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Infragistics's netadvantage Control Error troubleshooting method)

When I first joined the work and came to the organization to participate in project development, I used the netadvantage control of infragistics. this control has powerful functions, which makes many problems in the project development process simple and convenient, and the user interface of this control is also more beautiful. In the second version of 2005, some shortcomings in the past were also improved.

Start to study infragistics netadvantage for ASP. NET

ArticleDirectory Search related content I tried the chart control in infragistics netadvantage for ASP. NET yesterday. It feels very easy to use. For simple charts, you only need to set styles and bind data. The rest of the work is done by the control. UltrawebgridControls are also very powerful, and many operations are automatically completed on the client without sending them back to the server for

Ways to replace part of a menu language when using Infragistics's NetAdvantage component

Infragistics's netadvantage components are very useful, but some automatic menu is English, has been trying to replace the Chinese, the following is the study of the whole afternoon out of a few lines of code, it seems difficult to find such information on the Internet, The string resource ID of the replacement resource file is my own. NET Reflector to find out, I hope to help you, save a little time for everyone.Some places may not be translated prop

Infragistics Control Chinese tutorial infragistics ASP. Net Control usage Summary

other files) at runtime. So this folder is very important (if you do not have an appstle )...3. ThenPackage the DLL file in the installation directory. Here I am C:/ProgramFiles/infragistics/netadvantage for. Net 2007 Vol. 3 CLR 2.0/ASP. NET/bin-The signed folder. When the website is released, decompress the rarfile to the bin folder. Otherwise, how can I execute the file without a DLL ..4.Appstylelist can

The first netadvantage for ASP. NET forum in China was set up!

The netadvantage control of infragistics is favored by Chinese friends. Given that there is no special discussion and exchange area in China, alphatom agrees to open the first domestic netadvantage discussion area, we hope to provide a good space for communication. Forum:,com_forum/Itemid,74/

Installing netadvantage for. Net on Windows Vista

ArticleDirectory Step-by-Step example If the infragistics control is installed in Vista, the error % systemdrive % \ Inetpub \ wwwroot cannot be accessed. I read some articles online, but many of them are neat.For the correct practice, see: ArticleID = 9983 Step-by-Step example Disable User Account Control (UAC)Note:This task is only necessary for installing appstyli

Simple release of a project developed using netadvantage

Among my frequently asked questions, "How do I publish a project using netadvantage? Do I need to install netadvantage on the publishing machine ?", The answer is that there is no need to install netadvantage on the publishing machine. Therefore, I am going to briefly describe the release steps, only for the for ASP. NET project. We have installed

How to Set personality attributes for controls in netadvantage

Problem: Properties separately set for ultrabutton in the form cannot be displayed normally Problem reproduction: 1. Create usercontrol and add ultrabutton12. Modify ultrabutton1 -- appearance -- backcolor to red.3. When the project runs properly, it is found that ultrabutton1 is shown as the default light blue of defaultform. Problem Analysis: When a netadvantage control is created, the style of the parent form is inherited by default, so that the pe

[Infragistics] using third-party controls to implement the effect of the instrument disk table

Recently, when I was doing ERP data analysis, I saw the effect of using the Bi tool provided by yonyou: What if I want to do it? No results have been found for the materials on the Internet. Many of them are charged and cracked. At this time, I thought of using the infragistics third-party control to own a crack Version Control Based on Web2.0. Let's try it first. First reference DLL Infragistics2.webui. Shared. v7.3.dll Infragistics2.webui. ultraweb

Infragistics Series Control Chinese tutorial 1--overview

a runtime resource folder (including pictures, CSS, and so on) under C:/inetpub/wwwroot/aspnet_client/infragistics. So this folder is more important (in case you don't have a appstle) ... It says 3. Then there is a package of DLL files under the installation directory. I'm here C:/Program files/infragistics/netadvantage for. NET 2007 Vol. 3 CLR 2.0/

