with you how to evaluate the code as efficiently and objectively as possible.After publishing something about the bad code (above), I found that this article was unexpectedly popular, and many people also described (TU) the problem of one or the other in their own code.Recently the Department in the organization bootcamp, just I am responsible for training the code qu

Improve software quality with 6 Sigma

When talking about the gap between us and India, I think there are two pieces worth considering. 1. Software Quality in India has achieved 6 Sigma, that is to say, every 1 million lines of code has only 3.4 lines of errors. How can we achieve or even surpass the quality of Indian software. 2. India's software quality depends on software reuse. How can we

How to Improve code quality (management): Code Review

Maybe you are a project manager, maybe you are a backbone member of the project, or a development team lead. After I published a series of articles "How to Improve code quality", many netizens complained to me that he could not grasp the code quality of the entire project team member. I think this is also a common problem for all project teams. It is usually mani

How to improve employees ' quality consciousness?

Whenever I talk to a friendQuality Management, friends will ask me "How to improve the quality of staff awareness?" ”。  So how do I improve the quality of staff awareness, this article on this topic specifically to do a description. "Take the thief first" this is a common military word, in fact, can also be used in the

How to improve code quality (Management Chapter): Code review

Maybe you are a project manager, maybe you are a member of a project backbone, or a development team is long. After I published this system article "How to Improve code quality," many netizens complained to me that he was unable to grasp the code quality of the entire project team members. This, I think, is also a common problem for all project teams, and it usua

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