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The most basic design concept of infopath-MVC

After studying infopath for a while, I found that the simplest design idea of infopath evolved from the development model-MVC. Of course, I am only referring to the most basic design idea of infopath. Infopath is a huge set of functions, which

First knowledge of InfoPath (4): Understand the format of the infopath xsn file (1)

  This chapter introduces the file format of INFOPATH. The examples used in the previous sections generate an xsn file after the release of both the client version and the WEB version. This file extension is the extension of the INFOPATH file, but

Infopath user interface development

Turn: Infopath user interfaces can be divided into three types: 1. custom menu Select a variety of "structures" (such as repeated sections and duplicate tables), right-click, and select "

Vs extension + nvelocity series (II) -- enable vs to support nvelocity smart prompts (I)

I. Basic Concepts Fortunately, the vs plug-in relies on MEF instead of MAF, which reduces your work. if you have understood the principles of MEF before, you can easily understand the compiling of the vs plug-in. let's take a look at several

(Favorites) "blog garden essence set" SharePoint sub-book

Legendary Office Sharepoint Server 2007 Starter Guide Http://   I. What is SharePoint? Why should I use it?SharePoint tutorial [Yunlong] WSS basics [jianyi] How to plan a moss system for business

SharePoint workflow solution quickflow series (1)-quick flow entry

RelatedArticle:Quickflow1.0Release  SharePoint workflows have many problems. Their capabilities in developing complex workflows are "Limited" or "Unlimited Potential", but the mining process is too complicated. For this reason, based on my

PowerShell view the native file associations and the default open programs method _powershell

Last reprinted an article "PowerShell view open File default Application", its bright spot is to invoke the Windows API, the idea is very unique, but may not be practical. Later @j in the original comment, said Assoc + ftype more convenient. So

RSS history of Microsoft Development Center (6)

----------------------------------------------- Begin --------------------------------------------- Title: "WPF ..." Time: 2006-12-27 11:00:00 Introduction: this white paper provides a high-level overview of "WPF/E" and introduces the collaboration

Expectations for office12

Moslem wrote an article about office12ArticleI also want to talk about the outlook and expectations for office12: SharePoint v3The next version of Sharepoint is expected to be built on ASP. NET 2.0, And the webpart in SharePoint V3 will also be

QuickFlow2.0 release, including Aspx UI form framework!

There are two problems with SharePoint native workflows: 1) The expression of process logic is cumbersome whether it is a sequential model or a state machine model. 2) form Problems Infopath workflow forms are not easy to use. If you are designing

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