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Powersploit:the easiest Shell you ' ll ever get-pentest geek-penetration testing-infosec professionals

NBSP; NBSP; NBSP; NBSP; NBSP; powersploit:the Easiest Shell you ll Ever Get-pentest. Sometimes you just want a shell. Dont want to worry on compiling a binary, testing it against antivirus, figuring out how to upload it to the box an D finally ... View on www.pentest ... Preview by Yahoo Powersploit:the easiest Shell you ' ll ever get-pentest geek-penetration testing-

Programming Algorithm-Saruman Army (Saruman & #39; s army) code (c)

Saruman's army code (c) Address: Question: There are N points in a straight line. Each point must be marked with a distance of 0 in the area within R. Join as few as possible? Mark points. How many points should be marked? Greedy Algorithm, FromLeftmost VertexStart, search in sequenceDistance is RNeed to join? Marked points until the end. Code: /* * main.cpp * * Created on: 2014.7.17 * Author: spike *//*e

[Post] tips for the Mongolian army to conquer Europe

[Post] tips for the Mongolian army to conquer EuropeIn fact, the cavalry of the Mongolian army cannot defeat heavy armored cavalry in Europe one by one at all times, the spears and swords of heavy armored cavalry in Europe are much more lethal than the knives, spears, or langes of the Mongolian cavalry. The horses of European cavalry are far more advanced than those of Mongolian horses. However, the strateg

Combat preparation, equipment, and rank of the Japanese army during the Second World War

Preparation and equipment of the Japanese army during the Second World War When the Japanese army was in war 2, the army had the following individual equipment: Soldiers: 6.5mm 38 type rifle, 30 type bayonet, 94 a kettle, front box cartridge (120 bullets), helmets, etc. School: 94 type **, telescope, military knife, map sac, school bottle. The Japanese

Poj-3069-saruman ' s Army (Java simple greedy) __java

Saruman ' s Army Time Limit: 1000MS Memory Limit: 65536K Total submissions: 4699 accepted: 2430 DescriptionSaruman The white must leads his army along a straight path from Isengard to Helm ' s Deep. To keep track of his forces, Saruman distributes seeing stones, known as Palantirs, among the troops. Ea

Restore the truth of history: Real Guo Jing and the western expedition of the Mongolian army

Many people are familiar with Jin Yong's martial arts novels. A major feature of Jin Yong's novels is to combine virtual plots with historical realities, for example, the Ming Dynasty in the legend of the condor heroes and the association between the Ming Dynasty and Southeast Asian countries, and the Persian Ming Dynasty in the legend of the Yi Tian tu long, in the legend of the Condor Heroes, came to China, the Russian Female video in the deer Ding Ji ...... It can be said that "the truth is t

The story behind the H5 of "Wu Yifan army"

Creativity is always a propositional composition, the early stage of the project team learned: 1. Wu Yifan signed the national Blitz will be a three-dimensional complete campaign, the brand team hope Tgideas in H5 This module, through a brilliant idea to detonate the topic 2. Without any material, Wu Yifan can only give out 1 hours to record some content in the filming interval. 3. Because this period of time Wu Yifan in the costume drama, his hair is gone ... Under vario

JetBrains released Datagrip 1.0--database and the Swiss Army knife in the field of SQL

This article is from my translation of the Infoq Chinese station, the original address is:, the Czech software company JetBrains released a brand-new heavyweight Datagrip 1.0--, a Swiss Army knife in the field of database and SQL. Datagrip's predecessor 0xDBE has been released for more than a year, this is jetbrains to the vast number of users to provide a development version, each version

Shocking! Photo of the first squadron of the Chinese army soul (to see)

Shocking! Photo of the first squadron of the Chinese army soul On September 16, late July 1984, the first army of the Nanjing Army (Fu quanyou, chief of the army, and Shi yuxiao, Political Commissar), the third division of the 12th Army, and the Ninth Division of the artille

The Swiss Army knife glances in Linux monitoring

glances When installing:# python-v# glances-v# python-c ' from logutils.dictconfig import dictconfig 'If the version of Phthon is 2.6.x, alarm: Importerror:cannot Import name DictconfigNeed to install Python logutils package ( or https:// download: logutils-0.3.3.tar.gz after decompressionPython InstallThe Swiss Arm

Make a realistic Swiss army knife with 3DS Max

Saber is a tool of many uses, its function is comprehensive, the design is exquisite, and easy to carry. A knife in the hand, making you seem to have a universal toolbox. 9.1 Design Ideas Modeling Outstanding army Knife shape exquisite, full-featured features. "Blade" Using metal material, "knife body" use red plastic material, and then with a dynamic blue dazzling background, strongly reflects the endless charm of the saber, as shown in Figure 9-1.

