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Memory ing file (specialized for reading and writing large files) ZZ

IntroductionFile operations are one of the most basic functions of applications. Both Win32 APIs and MFC provide functions and classes that support file processing. Commonly Used functions include createfile () and writefile () of Win32 APIs ()

Use memory ing files to process large files (modify the program version)

---- The author's program has some problems, and the program in the article has been modified correctly --- Use memory ing files in VC to process large files  Abstract: This article uses memory ing files to access large-size files. It also gives a

Memory ing to modify large files

Overview This article describes how to use a memory ing file to modify a large file: Add a piece of data before the memory of a large file. To use a memory ing file, perform the following steps: Create or open a file kernel object to identify the

High-end memory ing

1. kernel space and user space   User space: in Linux, each user process can access a 4 GB linear virtual memory. The virtual address ranging from 0 to 3 GB is the user space. The user process can directly access the page Directory and page table of

High-speed massive data collection and storage technology based on memory ing principle ZZ

Based on memory ing principleHigh-speed massive data collection and storage technology Cutedeer(Add my code) The memory ing file technology is a new file data access mechanism provided by the Windows operating system. Using the memory ing file

Windows Memory Management Mechanism and C ++ memory allocation instance (4): Memory ing File

4. Memory Management Mechanism-memory ing file (MAP)Like the virtual memory, the memory ing file can be used to reserve a process address area. However, unlike the virtual memory, it does not submit physical memory or virtual page files, but files

Memory ing function MMAP in Linux and sample code

SELF: good blog, you can go to have a look Linux MMAP File Memory ing mechanism MMAP: Memory Map When talking about the concept of file ing, it is inevitable that virtual memory (SVR 4 VM) is involved. In fact,File

Scala learning-array/ ing/tuples

Array/ ing/tuples   I. Array 1. Fixed Length Array Two forms of declaring an array: Declare the Val array name of the specified length = new array [type] (array length)    Provides an array of initial values without the new keyword.    Scala

Examples of memory file ing applications 』

The following functions are used in File Memory ing: 1) createfilemapping2) flushviewoffile3) mapviewoffile4) mapviewoffileex5) mapviewoffilevlm6) openfilemapping7) unmapviewoffile8) unmapviewoffilevlm Function Description: "See the end of this

[Memo] Silverlight library prefix and ing

This topic introduces the concept of default Silverlight XAML namespace, and describes how to define a Silverlight-based application in XAML.ProgramThe reason for creating a ing for the attached XAML namespace.     This topic contains the

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