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Using Visual FoxPro resources in. NET-visual FoxPro OLE DB Provider

First part: Visual FoxPro OLE DB Provider Speaking of Fox, the first impression is DBF data table, nearly 20 years of development process, do not know how many systems use DBF storage data. When you go to the. NET platform, how to access the Fox

Extensible Ole property pages in. net

ArticleDirectory Introduction The problems A sanity check Implementing property pages in. net The derived classes InterOP blues Reborn In managed C ++ Usercontrols, events, & hosting environments From usercontrol to

Olecontainer Control Introduction

Main properties of the Olecontainer control1) Allowinplace Property allowinplace:boolean;This property is used to determine how the OLE Object service program is started, and if it is false, the entire OLE service is opened when the OLE object is

OLE operations Excel compilation error handling

Excel in the company with a lot of, and this thing I use is not very good, I want to use the program to handle, encountered a lot of errors. These days have been studied under OLE operations Excel.Environment: VS2008 Sp1+excel 2007Join OLE Type

The OLE DB provider "SQLNCLI" of the linked server cannot start the Distributed transaction plus the SQL transaction deadlock problem

"   This SQL job has been running every day well, I suddenly did not take effect? "Encounter this sudden problem, my heart is calm, things can not be inexplicable, because it is a SQL job problem, first need to view the job historysure enough a big

Python extension interface [2] dynamic link library dll[0, dynamic link library and auxiliary tools

Dynamic Link library /Dynamic Link LibraryDirectory Introduction to Dynamic Link library Function Encapsulation DLL Component Object Model COM How to tell if a. dll file is COM or DLL Auxiliary tools 1 Introduction to

COM component and DLL file differences

Go The difference between COM components and DLLs2014-8-14 Read 169 comments 0COM English is the Component Object model (Component object models), which is the standard for Microsoft production software components.It is a specification for

From COM to COM Houtie 1998.06.12

Summary:This article is a brief introduction to the basic concepts of C + + object model and Component object model and introduces four books:1. Inside the C + + Object Model2. Essential COM3. Inside COM4. Understanding ActiveX and OLE--A Guide for

From Com to com Hou Jie

From Com to com -- Hou Jie Abstract: This document introduces the basic concepts of C ++ object model and component object model, and introducesFour Books: 1. Inside the C ++ Object Model 2. Essential com 3. Inside com 4. Understanding ActiveX and

COM interface programming using the Microsoft Agent

The Microsoft agent has a fairly wide range of uses that we can either add to a common application for use by the local system, or embed it in an HTML document for internet/intranet use. The Microsoft agent supports a variety of programming

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