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Lotus Notes application experience

Lotus notes, a group product released by LOTUS, is one of the successful application cases of office system software. It condenses three-in-one powerful technologies, including enterprise-level email, distributed document database, and fast

Notes/Domino fix list

Notes/Domino fix list     Lotus Notes/Domino 8.0.2 Fix Pack 6 release noticeJuly 26,201 0IBM Lotus announces the release of Notes/Domino 8.0.2 Fix Pack 6, a scheduled Fix Pack of a limited number

IBM Notes plug-in signature verification mechanism and its application

Introduction With the popularity of the Eclipse rich client PLATFORM,RCP, more and more features come in as Plug-ins. This allows the enterprise, in addition to its own development of plug-ins, can also choose to use Third-party-provided plug-ins.

Use the Lotus Notes API to improve the efficiency of automated testing)

Automated Testing can greatly reduce the workload of manual participation and improve testing efficiency. In automated testing, testers often need to deal with the Notes/domino database. For example, before automated testing, you need to select

X-Cart study notes (I) learn about and install X-Cart_PHP tutorials

X-Cart study notes (1) understand and install X-Cart. Directory X-Cart study notes (1) understanding and installing X-CartX-Cart study notes (2) X-Cart framework 1X-Cart study notes (3) x-Cart framework 2X-Cart study notes (4) common operations

Overview of Lotus Domino/Notes toolkits (8) Analysis and Comparison

9.3 comparison of Domino/Notes toolkits According to the above analysis, when comparing the Domino/Notes toolkit, we should consider their processing capabilities for unstructured data and their dependence on the Domino/Notes platform, consider the

Overview of Lotus Domino/Notes toolkits (2) c API

2 Lotus C API 2.1 Introduction Among the toolkit of Domino/Notes, c api has the most powerful functions: Attackers can manipulate almost all data objects in the Notes database. Database and ACL Documents and Domains Form Views and

Lotus Notes and eclipse manage and run Java programs

Use Eclipse IDE to develop Java proxies for Lotus Notes/Domino. Download and install eclipse, and then learn how easy it is to use eclipse to create a project, debug Java, refactor the proxy, and import the proxy to Domino designer. Java and

[Golong] Study Notes (1) Basic knowledge, golong Study Notes

[Golong] Study Notes (1) Basic knowledge, golong Study NotesBasic Go programming: few built-in keywords (25) Break default func interface selectCase defer go map structChan else goto package switchConst fallthrough if range typeContinute for import

[Reprint] All-Around notes and resource collection software-Evernote

Are you used to taking notes or writing diaries? Are you used to collecting wonderful articles on the Internet? Notes at home in the company cannot be conveniently synchronized for easy viewing? Are you afraid others will peek at your diary? If you

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