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[Z] The Demon (daemon) process that imprisoned you

Matt Borland translator: nixe0nBrief introductionA summary of the concept of chroot cage (jail)Postfix Wizard Process AnalysisA imprison (jail) howto:icecastFirst step: Install Icecast in a cage (jail) environmentStep Two: Configure the cage (jail)

Install the Yarock 1.1.4 music player in Ubuntu

Install the Yarock 1.1.4 music player in Ubuntu Yarock is a music player developed with Qt4. It supports mp3, Ogg, and flac formats. The latest version is Yarock 1.1.4, which has been released. Now, you can install it through the webupd8 PPA.

Darwin Streaming Server Installation operation Memo

Darwin Streaming Server Installation operationDarwin streaming Server is Apple's open source, cross-platform, multi-media streaming server that provides music (mp3) and AV (3gp, MP4, MOV) streaming playback capabilities that can be used by Windows

Linux is not entertaining, it is comparable to the ten players in Win Platform

Players play a very important role in our daily life. In Windows, players are widely used. Not only can we listen to music, but even broadcast and make ringtones, download music. In the Linux release version, there is a lack of entertainment which

Installing beautiful and simple music player Clementine in UbuntuLinux

UbuntuLinux installs beautiful and simple music player Clementine, which is an advanced music player based on Amarok. Functions of Clementine: Listen to Last. online music stations on fm, SomaFM, Magnatune, Jamendo, and Icecast create smart and

Linux Entertainment is comparable to 10 players in win platform

Linux Entertainment is comparable to 10 players in win platform1.VLC Multimedia playerVLC multimedia player (originally named VideoLAN client) is a multimedia player for the VideoLAN program. It supports a wide range of audio and video decoders and

IOS online audio playback FreeStreamer

IOS online audio playback FreeStreamer Preface:AboveIn iOS recording practices, we useAVAudioPlayer to play a local audio file. However, in practical applications, we need to play network audio files,In iOS, how does one play network streaming media?

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