. NET integrated user interface package NetAdvantage

NetAdvantage for. NET control is a comprehensive user interface package that contains Windows Form, WPF, ASP. NET and Silverlight controls, where the most commonly used controls are tables, charts, various editors and input boxes, gauges, navigation bars, tree lists, menus and toolbars, multiple style styles, and more than hundred seed controls, providing almost all the control elements required by the user interface application, supporting visual Stu

Netadvantage source code final

A while ago, I read some of my friends about netadvantage. ArticleAs a result, 2005 volume1 found that there are many practical controls, and I am very grateful to you. Today I saw netadvantage source code final. I thought it was good. I used it for research, but I found that the so-called final is not full. I searched all the source code directories and did not find the designer's CodeI feel a little un

Netadvantage control-webgrid Article 1

I just completed a project with netadvantage and wanted to write down some of the secrets of using controls .. It is also a diary. It would be best to help everyone !! If you don't, it's your reference in the future. Netadvantage detailed introduction, please refer to the official website started with the latest version 2005 volume1. I. How to obtain the controlOf course,

Use the infragistics. webui. ultrawebgrid button

In the process of using infragistics. webui. ultrawebgrid, we may also add some rows to the Microsoft gridview control, such as adding the row, The delete button for this row. If you are a friend of the infragistics. webui. ultrawebgrid control for the first time, you may have to explore it for a while. Therefore, it is not a waste of time to write it for your reference. In a few minutes, you can play w

Enterprise Solution 3.1 Application Development framework. NET ERP/CRM/MIS Development Framework, C/S architecture, SQL Server + ORM (llbl Gen Pro) + infragistics WinForms

Label:Industry: Database-based manufacturing industry management software, including ERP, MRP, CRM, MIS, MES and other enterprise management software Database platform: SQL Server 2005 or higher System Architecture: C/SDevelopment technology Serial number Field Technology 1 Database SQL Server R2 2 Program language C #. NET 4 3 Data access LLBL Gen Pro 3.1 4

MultiColumn Headers Design for WebGrid in Infragistics

Generally, when designing a Grid multi-row header, we may first consider using Repeater or DataList, but now we can use Infragistics's WebGrid to easily implement this function, the implementation is as follows: The code for implementing such a header is as follows:Add the following code to the Grid InitializeLayout event:// // Design multiple headers // Private void ut_grid105_InitializeLayout (object sender, Infragistics. WebUI. UltraWebGrid. Layou

Also a tutorial on the use of Infragistics WPF report (i)

ObjectiveInfragistics Report is a flexible reporting control that controls the page better than Microsoft's RDLC controls, at least on page printing.The Infragistics Ultimate v14.1 trial version is used here.The development tool is a visual Studio Framework 4.0 WPF Windows application.Add to reportDrag the Xamreportviewer from the left-hand toolbar to the right-side window.The system will take the initiative to join the reference, remember these refer

Infragistics ultrawebgrid errors

System. nullreferenceexception: object reference is not set to the instance of the object. Source error: Row 220: Object key = E. cell. row. datakey; row 221: infragistics. webui. ultrawebgrid. ultraman dband band = E. cell. band; row 222: String basetable = E. cell. band. basetablename; row 223: Table = Ds. tables [basetable]; row 224: It's just such a mistake that bothers me more than a day, and it's really annoying

Infragistics deployment problems

In, The infragistics deployment problem occurs some time ago when the project deployment always encounters the infragistics control deployment problem. After searching online, I found the following method: 1. Copy the DLL file to the bin directory.2. Copy the c: \ Inetpub \ wwwroot \ aspnet_client \ infragistics directory.3. Create an ig_common virtual

Add reference for infragistics. webui. Shared. v5.1

To deploy a web application, two steps are necessary: Deploy the assemblies to the production server Deploy the script and images to the production server --- From MS-help: // infragistics_help/infragistics. Introduction/infragistics. Introduction/deployment-web.htm Add necessary When the control is automatically introduced into the project, there is an

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