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Powersploit:the easiest Shell you ' ll ever get-pentest geek-penetration testing-infosec professionals

NBSP; NBSP; NBSP; NBSP; NBSP; powersploit:the Easiest Shell you ll Ever Get-pentest. Sometimes you just want a shell. Dont want to worry on compiling a binary, testing it against antivirus, figuring out how to upload it to the box an D finally ... View on www.pentest ... Preview by Yahoo Powersploit:the easiest Shell you ' ll ever get-pentest geek-penetration testing-

Stanford University public Class machine learning: Advice for applying machines learning | Learning curves (Improved learning algorithm: the relationship between high and high variance and learning curve)

Drawing a learning curve is useful, for example, if you want to check your learning algorithm and run normally. Or you want to improve the performance or effect of the algorithm. Then the learning curve is a good tool. The learning curve can judge a learning algorithm, which

Two methods of machine learning--supervised learning and unsupervised learning (popular understanding) _ Machine Learning

Objective Machine learning is divided into: supervised learning, unsupervised learning, semi-supervised learning (can also be used Hinton said reinforcement learning) and so on. Here, the main understanding of supervision and unsupervised

[Introduction to machine learning] Li Hongyi Machine Learning notes-9 ("Hello World" of deep learning; probe into depth learning) __ Machine learning

[Introduction to machine learning] Li Hongyi Machine Learning notes-9 ("Hello World" of deep learning; exploring deep learning) PDF Video Keras Example application-handwriting Digit recognition Step 1:define A set of function Step 2:goodness of function Step 3:pick the best function X_t

Intensive learning and learning notes--Introducing intensive learning (reinforcement learning)

As we all know, when Alphago defeated the world go champion Li Shishi, the whole industry is excited, more and more scholars realize that reinforcement learning is a very exciting in the field of artificial intelligence. Here I will share my intensive learning and learning notes. The basic concept of reinforcement learning

Learning Rate: The effect of learning rate from gradient learning algorithm--how to adjust the learning rate

In machine learning, supervised learning (supervised learning) by defining a model and estimating the optimal parameters based on the data on the training set. The gradient descent method (Gradient descent) is a parametric optimization algorithm widely used to minimize model errors. The gradient descent method uses multiple iterations and minimizes the cost funct

Stanford University public Class machine learning: Machines Learning System Design | Data for machine learning (the learning algorithm behaves better when the volume is large)

For the performance of four different algorithms in different size data, it can be seen that with the increase of data volume, the performance of the algorithm tends to be close. That is, no matter how bad the algorithm, the amount of data is very large, the algorithm can perform well.When the amount of data is large, the learning algorithm behaves better:Using a larger set of training (which means that it is impossible to fit), the variance will be l

Deep Learning (depth learning) Learning Notes finishing Series (iii)

Transferred from: Well, to this step, finally can talk to deep learning. Above we talk about why there are deep learning (let the machine automatically learn good features, and eliminate the manual selection process. As well as a hierarchical visual processing system for reference people, we get a conclusion that deep

Machine Learning--unsupervised Learning (non-supervised learning of machines learning)

Earlier, we mentioned supervised learning, which corresponds to non-supervised learning in machine learning. The problem with unsupervised learning is that in untagged data, you try to find a hidden structure. Because the examples provided to learners arenot marked, so there is no error or reward signal to evaluate the

How to differentiate between supervised learning (supervised learning) and unsupervised learning (unsupervised learning)

supervised learning : In short, given a certain training sample (it is important to note that the sample is both data and data corresponding to the results), using this sample training to get a model (can be said to be a function), and then use this model to map all the input to the corresponding output, The output is then simply judged so that the problem of classification (or regression) is achieved. Simply make a distinction, the classification is

"Learning record" on the Internet learning Skills exercises and learning notes and learning experiences of makefile (VS2010)

I don't know. As a complete Windows platform under the less professional software engineering students, see the "Accelerated C + +" source code, the first reaction is: Oh! I should use make to generate project files. Then I happily use AOL to start searching for relevant information.And then the egg! I must have been possessed by some strange creature. I should import files directly with VS Create Project. Then ... ctrl+f5. How perfect.But...... Following:"Tutorial" from the cloud-wind Big blog

Classification of machine learning algorithms based on "machine Learning Basics"--on how to choose machine learning algorithms and applicable solutions

IntroductionThe systematic learning machine learning course has benefited me a lot, and I think it is necessary to understand some basic problems, such as the category of machine learning algorithms.Why do you say that? I admit that, as a beginner, may not be in the early stage of a learning object has a comprehensive

Deep Learning (Deep Learning) Learning notes and Finishing _

Deep Learning notes finishing (very good) Http:// Affirmation: This article is not the author original, reproduced from: 4.2, the primary (shallow layer) feature representation Since the pixel-level feature indicates that the method has no effect, then what kind of representation is useful. Around 1995, Bruno Olshausen and David Field two scholars, Cornell Unive

PHP learning, 2016-5-10 2016 party members learning experience 20,162 will be spiritual learning 20,162 will be spiritual learning heart

URL can be used as the file name. For more information on how to specify filenames see fopen (). Different features of various wapper see supported protocols and encapsulation protocols, and note their usage and the predefined variables available. URL meaning is not can choose a non-GD2 format picture, but I tried not '). addclass (' pre-numbering '). Hide (); $ (this). addclass (' has-numbering '). Parent (). append ($numbering); for (i = 1; i '). Text (i)); }; $numberi

Machine Learning deep learning natural Language processing learning

Original address: not use for commercial use without permission! For related requests, please contact the author: [Email protected]Reproduced please attach the original link, thank you.1 BasicsL Andrew NG's machine learning video.Connection: homepage, material.L 2.2008-year Andrew Ng CS229 machine LearningOf course, the basic method does not change much, so the courseware PDF downloadable is the advanta

Reinforcement Learning Intensive Learning Series IV: Sequential differential td__ Intensive learning

Introduction The previous one is about Monte Carlo's reinforcement learning method, Monte Carlo reinforcement Learning algorithm overcomes the difficulty of model unknown to strategy estimation by considering the sampling trajectory, but the Monte Carlo method has the disadvantage that it is necessary to update the strategy after sampling a trajectory every time. The Monte Carlo method does not make full u

Deep Learning (depth learning) Learning Notes finishing Series (i)

Deep Learning (depth learning) Learning notes finishing Series[Email protected]Http:// 1.0 2013-04-08Statement:1) The Deep Learning Learning Series is a collection of information from the online very big Daniel and the machine

Deep Learning (depth learning) Learning notes finishing (ii)

Deep Learning (depth learning) Learning notes finishing (ii) Transferred from: Because we want to learn the characteristics of the expression, then about the characteristics, or about this level of characteristics, we need to understand more in-depth point. So before we say deep learning,

Machine learning-supervised learning and unsupervised learning

Stanford University's Machine learning course (The instructor is Andrew Ng) is the "Bible" for learning computer learning, and the following is a lecture note.First, what is machine learningMachine learning are field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.In other words,

Stanford Machine Learning---The sixth lecture. How to choose machine Learning method, System _ Machine learning

This column (Machine learning) includes single parameter linear regression, multiple parameter linear regression, Octave Tutorial, Logistic regression, regularization, neural network, machine learning system design, SVM (Support vector machines Support vector machine), clustering, dimensionality reduction, anomaly detection, large-scale machine learning and other

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