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PHP Dynamic Extension Module

Compiling the source package requires./configure then compile a. so fileOne less error packetInstall packageNormal displayThe LS directory has a./configure fileQuerying module LocationsEditing a configuration fileEditing a configuration fileIncrease

Your PHP does not seem to install the MySQL extension "processing method necessary to run WordPress

Transferred from: is already an old problem, some people use their own server installed WordPress program, will appear "Your PHP does not appear to be installed to run WordPress necessary MySQL extension"

Php runtime environment configuration

Server: web server. Our web requests are generally based on the http protocol. So sometimes we call web servers an http server. This is because the server we set up needs to provide a purpose for other users to obtain resources through web (http)

Simple use of subersion and tortoisesvn

This article from: [It168 TechnologyArticle] This tutorial is intended for those who have never been familiar with subversion. Because the documentation provided by subversion is too long

Speaking of the "five major damages, comprehensive analysis of the poor design of PHP ",

Source: www. oschina. netquestion57579_501_www.oschina.netquestion1579_000062. I think about it in the middle of the night. I thought about it before, after, when I decided to delete my blog account yesterday afternoon. Open the computer, open OSC,

Compile C ++ code with better reusability -- band object and comtoys (4)

Compile/Zhao Xiangning Original: Paul dilascia MSJ November 1999 & December 1999 Keywords: bands object, desk bands, info/Comm bands, explorer bar, and tool bands. This document assumes that you are familiar with C ++, COM, and IE. Download the

Introduction to PHP performance optimization-PHP Tutorial

Introduction to PHP performance optimization. PHP optimization for PHP is mainly for php. the main parameters in ini are adjusted and set properly. let's take a look at php below. how to optimize some parameters in ini that have a major impact on

Several methods of accessing program state--java I/O application

Program Jungleford says There have been one months without a blog, for many reasons, such as the laboratory project is off work, huge busy, such as looking for a job and related things, and February most of the time to accompany the father and

Introduction to PHP Performance Optimization

This article provides a detailed analysis of PHP performance optimization. For more information, see This article provides a detailed analysis of PHP performance optimization. For more information, see PHP Optimization for PHP is mainly for php.

Php_php.ini_ explanation

This file must be named ' php.ini ' and placed in the directory specified by the PHPINIDIR directive in httpd.conf.The latest version of PHP.ini can be viewed in the following two

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