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How to install, configure, and adjust permissions of drupal and apache in ubuntu

Drupal introduction:Drupal is an open-source content management Framework (CMF) written in PHP. It consists of a content management system (CMS) and a PHP development Framework. It has won the world's best CMS Award for many years and is the most

Experience of Learning Drupal on a web front-end

Talk about front-end learningAfter I graduated from college, my first job mainly focused on the maintenance of the company's website, including content update and website revision.When I graduated, I basically only knew simple html. At that time,

Godaddy Drupal Update

By default, Godaddy only supports Drupal to 7.22. Currently, Drupal has been upgraded to 7.28. After Drupal 7.22 is installed, it can only be upgraded manually. Install Drupal in: Go to

Quick deployment of nginx, php-fpm, and drupal in CentOS6.3

Everything follows the principle of Simplicity. yumrpm can be used without manual compilation. The deployment environment is based on the CentOS6.3x86 _ 64 system. 0. Preparations # update yum [root @ imysql ~] # Yum-yupdate [root @ imysql ~] #

Method for configuring Nginx php-fpm Drupal in CentOS 6.3

All in accordance with the principle of simplicity to do, can be yum/rpm, resolutely do not compile manually, this deployment environment based on the CentOS 6.3 x86_64 system. Update Yum The code is as follows Copy Code

Quick deployment of nginx, php-fpm, and drupal in CentOS 6.3

Everything is based on the principle of simplicity, yum/rpm, and never compiled manually :)The deployment environment is based on the CentOS 6.3 x86_64 system.0. Preparations # Update yum [root @ imysql ~] # Yum-y update [root @ imysql ~] # Yum

Function ereg () is deprecated -- drupal6.13 & php5.3

Installing Drupal · Drupal 6. xvreddymasu-July 9, 2009- Instaling drupal-6.13, I configured MySQL database and users on that time showing this error. Can any one resolve this problem Function ereg () is deprecated in c: \ Program Files \ Apache

Install drupal6 in ubuntu

In fact, the latest version should be drupal7, but there are many drupal6 experts, it is relatively stable, and the teaching materials are relatively easy to find. In order to avoid future development, choose drupal6. As for downloading, skip it and

_php tutorial on configuring Memcache methods in Drupal7

This article to give you a detailed introduction of the DRUPAL7 in the configuration of Memcache method in detail, I hope this method to your classmates help oh. Memcache configuration is not much to say, Drupal due to the number of modules,

How to configure Memcache in Drupal7 _ PHP Tutorial

Detailed description of how to configure Memcache in Drupal7. This article describes how to configure Memcache in Drupal7. I hope this method will be helpful to you. The configuration of Memcache is not much said. drupal will give you a detailed

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