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Case modeling Guide

Address: Level: elementary Fu chunyi, technical sales manager of Rational China, software department of IBM China Co., Ltd. November 01, 2004 Use Case is a method used to

IBM-Guide to case Modeling

Case modeling GuideFu chunyi, technical sales manager of rational China, software department of IBM China Co., Ltd.November 01, 2004Original URL:

Case Model Guide

Use case is a method used to describe system requirements. The process of describing system requirements using use cases is case modeling. The use case method was first proposed by Dr. IVA jackboson and was later integrated into the UML

person he knows, or else he will be at the end of the Team. In this case), javaqueue

(Hdu step 8.1.8) Team Queue (when a person queues, if there is a person he knows before, then he can directly rank behind the person he knows, or else he will be at the end of the Team. In this case), javaqueue Question: Team Queue

Some uses of the IF for Select Case

Overview:The case statement in the SQL statement and the switch statement in the high-level language are standard SQL syntax, and are suitable for a condition that has multiple values to perform different operations, respectively.First, let's look

Data Flow Diagram in UML, use case diagram, class diagram, object diagram, role diagram, activity diagram, and sequence diagram

Class diagram, object diagram, role diagram: I. Basic Graph categories in UML:In UML 2, there are two basic graph categories: structure diagram and behavior diagram. Each UML diagram belongs to the two diagrams. The purpose of the structure diagram

UML Use case Diagrams: guidelines

UML use case Diagrams: guidelines Released: 2012-3-21 In Visual Studio flagship edition, you can draw a use case diagram to summarize the users of your

If logic judgments in shell scripts, file directory attribute judgments, if special usages, case judgments

if logic judgment in shell scripts Logical judgment Expression: -GT (>); Greater than great than -lt (=); Greater than or equal to -le ( If logical judgment format: Format 1:if condition; Then statement; Fi format 2:if condition; then

Use if, exception, or assert? -- Read the javaeye forum post: interview question: exception or if judgment.

Today, I saw a very popular post on javaeye. The question is (interview): whether to use exception (exception) or if to judge The content is probably: When the parameter is invalid, is it true that if else

Basics of T-sql: Beyond basic Level 6: Using case expressions and IIF functions

Basics of T-sql: Beyond basic Level 6: Using case expressions and IIF functionsGregory larsen,2016/04/20 (First edition: 2014/04/09)The seriesThis article is part of "Stairway series: The cornerstone of T-sql: Beyond the Basics"From his stairway to

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