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INFORMIX-4GL utilities (1) (1)

Setting Informix Environment Variables I. Environment exampleVariable Name DescriptionDBDELIMITER specifies the field delimiters used by dbload in the extract data file.DBDATE specifies the date format (Y4MD/, MDY4-) to be used in the database

Integrate the Informix ODBC application on Mac OS x with Informix Dynamic server 1

Brief introduction The recently released 32-bit Informix client-sdk for the Mac OS X platform provides improved Open Database connectivity (ODBC) capabilities to seamlessly integrate an ODBC-aware application with Informix D Ynamic Server (IDS)

Interaction between shell scripts and Informix

In Linux/Unix, some programs are command-line or service programs. Generally, there is a configuration file to describe their running rules. These rules are usually stored in the database, maintained by other applications. This involves a question:

Analysis of INFORMIX database backup and recovery tools

Informix is a relational database management system that can be used to develop powerful applications that can run on multiple platforms. Informix Database Dynamic Server (IDS) is the core of INFORMIX database technology products, featuring

Informix Data Warehouse Solution

According to the Informix Data Warehouse System implementation methodology, we can divide the data warehouse implementation into the following steps: 1. Business Demand Analysis Business Requirement analysis is the basis for data warehouse

Oracle basic concepts and comparison with informix

Oracle basic concepts and comparison with informix I. ConceptsUser: informix directly uses the user management system of the operating system. Generally, root and informix are used as super operators to manage other users. Oracle has its own user

How to use Informix Users and Informix groups

1. You should use the Informix account to manage the database, such as Grant/revoke permissions, creating/deleting tables, dbload, and so on. 2. Should you create a separate account to do these things? Why? 3. Should you use the Informix account

Configure and implement an Informix ON-Bar backup solution

IntroductionEditor's note: in DBA's work, backup has gradually become a hard task that is not often considered. However, any good DBA can tell you that data should be restored when a system failure occurs, at this time, backup will suddenly become

Application Example of Informix Time Series database for Massive Data Processing

Informix time series (InformixTimeSeries) is an important technology for the Informix database to solve massive data processing. This technology uses a special data storage method, which greatly improves the processing capability of time-related

Security Audit of Informix database (1)

The Informix Dynamic Server provides two levels of access privileges to ensure database security. Database privileges control the access to the database and the right to create tables and indexes on the database. TABLE privileges specify the actions

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