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9 Types of data mining algorithms in SQL Server 2008

1. Decision Tree AlgorithmDecision Tree, also known as tree, is a tree structure similar to binary tree or multi-fork tree. A decision tree uses the attributes of a sample as a node, using the value of the attribute as a branch, that is, a process

How to implement image access using varbinary (MAX) in SQL SERVER 2008

In the development of database application project, some binary image data are often used, and the data of storing and reading the display image mainly adopts path link method and memory flow method. The path link method is to save the image file in

Evaluation and execution strategies for multiple instances in SQL Server 2008

Questions raised After understanding the management policies in SQL Server 2008, we want to execute these policies on multiple instances in SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2005. Please give a detailed answer on how to achieve, thank you. Expert

code security in SQL Server 2008 (iii) passphrase encryption _mssql2008

Preface : Before SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008. If you want to encrypt sensitive data, such as financial information, payroll, or identity card numbers, you must use an external application or algorithm. SQL Server 2005 introduces the ability

Using spatial data to implement location intelligence in SQL Server 2008

1. Introduction Today's information workers and consumers deal with a large number of different types of information, from traditional spreadsheets and commercial data tables in spreadsheets and databases, to online, web-based data such as videos,

Data compression in SQL Server 2008

Data compression is introduced in SQL Server 2008, allowing data compression to be performed in tables, indexes, and partitions. This will not only save disk space, but also allow more data pages to be loaded into memory, reducing disk IO and

Merge in SQL Server 2008 (not just merge)

The merge statement in SQL Server 2008 can do many things, and its function is to perform INSERT, update, or delete operations on the target table based on the source table. The most typical application is the synchronization of two tables.The

Data table compression in SQL Server 2008 detailed introduction to _mssql2008

SQL Server SP2 brings us the vardecimal feature, when a new storage format--vardecimal was introduced for decimail and numeric data types. The vardecimal storage format allows storage of the decimal and numeric data types as a variable-length column.

SQL Drip 15-calling C # programs in SQL Server 2008

Source: SQL Drip 15-calling C # programs in SQL Server 2008  T-SQL is very efficient when executing common queries, but it is less efficient to execute loops and judge such statements. With the help of the CLR, we can extend C # programs in SQL

Differences in SQL Server 2008 editions (includes Enterprise Developer Edition Standard version of the Web Workgroup Express Edition Compact Edition)

SQL Server 2008 is divided into SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition, Workgroup Edition, Web Edition, Developer Edition, Express Edition, Compact 3.5 Edition, and its functions and functions vary, with SQL Server 2008 Express Edition

One of the SQL enhancements in SQL Server 2008: Values new use

What's new in SQL Server 2008: You can insert multiple rows using a single insert command. Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)>Create TableDemo_values (PKIDInt Not Null in SQL Server 2008 set up services (SSIS) in SQL Server 2008 set up services (SSIS) The Script task allows you to access Microsoft visual for the Application (VSTA Edition) Studio tool Environment, write and Execute scripts using VB and C # languages. The environment in China is

Introduction to FileStream in SQL Server 2008 _mssql2008

Many friends do not know FileStream this function. Because FileStream is typically not enabled by default during installation, in SQL Server 2008, FileStream is introduced to varbinary large, unstructured data (such as text documents, images, and

New features for policy Management in SQL Server 2008

Policy Management is a new feature in SQL Server 2008 that manages the various properties of database instances, databases, and database objects. Policy management under the SSMs Object Explorer database instance under the Administration node, as

Network-related or instance-specific errors in SQL Server 2008 when you establish a connection with SQL Server prompts

Original address: Http:// N3zwihhw4cwf9ffnq8hb8z7h7n3vjvfoewxzgorh1qczcvls-ojqdduxdq1, start-"All Programs-" Microsoft Visual Studio r2--Configuration Tool--"SQL Server Configuration Manager2.

How to index XML fields in SQL Server 2008

from: indexes in SQL Server fall into two categories: primary XML indexes and secondary XML indexes. The secondary XML index is divided into: PATH secondary XML index, VALUE Secondary XML index,

Called in SQL Server 2008. Net,dll

Create a new class library program named Regex, open Visual Studio 2008, click File, click New, click Project, select the class library in the New Project dialog box that pops up, and the project name is regex. Name the class Class1 in your

[MSSQL2008] Spatial Data in SQL Server 2008-Calculates distance between two points based on latitude and longitude

DECLARE @BJ GEOGRAPHYDECLARE @XT GEOGRAPHY/*GET Latitude/longitude from Here:,+chinaThe distance unit in SRID 4326 is the meter*/SELECT @BJ = Geography::P oint (' 39.92889 ', ' 116.38833 ', 4326)SELECT @XT =

View performance-poor statements in SQL Server 2008

Use this statement frequently to view poorly-performing SQL statements:SELECTCreation_time N'Statement Compilation Time', Last_execution_time N'Last Execution Time', Total_physical_reads N'total number of physical reads',

How to restore the. mdf data file in SQL Server 2008

The process of restoring a database file, only MDF files, how to restore? In the original SQL Server 2005, click the database directly and then attach it can be restored, but in the 2008 version of the database file will be an error (only MDF

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