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Resolve installation yum-y Install make GCC g++ gcc-c++ libtool autoconf automake imake mysql-devel libxml2-devel expat-devel cannot connect to MySQL

To view the Mysqld.log log:MySQL Log171210 19:38:22 [Note] Plugin ' Federated ' is disabled.171210 19:38:22 InnoDB:The InnoDB memory heap is disabled171210 19:38:22 innodb:mutexes and Rw_locks UseGCC Atomic builtins171210 19:38:22 innodb:compressed

Install Gmond,gmetad,gweb from source

Now there is a scenario where you need to build a ganglia monitoring framework on the server, but without root privileges, you can only use the "compile and install from source" approach. Next describes how to install ganglia Gmond,gmetad and gweb

Install ice3.4.2 for Linux

Complete Compilation and installation of ice in LinuxInstallation Platform requirements: it is best to use GCC version 4. x to compile ice. In slackware, it is found that gcc3.3.3.6 and gcc3.4.6 cannot be compiledTo facilitate management, install

Apache pystring_fromstring:assertion ' str!= ((void *) 0) ' failed. Error handling

I recently encountered a strange problem, when I moved the Django project to another server, I reported the following error: [Wed Oct 08 15:31:04 2014] [ERROR] [Client] Premature end of script, Referer::

Install and configure ganglia in CentOS

CentOS installation configuration ganglia 1. Download the ganglia source package and unzip the [python] wget Use_mirror =

Install and configure ganglia in CentOS

CentOS installation and configuration ganglia1. download the ganglia source code package and decompress [python] wget CentOS

How to install git on ubuntu7.10

It took a long time to install git on ubuntu7.10. --- 1.6 is not required at the beginning, so only Sudo apt-Get install Git-core Install git1.5. You can use git: // or ssh. But later we needed HTTP support. This was not included in

PHP Tutorial. install PHP

PHP Tutorial. Introduction to installing PHP: this is a PHP Tutorial. a detailed page for installing PHP, which describes the related knowledge, skills, experience, and some php source code. Class = 'pingjiaf' frameborder = '0' src = 'http: //

Compile and install LAMP

Select Debian as the environment. 1. apache2 If you want Apache to run completely under the root user # Vi ~ /. Bashrc Export cflags = '-wall-dbig_security_hole '. Modify the Apache configuration file after installation. #

Install git (I choose to install from the source code)

Installing on LinuxIf you want to install Git with a binary installer on Linux, you can install it using the basic package management tools included with the release. If you take Fedora as an example, you can use Yum: $ sudo yum install gitIf

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