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Install Microsoft. NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 and Return Error 1603, framework1603

Install Microsoft. NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 and Return Error 1603, framework1603 After the server is upgraded to the system patch (360 installed), all. net websites cannot be opened and the system prompts"Failed to execute the request because the application domain cannot be created. Error: 0x80070002 the syste

CAD VC + + Installation failed 1603 error

Problem descriptionWant to install a high version of CAD, can install error always error 1603. Specific performance isDESKTOP-F7K8C37???? Installing Microsoft Visual C + + SP1 Redistributable (x86): "E:\AutoCAD_2017_Simplified_Chinese_Win_64bit\3rdParty \x86\vcredist\2008sp1

OFFICE2013 Installation Failure error code 1603 or 1902 what do I do?

office2013 Installation Failure error code 1603 or 1902 what do I do? at present, about office2013 installation failed to help very much, of which most netizens encountered office2013 installation failure will be prompted: Error code: 1603 or 1902 of the case. So what does the two

Workaround for error 1603 when installing Silverlight

Do not know what situation, my Silverlight suddenly convulsions, can not use, had to reload try. But after reloading to 99%, it will be an error.Error code 1603, according to Microsoft's method is not resolved. Turn over Baidu, most of what modifies the registry, tried useless. Kung Fu, finally let me on MSDN to find an article on the foreigner, this error should be the authority of a problem, and It works!

SQL SEVER Installation Error: Error code:0x80070643 (1603)

The following error message appears when you install SQL SERVER 2005:650) this.width=650; "Src=" Http:// -wmp_4-s_848332226.jpg "style=" Float:none; "title=" 01.JPG "alt=" Wkiol1eulzns_lm6aabg2zusb3k355.jpg-wh_50 "/>650) this.width=650; "Src=" Http:// -w

What should I do if an error is reported during offline 1603/1902 installation? How can I solve this problem?

  1, installation time 1603 error Install Office2013, there is a setup error, whether the upgrade or uninstall clean after the new installation, are Dead or alive installed.   Workaround: ① Click "Start" to enter Services.msc in "Run"; ② Open "Services", find the Windows Event log this service item, start the s

Installing Microsoft Expression WEB 2.0 for 1603 error resolution

Installing Microsoft Expression WEB 2.0 today, there are 1603 errors, as if the components were wrong. Solution: Start-> run->services.msc-> find Windows Installer right click Set to start Equivalent to Right-click-> My Computer-> admin-> Service and application-> find Windows Installer right-click set to boot principle: Windows Installer is a software installation technology. The technology includes a Windows Installer server for 32-bit Win

installation of Microsoft. NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 Returns a 1603 error

, OK.After viewing the DLL files found to be C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\ below the core is occupied, so cannot read, write. So the workaround is as follows1. Stop WWW Service2. Stop all SQL database services3, stop self-built. NET App service (your own. NET-written server program) anyway, stop everything. NET services availableand then try again, find it useless, and finally find the culprit is 360 anti-virus software !!! Close and then in

Silverlight installation Prompt "1603" error resolution

Ghost version of the XP system has been prompted to install Silverlight when the "installation Failed" View details Message ID is "1603" Try it or not, according to the online solution. After installing the framework2.0 actually can, now write down the detailed steps 1. Uninstall installed Silverlight in Add removal program Although the prompt installation failed but a Silverlight is already present in

Net Framework 2.0 MSI returned error code 1603 workaround

The reason for this situation, mainly with ghost to do the system, there are many systems to the internet to kidnap ie. The following is the display of the registry in Ghost's system, the above method can solve the problem of this Microsoft. NET Framework 3 is not installed.1. Click the "Start" button in the lower right corner of the desktop and click the "Run" button to enter "regedit" in the pop-up program input box.2. On the pop-up "Registry Editor" screen, selectHkey_local_machine\ Software\

Linux install MySQL error file/usr/share/mysql/charsets/latin2.xml from install of MySQL-......

linux64 Red Hat 6.3 Enterprise start error installed 32 bit MySQL finally how can not put on 64mysql, toss a last all uninstall FIX:File/etc/init.d/mysql from install of mysql-server-5.5.28-1.linux2.6.x86_64 conflicts with file from package Mysql-serve R-5.1.7-0.i386File/usr/bin/my_print_defaults from install of mysql-server-5.5.28-1.linux2.6.x86_64 conflicts wit

