insert into temp table from stored procedure

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SQL stored procedure written with temp table

Label: Create procR_productuse_m (@id1 int,@id2 int,@id3 int) as begin ---Temporary table 1 SelectA.id1,b.id2,c.id3 into#linshi_1 fromTable_a asA,table_b asB,table_c asCwhereA.id1=@id2---Temporary table 2 SelectC.ID3,sum(A.L2),Month(B.L3), B.L1 into#linshi_2 fromTable_a asA,table_b asB,table_c asCwhere[Email protected]Group by Month(b.13)---Results Select#linshi_1. Id1, #linshi_1. Id2 from#linshi_1 Left J

SQL parse string added to temp table in SQL stored procedure in parameter input

SQL parse string added to temporary table SQL stored procedure in parameter input workaroundAdding string parsing to a staging tableSELECT * into #临时表 from dbo. Func_splitonecolumntabel (' 001,gf ', ', ')SELECT * FROM table where ID in (SELECT ID from temp

Two stored procedures: 1. Use the stored procedure to dynamically create a data table. 2. Insert a new record.

Recently, SQL stored procedures have been found to greatly reduce the amount of code in the program. In the future, we need to consider using more stored procedures. Two tips: 1. Use stored procedures to dynamically create data tables. /*Process function: dynamically create a data table in a

Oracle Stored Procedure Loop insert a table to another table

Oracle Stored procedure Loop insert a table to another table 1. create a Stored procedure SQL code create or replace procedure inserttest as

Oracle query optimization, stored procedure Select Table loops Insert another table, and index rebuild

not deleted during the creation of the new index until the new index rebuild successfully. From this you can know that rebuild than the removal of a reconstruction of the benefits of the original SQL query will not affect, but also because of this, the rebuild way to build an index requires that the corresponding table space free space is twice times the deletion of the reconstruction method. There are several ways to rebuild an indexStored procedure

Create a temporary table in the stored procedure and insert the data directly into the table

1 CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo]. [Proc_px_practice]2@PageSizeint, --number of pages per page3@CurrPageint--Current Page4 5 as6 begin7 CREATE TABLE #temp_table (8row_idintIdentity1,1) Primary Key notNULL, --row_id self-growth9Itemguid varchar ( -), --GuidTenPlanguid varchar ( -), OneName varchar ( -), --name AItemTypeint--type - - ) the

To avoid creating a table, execute a stored procedure to insert a temporary table

In general, when we want to insert the result set of a stored procedure into a temporary table, the following steps are requiredCreate table #temptable (column) ....INSERT INTO #temptableEXEC YOURSPThis is cumbersome, and if the r

MySQL stored procedure (proceduce) query results of one table insert another table

Tags: weight span sel service Crawl handle PID handler closeThe company's time stamp certificate business, to the release process intermediate data processing needs to use the stored procedure. Make a short record of this to avoid forgetting. DROP procedureRecord_timestamp_deal; # #创建存储过程Create procedurerecord_timestamp_deal ()begin DeclareTslogidvarchar( -); DeclareDoneint default 0; # Declareexistence Bo

Dynamically add and delete a field to a table and modify its stored procedure for insert and update.

is added, updated, or deleted to table [A], it triggers the corresponding operation for table [B] and modifies the stored procedure of table [B. Modify the stored procedure of

Dynamically add and delete a field to a table and modify its stored procedure for insert and update.

There is a table that you need to operate on in the background and want to dynamically add and delete fields to it. This feature may be fine, but it also needs to be modified together with the original two stored procedures for insertion and update. Therefore, Insus. NET implements it. Therefore, this article will show you how to dynamically add and delete fields to a t

Stored procedure enhanced version _mssql to generate INSERT statements in batches of data in a table or table

Sometimes, we need to migrate the data from a table to a different Couchen of the same structure by exporting it all or based on query criteria Currently, there is no relevant tool in SQL Server to generate INSERT statements based on query criteria, only with the help of Third-party tools (third party tools) There are a lot of such scripts on the Web, but the web script still lacks some specifications and

Dynamically add a Delete field to a table and modify its insert update stored procedure _mssql

There is a table where the user needs to manipulate it in the background, hoping to add a delete field to it dynamically. This feature may not be a problem, but it was originally inserted with the updated two stored procedures, also need to be modified together. So implements it, so this article will give you an idea of how to dynamically add delete fields to a

Insert SQL statement used to export the joined table in the Stored Procedure

The insert SQL statement used to export the joined table in the stored PROCEDURE. To facilitate the data migration of the three associated tables, export the data into an insert SQL statement. By the way, let's take a look at PROCEDURE.Usage

Database Insert stored procedure to update table contents

fromTbpropsorderdayreport (NOLOCK)WHEREReportday=@ReportDay andAppId=@AppId) UPDATETbpropsorderdayreportSETOrderCount=@OrderCount, Actamt=@ActAmt, Personcount= @PersonCount WHEREReportday=@ReportDay andAppId=@AppId ELSE INSERTTbpropsorderdayreport (Reportday, OrderCount, Actamt, Appid,personcount)VALUES(@ReportDay,@OrderCount,@ActAmt,@AppId,@PersonCount) FETCH NEXT fromCursor_app into @AppId END --Close Cursors CLOSECursor_app--Releasing Cursors dea

The stored procedure executes the select statement and the insert statement in the same table.

The stored procedure executes the select statement and the insert statement in the same table. The stored procedure executes the select statement and the insert statement in the same ta

Create an Insert script Stored Procedure for the data in the database table (revised)

In the project, you need to generate an Insert script for the data in the table, and find a stored procedure from the Internet. However, if an error is reported during execution, you can modify and debug it. Added support for SQL keywords or space-based field names, while ignoring self-growth field data. CREATE

A stored procedure that generates the data from a database table into an INSERT script!!!

Stored Procedures | scripts | data | databases CREATE Procedure Dbgendata ? @tableName? Varchar (m)?--table name As DECLARE @columnName VARCHAR (100)?? --Column Name DECLARE @TypeName VARCHAR (100)?? --Data type DECLARE @columns VARCHAR (3000)??? -- DECLARE @columnsAndhead VARCHAR (3000)?-- SET @columnsAndhead = ' INSERT

When you build a table with dynamic SQL in a stored procedure, if you insert

Label:Ask your teacher a question, if you want to set up a table and insert data into a stored procedure, what should be done, if the table inserted into the data is not established before inserting data, the stored

The stored procedure executes the select statement and the insert statement in the same table.

Stored procedures Execute SELECT and insert the same table SQL statementpublic void Onedb_twoconnect (){using (TransactionScope scope = new TransactionScope ()){ MySQL Tutorial Connection conn1 = new Mysqlconnection ("server=;database=test;uid=root;pwd=123"); (); Mysqlcommand cmd1 = new Mysqlcommand ("SELECT * from Company", CONN1);Cmd1.execu

To generate a stored procedure for an INSERT statement based on data in a table

Stored Procedures | data | statements There is a drawback ... Is that the column that identifies the seed is also insert. CREATE proc Spgeninsertsql (@tablename varchar (256)) As Begin DECLARE @sql varchar (8000) DECLARE @sqlValues varchar (8000) Set @sql = ' (' Set @sqlValues = ' VALUES (' + ' Select @sqlValues = @sqlValues + cols + ' + ', ' + ', @sql = @sql + ' [' + name + '], ' From (Select Cas

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