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C ++ those details-the inline keyword

C ++ those details-the inline keywordI. Introduction inline is a good thing, but be careful not to use it in disorder. Many macro definitions related to inline, such as _ forceinline and _ inline, have been seen in the project. Therefore, I decided

Inline-inline usage

Use inline wisely Inline Function ------ a wonderful idea! They look like functions and operate like functions, which are much better than macro (macro) (see clause 1) and do not have to bear the overhead of function calls when using them. Can you

[C & CPP] inline function (Inline) Summary

1: Definition: They look like functions and operate like functions, which are much better than macro functions and do not need to bear the overhead of function calling. When a function is inline, the compiler can optimize the function body in a

Learning notes-inline function (add inline before declaration or add inline before definition)

(1) inline function (from the third edition of C ++ primer) In the function declaration or definition, add the keyword inline before the function return type to specify min () as inline. Inline int min (INT first, int secend ){/****/}; The inline

Reading notes effective C + + Item 30 understanding inline inside and out (master Admission)

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C + + inline function parsing (inline)

First, the basic definitionInline is a keyword in the C + + language that can be used to define inline functions in a program, and the introduction of inline makes the definition of inline functions simpler. When it comes to inline functions, here

C ++ proverbs: Understanding the inline intervention and Elimination

C ++ proverbs: Understand the inline-based intervention and exclusion-Linux general technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. Inline functions-Great idea! They look like functions, and they produce

Constructor design in C ++

In C ++, constructor is a special function called when the component object is called. Its purpose is to initialize the object, so that the object can be in a reasonable State before it is used. However, the design of constructor functions is not

Differences between inline functions and macro definitions

Replacing macros with Inline: 1. inline functions can be debugged at runtime, but macro definitions cannot;2. the compiler checks the parameter types of inline functions for security or automatically converts the types (same as normal functions),

On the------of C + + on abstract reservoir irrational Design in C + + constructor __jquery

on the unreasonable design of C + + construction function Author: Zhang In C + +, a constructor is a special function that is invoked at the time of the Component object to initialize the object so that the object can be in a reasonable state before

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