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How to uninstall IE8 and install Ie9/ie10 in Windows XP

completed you have to reinstall a version of IE. In fact, there is an effective way, is also recommended in this article is a way to directly run C:\WINDOWS\ie8\spuninst\spuninst.exe, if you can not find this file, to see if the hidden attributes have been removed; At this point, the Internet The Explore 8 has already been unloaded. Also, if you don't have an Internet Explorer icon on your desktop, how d

Computer Master common skill application Full contact _WINDOWSXP

1. How to clear the paging file when shutdown    Open Control Panel, click Administrative tools → local security policy → local policy → security options, double-click the shutdown: Clean virtual memory paging file item, click the Enabled option on the pop-up menu, and click OK.    2. How to configure Windows XP Services yourself    If you are using Windows

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. I want to ask what category does this smartdrv.exe file have? How to use it? The smartdrv.exe file must be clear to those who are familiar with DOS. It is mainly used to add high-speed cache for disk file read/write. As you know, the read/write speed of the memory is much higher than that of the disk. If you use the memory as the high-speed cache for disk read/write, the system operation efficiency can be effectively improved. The smartdrv.exe file is available on the installation discs of va

Internet Explorer 8 Installation Guide

the basic display can meet this condition) Other peripherals With an Internet connection, you can access the Internet normally. IE8 cannot be installed and run in the following operating system environments: Earlier Windows operating systems than Windows XP (such as Wind

Types of Windows operating systems

released more frequently, and it will take only 2-4 years for the prophecy to meet with the world.Soft in order to avoid diverting public attention from Vista, Micro has not revealed much about the next generation of windows, and the restructuring of the soon-to-be Windows department is also facing consolidation. However, we expect the new operating system to better reflect consumer-centric features.May ch

You know what? A xp! is hidden in Windows 7.

pair of XP windows, but it can be used directly in the Windows7. For example, if there is a program installed in the Virtual XP system, then run in this way, as if a program in the Windows7, the user does not need to open virtual XP, it can be used as a common Windows7 program, which is the essence of

Windows 7: 77 Windows 7 prompts

save the creden (username and password) for logging on to the website and other resources connected to (such as other systems ). These creden are stored in the Windows vault for backup and restoration. However, you may see that it is similar to a tool in XP and Vista. In "Instant Search", type control/userpasswords2 to go to the "Advanced User Account Control Panel". You can also manage the account passwor

Run IE6, IE7, and IE8 on the same computer in Windows 7 XP Mode

DirectoryPrefaceMicrosoft Windows Virtual PC and XPRun IE6 on Windows 7Run IE6 on Windows 7PrefaceAs a uidesigner, after developing web projects, we often need to perform tests in different versions of mainstream browsers. Taking IE as an example, we can do this:1. Install IE6, IE7, and

Windows System Fault repair skills

is reinstalled, the dual-system boot menu is lost. Try to paste the backup file to the C-drive root directory. After the restart, there is no Dual Boot menu that is "tried and tested. Later, we found that it could be fixed as follows: A. Set the boot from the optical drive in the BIOS before the restoration. Start the computer with the Windows XP installation disk. After loading the necessary driver, the i

Install the system into a USB flash drive

requires MB of system master memory. Figure 1 2. pe-buider: I believe many senior computer users know bartpe. Using the pe-buider program developed by bartpe (Figure 2), you can install the XP operating system on a CD or DVD, to run Windows XP without a hard disk. The latest version of PE-buider now supports the inst

Windows Group Policy details

run any control panel project ). In addition, this setting will delete the "control panel" from the "Start" menu ". In addition, this setting also removes the control panel folder from "Windows Resource Manager. 7. Do not create a new dial-up connection (Windows 2000/XP/2003) If you do not want others to establish a new connection on the computer to dial up

Common problems with XP and Win7 dual systems

First, repair Windows 98/XP dual system boot Menu 1. Before repairing, set boot from CD drive in BIOS. Start your computer with the Windows XP Setup disk, and after you load the necessary drivers, the installation interface for Windows

IE11 for Windows 7 serial Uninstall

Previous Windows support for the previous version of IE will not be more than three (for example: IE 4/5/6 for Windows 98, ie 6/7/8 for Windows XP, ie 7/8/9 for Windows Vista), but with the current version of IE With the speed of change, and with the release of the IE11 stan

Windows XP installation Question answer featured

restore a system that has been upgraded to Windows XP to the original operating environment? (1) If you are upgrading directly from Windows98/98se/me to the Windows XP operating system: You can run the [Control Panel]/[Add/Remove Programs]/[Uninstall Windows

XP VS Win8 Compatibility test

Win8 is the latest version of Microsoft's operating system that is currently available. The pinnacle of the classic pedigree of Windows, the perfect combination of PC and tablet, allows us to see the Win8 too many shining points. And the past operating system, WIN8 in the Windows XP, Win7 and other new and old products in the same stage of the environment. Is th

Windows XP Service Pack 3 Overview

released Windows XP updates, including security updates and hotfixes. it also shortdes select out-of-band releases, and a small number of new enhancements, which do not significantly change MERs 'experience with the operating system. windows XP SP3 provides a new baseline for MERs still deploying

Windows Practical Skills

or deleting a program in the control panel, some or all program files have been deleted. You only need to re-install the program in the original folder, and use add or delete programs to uninstall it correctly. 43. (all) update your graphics card driver: many common Windows problems are caused by outdated or problematic graphics card drivers. If you cannot find a solution to one or more repeated problems i

How to avoid common problems with installing Win XP

2000, and then running Windows XP directly from Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000 operating system, automatically creates a dual boot splash screen. (Please note that Windows NT must first be upgraded to a version above service Pack 5). Four.

Novice advanced Thorough understanding 64-bit operating system _windowsxp

Now that the Windows XP Professional x64 Edition (Windows XP 64) has been officially launched, what is the significant change compared to 32-bit Windows XP? Can it successfully support 32-bit applications? Can normal users now upg

70 most important tips and tips for Windows 7

. Now the problem is solved. You only need to press win + R and enter "dccw. 3. applocker application lock For enterprise users or users who often need to share a machine with others, applocker is undoubtedly an excellent assistant. Win + R run gpedit. MSC open the Local Policy Group Editor, choose computer configuration> Windows Settings> Security Settings> application control policy, right-click an option (Executable File, installation, or scrip

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