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Go Appium build two: Install Appium

====================The roadmap for Web Automation testing is this: programming language Fundamentals---> Testing framework--->webdriver API---> Developing automated test Projects.The course of testing for mobile automation is longer: programming language Fundamentals---> Testing frameworks--->android/ios development testing Fundamentals---->appium API-----> Develop mobile automation projects.=====================Turn from the test of the Great God-th

Appium Entry-level Tutorials (2)--Install Appium-server

:// official homepage gives the installation steps of the Appium.According to the official steps, we will install node. JS first. node. JS Official website: the appropriate version to download according to your operating system. Here I installed Windows x86, I opened the official website when I found that there are two versions, the left is most people use the version, the right is the latest version. I chose to

Appium install unicodeime-debug.apk prompt after upgrade

directory build-tools/27.0.3/directory, you can copy this command to the android_home/tools/directory, so that does not prompt aapt command not found. If you find the appt command, you can get the APK registration.Execute command: AAPT dump Badging/usr/local/lib/node_modules/appium/node_modules/[email protected] @appium-android-ime/bin/ unicodeime-debug.apkCan see the first linePackage:name= '

Ubuntu14.04 Install Appium

Installation Appium spent a lot of time, Baidu has a variety of methods have failed. Finally succeeded. Record the installation process:1. Install nodeApt-get install NODE.JS2, installing Npmapt-get installed NPM3, installing CNPMNPM install-g CNPM4, Installation AppiumCNPM install

Appium+robotframework Implementing automated Tests for iOS apps -4:os x install and launch ride

There are two ways to do appium testing:1. Remote mode for Appium testing: Starting ride in a Windows system and running tests, the benefits of this approach are convenient and simple, but may not run up in the first place because of the configured problem test;2. Local Appium test: To start the ride directly in OS X and run the test, the benefit is direct, can d

How to install the specified Appium version

Method 1;Download the specified version of GUI version appium, download link, download and install.Append d:\appium\node_modules\.bin;d:\appium to the environment variable path; Red text (D:\Appium) for your local

appium=== error failure [install_failed_already_exists:attempt to re-install Io.appium.settings without first Uninstalling. The solution

Problem to solve: Appium run times error Failure on androidV7.0 system [install_failed_already_exists:attempt to re-install Io.appium.settings Without first uninstalling.]Cause Analysis: The uiautomator version of Appium is not suitable for androidV7.0.Pre-set conditions: Mobile phone end has been installed Appium Sett

Appium+python Automation 46-install app three ways

ADB installation1. Before the app is automated, how do you install the app on your phone on your phone with the app you want to test first? You can enter the ADB command in CMD before running the automation code, and install the PC app on the phone ADB install [apk on the absolute path on the computer] 2. You can also

Little White Learn appium how to install apk

As a pure small white, only a little Python, no contact with automation, from the beginning of the mad. The process may not be perfect, may be particularly white description and the focus of the puzzle, but at least it is their own efforts, refueling.In detail, I learned how to build an environment for appium automated testing, and I used Appium + Python + Android.This time write how to

Appium Mobile Automation Test (iii)--install Android simulator

/1hqggrvaThis is the Android Framework Source Code, which is downloaded and decompressed to copy or move the entire folder to .../android-sdk-windows/sources folder , and then reopen SDK Manager. exe. For the sake of insurance, in case of later use and not installed, so here all installed.Click "AVD Manager.exe" below to create the android emulator. Click "Create .... " "If the display resolution is lower, try to choose a low-resolution "Device".Click "OK" in the AVD Manager window and click "St

Appium Test Cases--install APK with code

"); Capabilities.setcapability ("DeviceName", "Androidemulator"); capabilities.setcapability ("Platformversion", "4.2.2"); capabilities.setcapability ("App", app.getabsolutepath ()); capabilities.setcapability ("apppackage", " "); capabilities.setcapability (" Appactivity ",". Contactmanager "); driver=newandroiddriver (new url ("Http://"), capabilities);} @After publicvoidteardown () throwsexception{ driver.quit ();} @Test publicvoidaddco

Go Appium Build VI: Install Android simulator

commonly used operating buttons ) Simulator keys Keyboard keys Back off Esc Menu F1 or PAGE Up Begin F2 or PAGE Down Call F3 Hanging off F4 power button F7 Disable/Enable all networks F8 Start tracking F9 Stop tracking F10 Rotate screen (Horizontal/vertical screen toggle) Ctrl+f11

Appium Mobile Automation Test (ii) Install the Android development environment

Continue to build the appium environment. Section II installs the Android development environment If your environment is a Mac then you can skip this section directly. Just as we were using selenium for Web automation testing, we needed a browser to execute the test script. So the mobile-end automated test, we also need an Android phone (mobile phone need to link the computer) or the Android simulator. Installing the Java Environment As we all kno

Appium _ install node. js and NPM module management on Windows

In May September, I wrote an article about how to manually manage node. js modules on the Windows platform [install the node. js module on Windows]. At that time, on the one hand, I had limited understanding of node. JS, and it was really troublesome to deploy node. js on the Windows platform, so I chose to manually manage the node. js module. Now the situation has changed significantly. On the one hand, node. js has completed the transformation of th

Appium Mobile Automation Test (iii) install the Android simulator

In this article if the direct installation without errors, you can ignore (one or two, three, four or five), I installed is 5.1.1, direct success, is a bit slow, to have patience. If to the last step, does not start up, the error: EMULATOR:ERROR:X86 emulation currently requires hardware acceleration! Please ensure the Intel HAXM is properly installed and usable. CPU Acceleration Status:hax kernel module is not installed! See also:, and the down

Appium Environment Build 2-install Android simulator

1. Download JDK, set JDK environment variable2. Install the Android SDKThe SDK can be shipped to run the Android emulatorWhen you're done downloading, set the environment variableThe result of my local directory is:D:\android\android-sdk-windowsSet Environment variables below:My Computer Right-click menu---> Properties---> Advanced---> Environment variables---> System variables-New ...Variable name: android_homeVariable Value: D:\android\android-sdk-w

Appium+python Automation 22-appium Desktop "Reprint"

Appium DesktopOfficial documents of the original flavorAppium Desktop is an open-source application for Mac, Windows, and Linux that provides the power of Appium Automation servers in a beautiful, flexible UI. It is a combination of some of the tools associated with Appium:The graphical interface of the Appium server. You can set options, start/Stop servers, view

Appium Python Automation Test series Appium (iv)

? 4.1 Interface KnowledgeIn the previous installation of Appium said we have two ways to install, there are two kinds of results, one is interface, one is no interface, first we first talk about the interface, and what the interface has.First look at the first picture, if you are Windows then the interface should be like this, so you find that you and I do not have to worry about, normal. There are only 7 b

Appium+python Automated 55-appium Desktop installation unlock and Appium setting issues every time you start

ObjectivePart of the real machine may appear each run code, start the app will be repeatedly installed unlock and appium setting these two gadgets, some phones will automatically install, this is OK.Some phones will pop up an installation confirmation box each time (such as some millet and vivo appear), so it is more troublesome, do not manually go to the point, you can not continue to execute the code.Note

Appium's Past Life

Allowed to the use of JavaScript to open up new windows. See the capabilities doc for the complete list of capabilities available for Appium 2.5 Appium ServerThis is what we open with the Appium command at the command line every time.Appium server is written in node. js. We can compile with the source code or install

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