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Install XP on a Vista-pre-installed PC and set dual boot

Today, more and more PCs are pre-installed with Windows Vista at the factory, which is largely convenient for users-though the pre-installed Windows Vista is a simplified version of Home Basic-but for many users, it may be more accustomed to Windows XP, Plus, some of the apps you use on a daily basis may not work well in Windows Vista, so many people want to install Windows XP in a system that doesn't affect Windows Vista pre-installed in the system,

Windwos7 How to install virtual PC?

On a recent whim, it suddenly occurred to me that there was a creature in the Xen, KVM, VM, OpenVZ virtualization. Of course, he is the product of Windows. have been listening to friends that their company in the use of this thing, say how convenient and so on, simply, today I would like to try Windows products! First of all, I would like to say today that the virtual is Win7, not under the server.   First, download and install Windows Virtual

Install Business Contact Manager 2010 on a Windows Virtual pc

machines allocate 2GB of memory, while the host CPU is a strong Intel i7-2620m. When you install Business contact Manager 2010 for this virtual machine, you encounter a problem that my hardware does not meet the minimum requirements, as shown in the screenshot below: Search for BCM related Web page Business contact Manager 2010 's minimum hardware requirement is 400MHZ processor, 128MB memory, but the setup program may exist Bu when the virtual m

Install ms dos 6.22 in Virtual PC [Provide support for manual writing to the operating system]

Install the ms dos 6.22 Method software in Virtual PC. Download: Virtual PC 5.2 Chinese edition with additional modules: Image of msdos6.22: In "writing an operating system by yourself", the author's platform is virtual PC 5.0. He uses t

Install Eee-PC using the SD card to simulate the CDROM disc image file

Article Title: Install Eee-PC using an SD card to simulate a CDROM disc image file. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. Install Eee-PC using the SD card to simulate the

Install 5 Operating Systems on Eee PC 1015pe

Question: Eee PC 1015pe is a netbook. It is used because Asus has a software that allows a 10-inch display screen to display a standard screen of 1024*768, which is not limited to some software, for example, image and image X2 software. Therefore, the Eee PC 1015pe does not officially provide any drivers for the 2000 operating system, 2003 operating system, and 2008 operating system, and the hard disk mode

Original: Install VMware esxi 3.5 on a common PC

First, you must note that (after testing) The general PC can install esxi 3.5. But not any PC. What are the conditions? You can refer to the following considerations. The installation process is simple. You just need to step by step. Test Machine Configuration: Asus p5pl2 motherboard, Pentium D 820 CPU, 1 GB memory, Sata hard drive, general ide optical drive, 3

Install mac x Lion on a PC

Install mac x Lion on a PC There have been a lot of articles on how to install MAC on a PC. However, some beginners may encounter various problems in practice. The following video shows how to install Mac OS on two virtual machines. 1. Vmware Workstation

Windows Virtual PC trial, and install and run Ubuntu 9.04

I downloaded and installed Windows 7 RC (64-bit English version) a few days ago, and I have been very interested in Windows Virtual PC. After Windows 7 is installed, install WVPC immediately and try the following: At first, the "create Virtual machine" button was not displayed in the Virtual Machines folder, and you also went to the management tool to find a tool similar to the Hyper-v manager. Run the W

Install VMWare on a PC

Install VMWare on a PC. The machine configuration is a common PC with an SSD hard disk added. The motherboard is Intel's latest DB75EN, which integrates the graphics card, Nic and sound card, and the memory is 8 GB.Obviously, the installation of Virtual Box in WINDOWS is not suitable, so I chose to install it directly.

Use evc4 to develop smartphone and Pocket PC programs-download, install, and configure development tools

Note: It is best to install the SDK according to the installation steps recommended by Microsoft:ActiveSync-> evc4-> evc4 SP4-> smartphone SDK->. NET Framework-> simulator images. You are advised to check the precautions before installing the software.Development Tools1, Evc4.0 ,:Http://

Virtual PC cannot install Ubuntu 8.04

I want to install Ubuntu in Virtual PC. The downloaded version is version 8.04. If it cannot be installed, load the kernel and output "... unrecoverable processor error ...". When surfing the Internet, virtual PC cannot be installed in the previous 7. * version. You can solve this problem by setting a few times. However, in 8.04, it seems that many people did not

Three: Online tool site, so that your PC to install less than half of the software!

Keep in mind these few online tool sites and make half the software you need on your PC! One, cloud application AggregationThis cloud platform will be our common Office series software, the family of adobe software ... And even CAD drawings are integrated in the cloud, can be called by the browser at any time, but also support multi-person cooperation mode, can work together with others to complete the job.The more low-profile computers,

Apple Mac PC remove OS X system only install win7 single system tutorial

Although we all know the OS X system as a native-band system for Apple Mac computers, has a very good user experience, is the Mac product itself is a big bright spot, but small series also often see in the major forums many netizens want to be able to unload the OS X system only installed Win7, this will whether sensible opinions, But there is no real tutorial on the Internet to give you help, so today PC6 small compilation for this tutorial, hope to help everyone. The first is preparation work

Ubuntu Install LIBXML2--PC End

Inexplicably installed LIBXML2, in fact, the computer itself, do not know that there is wood impactSpecific installation steps:1, Decompression: $tar zxvf libxml2-2.9.4.tar.gz//decompression in the/home/newday/download/2, into the decompression after the installation directory: $CD libxml2-2.9.43. Installation Trilogy:1) $./configure2) $make3) $sudo make installJust so the installation ends, something may need to be configured, but currently unknownUbuntu In

Install Mac OS x tutorials in virtual machines (for all PC methods, especially PCs that don't support hardware virtualization)

. Note that the blogger uses the Donghuang V2.2 inside, can not directly replace the CD-ROM, need to enter the Finder, press the button next to the disc, and then change the disc.Once the CD is loaded, double-click Install Vmware Tools, and then follow the normal installation of the software. 1 minutes before the installation is completed, the speed will be very slow, this time do not forcibly quit, or it is likely to appear "five countries" situation

Install Vista operating system, the 10 elements the PC needs to meet

Windows Vista adds features and stylish Aerl glass visuals that will require more expensive hardware so your computer can support it. Check out the checklist below to see if you've met all the basic requirements in deciding which Vista version your machine can run on. Early indications are that Windows Vista will be the most comprehensive operating system ever developed by Microsoft, and the visual enjoyment of 3D Aero glass images is a great experience. However, the increase in functionality a

WinXP How to install cloud service icloud PC client

The icloud of Mac systems is a very good cloud service, and some WinXP users want to install icloud on their own XP computers. So how to install it? Now the small make up the installation method with everyone share under.   Installation method: Step one: Go to Apple's website to download the icloud client for Windows. Step two: Download the orca MSI editer and

Normal PC with two hard drives do RAID1 and install Ubuntu server 16.04

partition16. Select SCSI33 (SDA)17, initialize the hard drive, select Yes18. Create/boot partition1. Create 1 new partitions2. Allocation of storage3. Select the partition and start the partition. I chose the primary partition4. For the raid physical volume and set the boot flag to ON18, create swap volume, home volume, root directory, operation and 171 samples, only the start of these three volumes are indicated as off19, the following is the configuration of the two hard disk status, the seco

How to install SVN Server Implementation Code versioning on a Windows PC

One download-Install SVN SvnserverFirst go to the official website to download the server version of SVN server: a version to downloadConfigurationRepositories is the Repository users manage logged-in users    two--1 Setting Add user input account password confirm it.-----》two--2 Add project files to the warehouse, select Fsfs Repository file Warehouse-------》------two--3 to the newly-created warehouse

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