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Minimum external rectangle

Source: Id = 619 & classid = 51 Solution report for the smallest rectangle (rec1) Author: FENG Hao time: 2007.10.11 document type/Source: NoI Journal Summary:A plane

Interpretation of the shader series written by CG in unity-circular corner rectangle shader in Unity

In the previous article, we learned the surface removal and cropping modes. This article will use this knowledge to implement a simple, but very common example: make an image into a rounded rectangle. Example 3: shader with rounded corners Well, I

Rotating jamming case -- a rectangle with the smallest area of a convex polygon

Convex Polygon minimum area external rectangle Returns a convex polygon.PThe minimum area can be mountedPWhat is the rectangle of (as far as the periphery is concerned? Technically speaking, given a direction, we can calculatePAnd create an external

Rotating jamming case -- convex polygon minimum perimeter external rectangle

Convex Polygon minimum perimeter external rectangle This problem is similar to the smallest area external rectangle. Our goal is to find an external polygon in the smallest box (for perimeter ).P. What is interesting is that the minimum area and

IOS uses cgcontextref to draw various images (text, circle, straight line, arc, rectangle, slice, elliptic, triangle, rounded rectangle, besell curve, and image)

First, let's take a look at cgcontextref: An opaque type that represents a quartz 2D drawing environment. Graphics context is a graphical context. It can be understood as a canvas. We can draw a canvas on it. After the painting is complete, place

The minimum bounding rectangle algorithm for convex hull polygon

In fact, I am not very good at the algorithm, but the project is useful to some kind of algorithm to achieve a certain function, but also have to bite the bullet to achieve.This is a very early project, to calculate the minimum bounding rectangle of

13.7-Full Stack Java notes: Flying Game Project | rectangle|intersects| Plane

Collision Detection TechnologyIn the game, collisions are the most frequently encountered technology. Of course, many game engines have already done collision detection, and we just need to call them. This lesson is explained from the principle of

Build a Canvas vector graphics Renderer (5)-add an external rectangle of images and geometric elements, optimize the initial performance, and test the performance.

Document directory 2. Method for Calculating the range of Path. 1. With such a framework, it is very easy to add new graphic elements, as is the image class. For more information about the series of directories, see. This section mainly solves

Discussion on solving maximal sub-matrix problem with Maximal thought

【摘要】 This paper introduces the application of maximal thought in this kind of problem, aiming at the problem of maximal (or optimal) sub-rectangle and related deformation in recent times. Two algorithms with certain generality are analyzed. Some

How does Python determine whether a straight line and a rectangle are intersecting?

This article mainly introduces Python's method of determining whether a straight line and a rectangle are intersecting. It involves the calculation of the line and a rectangle in the Python coordinate system and has some reference value, for more

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