JVM problem location of Swiss Army knife--jcmd

the class distribution in heap memory. The usual tool we used before was jmap to use Jcmd to dump heap memory GC.heap_dump . ➜ ~ jcmd 3426 GC.heap_dump test.dump 3426: Heap dump file created Typically, in dump heap memory money will trigger a full GC, and if you do not want to trigger the full GC, you can specify the parameters all=true , namely: ➜ ~ jcmd 3426 GC.heap_dump test2.dump -all=true 3426: Heap dump file createdMemory usage of the statistics heap Dump heap memory and analysis is

Real-time monitoring of the Linux system by Swiss Army knife--glances

much information on system resources. But if you are a system administrator who wants to get the overall status of the system from the command line, this tool is definitely a must.Translator note Please do not confuse glances (the tool in this article) with glance (an OpenStack tool) these two packages Ubuntu official Extra Source glances because the problem with the Python library move is not working properly but can be fixed temporarily by creating a soft link: sudo ln-s/usr/lib/

Army's 7 divisions, and Suyu's hilltop background

Always confused, now review:January 20, 1941, the Central Revolutionary Military Commission issued an order: "The special appointment Chen Yi for National Revolutionary new Four Army agent commander, Zhang Yunyi as deputy commander, Liu Shaoqi for commissars, Laichuanzhu for the chief of staff, Deng Zihui's for the director of the department." "From then on, build up invincible army."February 18,Appointment

Saruman ' s Army

Part I: TopicsTitle Link: ' s Army Time Limit: 1000MS Memory Limit: 65536K Total Submissions: 6839 Accepted: 3516 DescriptionSaruman The white must leads his army along a straight path from Isengard to Helm ' s deep. To keep track of his forces, Saruman distributes seeing stones, known as Palantirs, among t

Full stack engineer? Give the Swiss Army knife you to chop the devil good!?

From Editor's note: This article from the medium top three recommended articles, issued by up to 2,125 recommendations, the Chinese version by Heaven Zhuhai Branch Rudder compiled. The full text of today's popular industry's "All-stack xx division" of the argument to criticize, put forward their own unique point of view. People discovering when they have not heard of the use of the Swiss Army Knife, the ancients killed the chick

Chapter 2 Qi Gong leads the army's northern expedition to destroy Gu Zhu and Yan Zhuang Gong benefited from the disaster recovery to become a greater nation

Period, the elders continued to intrude south, and qi, Zheng, Lu and other major countries could not be spared. For example, as described earlier in this article, in June 706 BC, xiaddi attacked Qi, and it was difficult for Qi to protect themselves. He even had to ask Zheng Zhuanggong for help. As a result, Zheng's army defeated di, the lessons of this fiasco led to the fear of further south intrusion by di over the past thirty years. After nearly th

Design and Development of game scripts-Chapter 8 army arrival on the battlefield

The last time I spoke about how to quickly display a map of the battlefield, how can I add troops to the battlefield when there is no army on the battlefield. In general game games, there are three types of troops on the battlefield: our army, enemy army and friends army. Our army

Why did Lu Xun return to the Army (Game Theory tricks)

In the dynamic game of successive moves, the strategy of each participant must be based on the prediction of the other strategy. However, in real-world games, there are usually not two participants. At this time, in addition to predicting the opponent's actions, we must also make a clear estimation of the third-party strategy. In The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, there is such a story. Lu Xun, General Dongwu, joined the army and defeated the Sichuan

Sun Tzu's Art of War [Army-fourth]

, repair the Tao and protect the law, so they can win and defeat the government.5. War of war: one-level, two-level, three-way, four-way, five-way. Aliyun, aliyun.6. Therefore, if the attacker calls the baht, then the loser calls the baht. If the battle of the winner is determined by the accumulation of water in the stream of the millennium, the form is also.Translation:1. Sun Tzu said: those who used to be good at fighting with troops always first create insurmountable conditions and wait for o

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