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Android via Chrome inspect debug WebView appears 404 page Solution

Whether you're debugging a Web page or debugging a hybrid hybrid app, you'll need to debug it using Chrome://inspect as long as you're debugging Android WebView. But domestic developers will be 404 Not Found error:There are two ways to resolve this: The most straightforward method: FQ. Fan Wall The biggest problem of free instability, monthly charges and too wasteful. It is recommended to use the Of

Android uses Chrome Inspect to debug the H5 App of WebView. The solution (FQ is not required), chromewebview

Android uses Chrome Inspect to debug the H5 App of WebView. The solution (FQ is not required), chromewebview The most comfortable tool for debugging the WebView-based Hybrid App is of course the developer tool that comes with Chrome. Among them, we are familiar with Dom tree debugging, JS debugging, Network monitoring, and other functions. Steps for Google to debug WebView on

Android via Chrome inspect debug WebView H5 app with blank page resolution (no FQ required)

The most comfortable tool for debugging the WebView-based hybrid app is of course Chrome's own developer tools, including our familiar DOM tree debugging, JS debugging, network monitoring and more.Google offers the steps to debug WebView on Android: Turn on the USB debugging feature on your phone Open Chrome Browser, address bar input: Chrome://inspect, enter Chrome automatically detects th

[Android] Open Eclipse error: Found invalid content starting with element ' D:skin '. No child elements should be included here.

"Error" Turns on Eclipse error: Invalid content beginning with element ' D:skin ' was found. No child elements should be included here."Specific error message"Error parsing D:\android-sdks\system-images\android-22\android-wear\armeabi-v7a\devices.xmlCVC-COMPLEX-TYPE.2.4.D: Found invalid content starting with

Android screen element hierarchy

as follows: public class SendResult extends Activity{ protected void onCreate(Bundle savedValues) { ... Button button = (Button)findViewById(; button.setOnClickListener(mCorkyListener); } private OnClickListener mCorkyListener = new OnClickListener() { public void onClick(View v) { setResult(RESULT_OK, "Corky!"); finish(); } }; Screen element hierarchyFor a s

Skillfully using drawable to achieve the effect of the Android UI element spacing

Source Address: Cleverly use drawable to achieve the effect of Android UI element spacingMost of the mobile UI or Web UI is designed based on the grid concept. This grid is usually made up of a few blocks of it. Then they are grouped together into a block.Using the grid design principle can help align UI elements, improve UI consistency, and at the same time make it easier for users to get the content that

Troubleshoot Android Studio under element Layer-list must be declared issues

Recently transferred a project from Eclipse to Android Studio.The project uses some XML resources in the ring-letter demo, and after the conversion, it is found that the label of the color resource directory such as layer-list or shape, element XXX must be declared error, The main idea is that layer-list or shape these tags are undefined.These tags, such as layer-list or shape, are frequently used tags, and

C #-based Appium Automated testing Framework (Ⅱ): Android element targeting

We know that the principle of appium is to provide the element positioning function through Remotewebdriver, and then operate according to the positioned elements, such as:protected Static Remotewebdriver calculatorsession; Calculatorsession.findelementbyname ("one"). Click ();The focus of the work is to locate the corresponding element, and Appiuim provides a number of methods for locating elements, includ

Android Screen element hierarchy

Transferred from: Screen element an Android application, the class instance is one of the most basic functional units. An activity instance can do a lot of things, but it can't be displayed on the screen itself, but with the help of ViewGroup and view, these are the two most basic user interface ex

After installing the SDK, the following error occurred after opening the Android project: found invalid content starting with element ' D:skin '. No child elements should be included here.

