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Install and configure hive-2.1.0 under Ubuntu system

I. Downloads for mysql-server and mysql-client[Email protected]:/usr/local# sudo apt-get install mysql-server mysql-client (Ubuntu version)Here I am, root password, for rootroot. second, start MySQL Service[Email protected]:/usr/local# sudo/etc/init.d/mysql start (Ubuntu version)* Starting MySQL database server mysqld [OK][Email protected]:/usr/local#Third, enter

Install Hive in Ubuntu 13.10

Host environment: Ubuntu 13.10 Hadoop 1.2.1 Hive 0.12.0 Download, decompress, and transfer: Wget hive-0.12.0.tar.gzMv

Install pseudo-distributed hive-0.14.0 under Ubuntu 14.10

;Javax.jdo.option.ConnectionUserNamename> value>Hivevalue> Description>Username to use against Metastore databaseDescription> Property> Property> name>Javax.jdo.option.ConnectionPasswordname> value>Hivevalue> Description>Password to use against Metastore databaseDescription> Property> Property> name>Hive.metastore.localname> value>Truevalue> Description>Description> Property>2.7 Modify the file under

Install hive under Ubuntu + hadoop2.6.0

First step: Prepare hive and MySQL installation package Download Hive 1.1.1 Address: Download MySQL JDBC 5.1.38 driver: Second step: Install MySQL directly, can be installed with sudo apt-get install

Install hive and hive

Install hive and hive Hive installation is relatively simple, because there is no need to modify too many configuration files 1. Download and decompress I put it in/usr/hadoop/hive 2. Set the environment variable. (It seems that it is not set) vim /etc/profileexport JAV

Install and test Hive based on MySQL metadata

Hive is a Hadoop-based data warehouse tool that maps structured data files into a database table and provides simple SQL query functions to convert SQL statements. Hive is a Hadoop-based data warehouse tool that maps structured data files into a database table and provides simple SQL query functions to convert SQL statements. Introduction: Hive is a powerful

Three Ways to install hive (inline mode, local mode remote mode)

First, the installation mode introduction:Hive official on-line introduces 3 kinds of hive installation methods, corresponding to different application scenarios. 1, in-line mode (meta data to protect the village in the embedded derby species, allow a session link, try multiple session links will be error) 2. Local mode (install MySQL locally instead of Derby store metadata) 3. Remote mode (remotely

Ubuntu + Hadoop 2.7 + Hive 1.1.1 + SPRK successfully shared what's the problem we all discuss together

The installation tutorials I've seen on the internet are really a little sad. Many have failed.Sharing, the success of their own experiments can be used for reference to the blog:Recommendation 1 to force Star: Http:// full reference to his blog, quite to force recommended index of 5 starsHive, I have too many articles to refer to here. No one can use, I do not know whether it is my own wrong or what happen

Install and configure hive

Environment only needs to be installed on one node 2. Set environment variable vi. bash_profileexportJAVA_HOMEusrlibjvmjava-1.6.0-openjdk-1.6 Install and configure hive 1. download wget tar zxf hive-0.8.1

Install in two Hive Modes

Install the data warehouse tool in two Hive modes to convert the raw structured data under Hadoop into tables in Hive. HiveQL, a language almost identical to SQL, supports updates, indexes, and transactions. It can be seen as a er from SQL to Map-Reduce. Provides interfaces such as shell, JDBCODBC, thrift, and Web. I. Embedded Mode

Manually install clouderacdh4.2hadoop + hbase + hive (3)

This document describes how to manually install the clouderaHivecdh4.2.0 cluster. For environment setup and Hadoop and HBase installation processes, see the previous article. Install hivehive on desktop1. Note that hive saves metadata using the derby database by default. Replace it with postgresql here. The following describes how to

Ubuntu 14.10 under Hive configuration

hive-log4j.propertiesHere I just set the path of the log file2.4 Create the relevant folder, that is, set in 2.2 of the 2.5 in HDFs to establish the relevant folders $HADOOP _home/bin/hadoop FS-mkdir /tmp $HADOOP _home/bin/hadoop FS- mkdir /user/hive/Warehouse $HADOOP _home/bin/hadoop FS-chmod g+w /tmp $HADOOP _home/bin/hadoop FS-chmod g+w /user/hi

Install hive (including mysql)

the attribute hive. metastore. warehouse. dir in the profile hive-conf.xml. 2. Install hive (1) decompress, rename, and set Environment Variables (2) In the directory $ HIVE_HOME/conf/, execute the command mv hive-default.xml.template h

Install and configure hive

Install and configure hive 1. Prerequisites To install hadoop first, see the for Installation Details 2. Install hive 1) download hive. Note that the

Install hadoop + hive in ubantu

: edit the. bash_profile file in the home directory, add an environment variable, and the warning disappears: Export hadoop_home_warn_suppress = 1 My situation is: in the computer environment variables have set hadoop_home path, and later in the and set export hadoop_home = E:/hadoop/hadoop-1.0.3, later, I commented out the comment in the file and did not prompt Install and configure MySQL Sodu RPT-i

Install hive (standalone mode with MySQL connection)

Tags: Install hive (use MySQL connection in standalone mode) 1. Java+hadoop 2 is installed by default. Download the installation package for Hadoop version 3. Unzip the installation package tar ZXVF apache-hive-1.2.1-bin.tar.gz 4. Install MySQL Yu M-y install mysql-server

Manually install cloudera cdh4.2 hadoop + hbase + hive (3)

This document describes how to manually install the cloudera hive cdh4.2.0 cluster. For environment setup and hadoop and hbase installation processes, see the previous article.Install hive Hive is installed on mongotop1. Note that hive saves metadata using the Derby database

Mac OSX on Brew install hive

This article describes the Brew install hive and modifies the default Metastore storage scheme, changing the Derby database to the MySQL method and the solution to the problems that may be encountered.1. Installing hive via Homebrew 1 brewinstallhive 2. Add environment variables for Hadoop and

Hadoop installation Deployment 3------Install Hive

/mysqladmin-u root password ' root '8) Log in to MySQL as the root userMysql-uroot–prootInstalling HiveHive is installed on the master node.1) Create hive users, databases, etc. in MySQLInsert into Mysql.user (Host,user,password) VALUES ("localhost", "Hive", Password ("Hive"));Create DATABASE hive;Grant all on

Ubuntu16.04 Install apache-hive-2.3.0-bin.tar.gz

Installing Mysql-serverApt-get Install Mysql-serverDownload hivesudo wget Hivesudo tar zxvf apache-hive-2.3.0-bin.tar.gzsudo mv Apache-hive-2.3.

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