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I have made a discount code function. how can a member send this discount code to a member when purchasing a product?

I made a discount code function. how do I issue this discount code to members when they buy a product? I got a coupon code generation function in the mall background, how can I specify the discount

How do you get the discount code excellent step can not receive the discount code is going on?

. Successfully registered and verified through, you can use the discount code, click on the upper left corner, the menu appears, click on the Preferential, input "9m42j", click Application, prompted 30 yuan has been deposited into the account!, you can click Payment to view the balance, more than 30 yuan! You do not receive the Preferential Code solution

PHP generates a unique promotion/discount code (with source code) _ PHP Tutorial

PHP generates a unique promotion discount code (with the source code ). Every e-commerce website now has one or more types of discount coupon systems. we will share with you how to generate a unique discount code in PHP. It is mai

PHP generates a unique promotion/discount code (with source code)

Every e-commerce website now has one or more types of discount/coupon systems to share with you how to generate a unique promotion/discount code in PHP. A promotional code system is used to track user sources. For example, a promotional code is generated when a host is linke

Burstnet latest offer code 85 percent discount code

Buy a minimum model 512M OpenVZ VPS in just 5.05 dollars. Unlike in the previous months, their Los Angeles engine room speed has returned to normal, telecommunications average ping about 180. In addition, their home also has Miami, Chicago and other rooms can be selected. Busrt previously also introduced in detail, specific you can search the site before the introduction, here is not detailed, directly to the discount

PHP generates unique promotions/offers/discount codes (with source code) _php Tips

Each ecommerce site now has one or more types of discount/discount/coupon systems to share with you how to generate a unique promotion/discount code in PHP. The main is to implement a discount code system, can be used to track use

Php generates a random and unique invitation code/discount code with a fixed length

Php generates a random and unique invitation code with a fixed length. Function make_coupon_card () {$ code = 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxy'; $ rand = $ code [rand (0, 25)]. strtoupper (dechex (date ('M '))). date ('D '). substr (time (),-5 ). substr (microtime (), 2, 5 ). sprintf ('% 02d', rand (0, 99); for ($ a = md5 ($ rand, true), $ s = '0123456789abcdefghijklm

Aliyun recommendation code 90 percent discount code: UJI5T9

Friends, Welfare! Latest Aliyun recommended code: 90 percent Discount code (UJI5T9), valid until 2017-05-31. This recommendation code can be reused, you can forward to friends to use together! Applicable Products: Package annual monthly Cloud server, Package year monthly Cloud database, package annual monthly Cloud an

Digitalocean Discount Code Application tutorial

Warm tip: The 100-dollar coupon must be exchanged within one year, otherwise it will be expired, after the exchange success, to the date of exchange, must be used within one year, otherwise the remaining direct clear zero. Digitalocean has 5$/m,10$/m,20$/m,40$/m,80$/m package, generally used last year is no problem. Digitalocean is a new VPS in recent years, the performance of its server is relatively stable, relatively Linode, perhaps performance without its good, but the price is more reasona

Two GoDaddy latest 2013 domain name registration discount code. COM, Support Alipay

first Preferential information Share a 2013-year latest GoDaddy domain name renewal Discount code Discount Amount: $8.17/yr Godaddy. com domain name Registration discount code: cjc799b033 After testing can have, support Alipay. Second preferential information Share two

code[vs]-Ticket Discount-floating point processing-ladder Bronze

outputSample Output620Data range and TipsData Size HintThe original ticket price is greater than 100 less than 9999, the discount rate is greater than 1 less than 9.9.Idea: This problem is a bit complicated, you can save the ticket price and discount rate with two float floats, then calculate the product divided by 100 (why divide by 100, because to keep to 10 bits, if divided by 10 is only reserved to th

July 2013 the latest GoDaddy domain name registration, renewal discount code recommended

COM Domain name registration benefits . COM domain name registration only need $7.99/year; RMB 50 yuan/year Special Offer links >> No discount code, click this link to activate the discount directly . COM Domain name Renewal discount . COM domain name r

IHerb discount code and six money-saving policy solutions that Haitao beginners need to know

Tips: If we register the account must be true information, must be true information, or customs clearance will not pass ( Iherb official website >>). First, iherb business promotion activities regularly Previously Iherb only in the English official website when the activity is not much, and will be based on the global habit of a little promotional activities, and now the operation of the country, we often see in the Iherb Chinese website for Chinese users, holid

GoDaddy input discount code function missing how to find

Help a buddy today through GoDaddy renewal domain name, found previously entered the discount code place can not find, empty. Also think that now do not support the discount code, but on second thought, how may not support it, unless the GoDaddy do not want to do. So in the page carefully find finally let me find, haha

July 2013 latest GoDaddy host related discount code recommended

GoDaddy any scheme of host 35 percent discount, the lowest price of the whole network Http:// Economy Program host one year, only 12 U.S. dollars, or 73 yuan Http:// Purchase any scheme VPS host 70 percent discount, low to $16.8/month; Send SSL and 3 independent IP Http://

November 2013 GoDaddy domain info renewal Discount Code

This time looking for a lot of discount code trial, the final lowest is the price of about 56 of the renminbi. I use the following two, all of which are ¥ 56: The code is as follows Copy Code GDBB776 Another forgotten, is the same effect. Note: Payment of the time found that th

Recommend a host domain name discount code

The code is as follows Copy Code Discount Code: PrivacypleaseFree Private whoisDiscount Code: GIF$10.25 com/net domain registration and renewal fee Main features of 1. A powerful domain name management platform: in registered doma

Price implementation principle of HTML Discount calculation and script code _ HTML/Xhtml _ webpage Creation

The general principle is to set the price calculation event function, take different drop-down discounts, and send the calculation results to the text box. If you are interested, refer The Code is as follows: Price calculation after discount

What is bill discount? What is the difference between bill discount and loan issuance?

Discount of a bill refers to the demand for funds, which requires the bank or discount company to change the outstanding commercial bills, bank acceptance bills or short-term bonds in their hands into cash, the bank or discount company collects the outstanding bills or short-term bonds, deducts the interest after the discount

Magento Add a "new" or a discount quantity label to the product Magento the new label. Discount label_php Tutorials

The bottom of the article is. Add a "new" label to the new product. Give discount products, show the quantity of discount. This can be written on your own a piece of code added to the template folder under the catalog/product/list.phtml. Here is the code Timestamp (time ());?> $new _str_tm = Strtotime ($_prod

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