Error:error parsing D:\Program files\sdk\android-sdk-windows\system-images\android-22\android-wear\armeabi-v7a\ Devices.xmlCVC-COMPLEX-TYPE.2.4.D: Found invalid content starting with element ' D:skin '. No child elements should be included here.Refer to the previous post; I do the same thing; Delete the Devices.xml fil

An explanation of the "Android" Layoutinflater.inflate method and the problem of the layout parameters of the XML root element do not work

, root! = null); }Other words1, when Root is not NULL, the equivalent of the above with three parameters of the inflate method of the 2nd case2, when the root is null, the equivalent of the above with three parameters of the inflate method of the 3rd casethird, the actual combat ————— to the ListView to verify the above theoryYou must have encountered a problem with no effect on the height set in the ListView item layout.Item_lv_test.xmlAdapter Method of GetView:Public View GetView (int posit

How to find Android App launch activity and page element information

When we implement app automation, we need to know the launch activity and page element information of the app to launch the app and locate the page elements, so how can we find them without the source code? Of course there are good tools, with the Android SDK comes with the tool can be very good to help us solve this problem.1. Get the Startup classThe AAPT command (the tool location: C:\Users\...\AppData\L

No element found solution (Android)

Just getting started with Android, after everything is ready, click to run it: [11:02:37-uiandroid] Res/layout/Main. Out. xml: 0: originally defined here.[11:02:37-uiandroid] E:/Android/uiandroid/RES/layout/Main. Out. xml: 1: Error parsing XML: No element found[11:02:41-uiandroid] Res/layout/Main. xml: 0: Error: resource entry main is already defined.[11:02:41-ui

Android obtains the value of the & lt; meta-data & gt; element in Manifest, manifestmeta-data

Android obtains the value of the The development of the game strategy project was completed some time ago. It uses batch packaging. Instead of submitting on the online market, you can set Meta_data> in Manifest to obtain relevant parameters. The game ID changes, the game ID changes, and the game content changes. At that time, the parameters were written in the Activity. Today I checked some files and summarized them. It is included in In

Android Development prompts in eclipse that this element neither has attached source nor attached javadoc

Developing android with eclipseProgramDuring the process, you find that the mouse is parked on the class name you want to view help with, and the following message is displayed: Note: This element neither has attached source nor attached Javadoc and hence no javadoc cocould be found. This is generally because the association attribute of the javadoc file of the android

Appium for Android Find element method summary

Resource-id , use this to find more accurate ) 650) this.width=650; "Src=" 3-wmp_4-s_1191035454.png "title=" by Id.png "alt=" Wkiom1lcf7diqkodaajbvqr-2ei868.png-wh_50 "/>with Resource-id Search is the most accurate! find_element_by_class_name (class_name corresponds to class, this is generally found in a bunch of data, because there are many places to use the same class name) 650) this.wid

appium-Android Native-Python usage of common element positioning APIs (ii) __python

Android Native page common element positioning method python use, code demo used by the beep of the client, the simulator is a night God simulator, try the most commonly used id,class,name,xpath positioning method, and some other positioning methods are webview specific, Keep updating ing #coding =utf-8 ' Created on 2017/12/24 0024 @author: Changge ' "from Appium import webdriver import Time Desired_caps =

Android Learning History-screen element hierarchy (View,viewgroup)

These days of study, often see View,viewgroup, and what Layoutinflater, and then look back at the original learned things.Screen element hierarchyAndroid App Basic functional unit is, an Activity can be a lot of things, but it does not exist on the screen itself. In order for your activity to have a screen display and be able to design her UI, you have to use the basic unit of the user interface expression on the views an

Get the click element of Android WebView

CaseWebView.HitTestResult.PHONE_TYPE://Processing Dialing A Break; - CaseWebView.HitTestResult.EMAIL_TYPE://Handling Email - Break; the CaseWebView.HitTestResult.GEO_TYPE://Map Type - Break; - CaseWebView.HitTestResult.SRC_ANCHOR_TYPE://Hypertext Links - Break; + CaseWebView.HitTestResult.SRC_IMAGE_ANCHOR_TYPE://types of picture

Android Code Settings relativelayout Element Center

[Java]View PlainCopy Relativelayout relativelayout= New Relativelayout (this); [Java]View PlainCopy Relativelayout.layoutparams rlp=New Relativelayout.layoutparams (RelativeLayout.LayoutParams.WRAP_CONTENT,RelativeLayout.LayoutParams.WRAP_CONTENT); Rlp.addrule (relativelayout.center_in_parent); the//addrule parameter corresponds to the properties of the Relativelayout XML layout Relativelayout.addview (PROGRESSBAR,RLP);

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