Install Jekyll error error:failed to build gem native extension with gem install Jekyll command

Problem Description: Under the Ubuntu system, the Ruby development environment is installed first through the command sudo apt-get install Ruby, and then with the command-line gem install Jekyll install the GitHub page's development tool Jekyll, encountered an error message: Failed to build gem native extension detail

WIN10 System install itunes software error How to install itunes failure solution

With the Windows 10 system installed, it is sometimes necessary to install itunes software in the system to manage the iphone for use with an Apple iphone. There are times when you encounter an error when installing the itunes software in Win10, causing the installation to fail. Here is a brief description of how to deal with the inability to install ITunes in WI

Mac sudo pip install scikit-image error with sudo pip install scikit-image--user-u

Exception:Traceback (most recent):File "/library/python/2.7/site-packages/pip/", line 215, in mainStatus = (options, args)File "/library/python/2.7/site-packages/pip/commands/", line 342, in runPrefix=options.prefix_path,File "/library/python/2.7/site-packages/pip/req/", line 778, in installRequirement.uninstall (Auto_confirm=true)File "/library/python/2.7/site-packages/pip/req/", line 754, in UninstallPaths_to_remove.remove (auto_confirm)

Linux install oracle_10.2.0 hint missing system install package, call JDK error

Today, I did a Linux, Oracle installation experiment on Vwmare,My system Environment configuration:Os:linux test 2.6.18-8.el5 #1 SMP Fri Jan 14:15:21 EST. i686 i686 i386 Gnu/linuxDatabase:10201_database_linux32.isoThe following error occurred when installing the Oracle software:[Email protected] database3]$./runinstallerStarting Oracle Universal Installer ...Checking Installer Requirements ...Checking operating system version:must be redhat-3, SuSE-9,

"Resolved" VMware Horizon 7.0 (Install composer times error) error 1920

; "Src=" 3-wmp_4-s_821555023.jpg "title=" 222.jpg "alt=" Wkiol1h22bdjtafuaadgsmuolr8821.jpg-wh_50 "/>3. Switch to the "Network Search" tab, tick "Define these policy settings", then tick the "Automatically update the certificate in Microsoft Root certificate Program" check box, click OK to save and close the local Group Policy Editor, and then run VMware Horizon 7 again Composer

VS2012 and VS2015 Install the MFC program with VS2012 pop-up compilation error "Fatal error C1083: Could not open include file:" Mprapidef.h ": No such files or directory" workaround

A compilation error "Fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file:" Mprapidef.h ": no such file or VS2012 installed on Windows 7 operating system with VS2015 and VS2012 when creating MFC program Directory "Workaround:I installed vs2015 and vs2012, then the same problem occurs,however, I find a solution.Open Visual Studio Project Settings,click VC + + directories, find Include directories,add the following li

win8/8.1 Application Store Install software error tip: 0x80070585 error

The following illustration shows an error when downloading an installation application: Solutions 1. First, whatever we cancel the installation and then restart the computer; 2. Then we enter into the system and then press the Ctrl+alt+delete key combination to pull out the task manager; 3. Then locate the "wmpnetworksvc" service in the ' Services ' tab, and then we'll finish it. 4. Now you go and try to see if you can

centos6.5_x64 install MySQL-5.6.17, in the case of the MySQL service has been started, a password error error 2002 (HY000)

1, modify the MySQL configuration file, so that MySQL login to skip password verificationSkip-grant-tables2. Restart MySQL ServiceService MySQL Restart3. Go to MySQL and change the password in the user table[Root] #mysql-u rootmysql> show Databases;mysql> Use mysql;mysqlset Password=password ('root'where'root'; MySQL>exit4, restore the MySQL configuration file, the code line just added skip-grant-tables delete or use # comment out5. After restarting MySQL, enter MySQL again, using the password y

Troubleshoot an issue that IIS cannot install-replication error-Error code 0X4B8

Today I downloaded a IIS5.1 installation package from the Internet, but could not use the Control Panel----> Add or Remove Programs-----> Click Add or Remove Windows Components--> Select Internet Information Services to add IIS components, prompting Unable to copy STAXMEM.DLL "... But the file clearly exists, cancel into the next, and there are n such prompts, the last pop-up "cannot copy one or more files, error code 0x4b8", can only generate an Inte

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