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[Install Lua on Lua]mac

Mac Install LuaGoogle has a good look that is not very good operation. This is very easy to operate under the command line.Curl-r-o zxf lua-5.2.3.tar.gzcd lua-5.2.3make macosxmake Testluasudo make InstallAnd then you enter

Cocos2d-x lua game development-install Lua to mac system

Cocos2d-x lua game development-install Lua to mac system Note: mac ox, lua version: 5.15 Download lua, Note: it is better to be less than 5.15.

How to install Lua on Mac OS X

First, check whether the local machine has installed Lua on the Mac OS terminal. Last login: Thu Jul 10 07:54:48 on ttys000keshans-Mac-mini:~ keshan$ lua-bash: lua: command not found 2. If there is no official Lua website to do

Install Lua on Mac

Mac Install LuaGoogle has a good look is not very good operation, this is the command line operation is very simple.Http://[Plain]View PlainCopyprint? Curl-r-O Tar zxf lua-5.2.3.tar.gz CD lua-5

Install Lua under Mac

1, first go to the LUA website to download the latest LUA package,, the download after the completion of the compression package on the line decompression3, into the extracted files, such as I was placed in the download folder, in the terminal Input command: CD Downloads, and then enter LS to see what folder Downloads directory, then CD

Mac OSX Install Lua

1. Download the latest version from the official websiteHttp:// UnzipThe downloaded file is lua-5.2.3.tar.gz, unzip it?3. CompilingOpen the terminal, enter the location of the LUA source code, for example:$ cd/users/alan/downloads/lua-5.2.3?At the command line input, start compiling$ make MacOSX?4. Installation$ sudo make

Mac Install LUA Environment

1, the installation command first installs brew from the Mac AppStore.Brew can only be used by current users. $ Brew Install LUA--with-completion==> Downloading ################## 100.0%==> Downloading

Mac System install LUA (GO)

Download the latest version of Lua Click and unzip Run "terminal" to enter the folder, mainly CD "folder name" Enter make MacOSX (carriage return) at "terminal" In terminal, enter make test (enter) Then enter the "sudo make install" command, you will be asked to enter password: Enter the appropriate password (your password), and then enter the automatic installation After the installati

Mac Install Lua

Check if Lua is already installed on this machine Lua-bash:lua:command not found2. Download the installation package on the websiteHttp:// Unzip the installationMake MacOSX Testsudo make install4. Check if the installation is OKlocalhost:lua-5.3.1 leo$ LuaLua 5.3.1 Copyright (C) 1994-2015, puc-rio>The LUA environment is al

How to run Lua in Mac OS X (Running lua on Mac OS X)

downloaded, and the file name is: Xcode462_cltools_10_86938259a.dmg Double-click the file when you are finished downloading. After a while, the installation package window will pop up, double-click the installation package. Follow the prompts to complete the installation. Then make and GCC have it. You can use the which command to check. Ii. compiling LUA software Detailed instructions for compiling and installing the method in the Readme file:

The Mac platform compiles and installs the LUA runtime environment and Hello Lua instance _lua

1, download the LUA installation package Download Address:, the newest LUA is currently 5.2.3. Decompression to get doc, SRC, Makefile, readme a total of 4 files. 2. Compiling the LUA environment 1 below the console CD Lua decompression path.2 Execute make platform, I am a

Lua Learning "1": Setting up the environment under the Mac platform and the output and compilation of Hello Lua

1. Download LUA installation package : Http://, currently the latest LUA is 5.2.3. Extracted by the doc, SRC, Makefile, readme a total of 4 files. 2. Compiling the LUA environment 1) Console CD LUA decompression path. 2) Execute make platform, I am

[Lua] Installing the LUA environment on MAC Systems

1. DownloadThe official website of the Lua language the latest version of the LUA environment2. Installation Unzip the download package lua-5.3.1.tar.gz Open Terminal terminal using the CD command to enter the directory Input command make MACOSX test for LUA e

Install the lua language in ubuntu and the lua language in ubuntu.

Install the lua language in ubuntu and the lua language in ubuntu. Preface: The lua scripting language is also the first touch. the previously used scripting language only has python. After reading some introductions of lua, I feel that this scripting language is more concis

Install Lua in Linux (translated from the readme file in the Lua installation package)

1. Download lua: wget 2. Unzip the installation package: tar-zxvf lua-5.2.2.tar.gz Cd lua-5.2.2 3. Run the "make" command. Check whether your operating system is in the list. Currently, the following platforms are supported: Aix ansi bsd freebsd generic linux macosx mingw pos

Build a LUA environment on your MAC

First, download and install(1) Latest release versionHttp:// compilingBuildingLua is implemented in pure ANSI C and compiles unmodified with all platforms that has an ANSI C compiler. Lua also compiles cleanly as C + +.Lua is very easy to build and

LUA development environment construction under MAC system

One, LUA installation package downloadGo to LUA official website Download the latest version of, as shown in the arrows:Second, installation Lua-5.2.3Enter the download directory for (my is below the Lua_dev folder under SSD disk),

Reprint----on MAC to build Lua

build lua on MACIn fact, on the Mac to build the LUA environment, Google on a lot of information, I just integrated, because the younger brother did encounter some problems when building.Download and install Lua: (turn from here) 1. Download the latest version of

Build Lua on MAC

Download and install Lua: (turn fromHere1. Download the latest version of Lua-5.3.1.tar.gzPlease click (, then unzip2. Execute "terminal" to enter this directory, mainly CD "directory name"3. In "terminal" Enter make MacOSX (carriage return)4. In "terminal" input make test (carriage return)normally it will appear: Src/

Windows & Mac Installation Lua

Mac compiled from the source code installation is the most convenient, LUA source code less than 20,000 lines, compile a few seconds.Open terminal, and enter the following command in turn:Curl-r-O zxf lua-5.2.3.tar.gzCD lua-5.2.3Mak

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