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Openstack deployment Summary: Install a single-node openstack through a local Yum Source

= eth1Config_cinder_volumes_create = N#########Config_lbaas_install = yConfig_ceilometer_install = yConfig_heat_cloudwatch_install = yConfig_heat_cfn_install = yConfig_heat_install = y Configure the NIC DEVICE=eth0HWADDR=44:33:E7:D1:D4:C4TYPE=EthernetUUID=180283345-0a6f-478c-6f51-d87a128c5ab8ONBOOT=yesBOOTPROTO=staticIPADDR= Configure/etc/hosts # localhost localhost.localdomain localhost4localhost4.localdomain4127.0.

Deploy OpenStack problem Rollup (i)--install OpenStack using packstack: Handling of source issues

During the installation process, a source problem was encountered and the Web page for the package could not be found: reopen the preloaded source address, open the Epel-openstack-havana.repo file, and display the following:# Place this file in Your/etc/yum.repos.d/directory[openstack-havana]name=

Open Source PAAs scenario: Deploying Cloudfoundry on OpenStack (ii) deploying OpenStack

Hardware requirements Installing OpenStack 1 Installing the CentOS 65 system and emptying the Iptables firewall rules 2 The required toolkit for installing the system includes OpenStack-dependent and cloudfoundry-dependent 3 Installing Epel Repo 4 Upgrade Current system 5 Installing OpenStack Repo currently cloudfoundry can

Use fuel to install OpenStack Juno two-Mount OpenStack

=" float: none; "title=" 2015-01-19_144124.png "alt=" Wkiom1s8v6gcfcj6aap9zzi51ru123.jpg "/>Open the browser, enter, the following login screen appears, user name password is admin, the general appearance of this screen shows that OpenStack installation is no problem. I have a cookie problem here, I can't log in, restart my browser, and log in again.650) this.width=650; "src="

What is OpenStack open source Cloud management platform Project _openstack

acquisition, purchase service packs.2, the charging service package is divided into levels (example)Basic Service Pack (5*8 Phone Support Service)Standard Service Pack (7*24 Telephone Support Service + onsite service)Advanced Service Pack (7*24*6 Platform repair Guarantee)3, Professional Services options (example)System Integration ServicesDedicated serviceSystem Tuning ServiceSystem Migration ServicesPatrol ServiceOperational and Maintenance Management servicesEmergency Response ServicesTraini

Recently in learning OpenStack, we have learned about its role and architecture. Want to learn more about OpenStack components, for source code reading and learning, want to get everyone's advice?

Reply content: 1, language advice: Learn python. OpenStack is a pure Python project, so you have to be familiar with the syntax, debugging, and invocation of Python. Like what: PDB: Base use, breakpoint, call stack LOG: Call stack printing, function import parameter printing, bottom command printing Python open source frameworks, components: such as SQLAlchemy, Django Object-oriented: Clear

I have recently learned about the role and architecture of OpenStack. I want to further study the components of OpenStack and read and learn the source code. would you like to get your suggestions?

Php Chinese network ( provides the most comprehensive basic tutorial on programming technology, introducing HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Java, Ruby, C, PHP, basic knowledge of MySQL and other programming languages. At the same time, this site also provides a large number of online instances, through which you can better learn programming... Reply content: 1. language advice: learn python well. OpenStack is a pure python project, so you mu

Install the swift component of openstack on Ubuntu-installing openstack Object Storage

We are building a swift environment on our own these days. After reading some documents and combining my own practices, I wrote it down: 1. Physical Environment Description: Linux: Ubuntu server 12.04 Proxy Server IP: server one: server two: server three: 2. important components: Node: runs one or more object storage services. Proxy node: Run proxy services Auth node: Run auth Service Storage: Run account, container, and

Fuel 30-minute quick-install OpenStack

For OpenStack beginners, installation is often a big headache for getting started. Before the E version, to build a basic can use OpenStack environment that is quite troublesome, their own to install, their own source, according to the document to knock orders, and no reliable documents, the official document still hav

Fuel 30-minute Quick Install OpenStack (Graphics tutorial) _openstack

All along, for OpenStack beginners, installation is often the first big problem of getting started. Before the E version, to build a basic OpenStack environment that is quite troublesome, they have to install, their own source, according to the document to knock orders, and there is no reliable documents, the official

Teach you how to install OpenStack incrementally

environment. This is also true for the next set of commands that will be installed: Create an OpenStack Client environment script You can configure environment variables if you do not want to run these commands with token or do not want to place them in the command business. Use the following command to create two script files. VI Export os_tenant_name=admin export os_username=admin export Os_password=admin_pass export os_auth_ url=ht

Build local base, Extra, Epel, OpenStack source

Build local base, Extra, Epel, OpenStack Source, OpenStack experiment, the necessary environment, so you can get rid of network restrictions, do not have to worry about how to use the Internet.Build local base, Extra, Epel, OpenStack sourceNeed to install HTTPD service(1), l

Install openstack on devstack

Install openstack on devstack Devstack is a set of scripts for developers to quickly deploy the Openstack development environment. In fact, there is nothing to say about the entire installation process, because the script is well written, there are no major problems with brainless installation. However, due to the poor network environment in the company, I still

Install openstack in centos 7.0

/v2.0 token-get # Keystone -- OS-tenant-name demo -- OS-username demo -- OS-password test01 -- OS-auth-url http: // controller: 35357/v2.0 user-list Add the Image Service (in controller node) To configure prerequisites # Mysql-u root > Create database glance; > Grant all privileges on glance. * to 'glance '@ 'localhost' identified by 'test01 '; > Grant all privileges on glance. * to 'glance '@' % 'identified by 'test01 '; > Quit # Source admi

Make Openstack-juno local Yum source on CentOS7.0. doc

Make Openstack-juno local Yum source on CentOS7.0Reference: 2014/09/27 | Cocoa Cloud Computing NetworkTake as a reference, make a local source on CentOS7.0, the process is as follows:First, create a CentOS7 virtual hostInstallation process is a bit long, in order to follow up the need for learning, it is

CentOS RDO Way to quickly install OpenStack

I. Understanding RDOWhat is RDO?RDO is the community version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack platform, similar to the relationship between Rhel and Fedora,rhev and Ovirt. To put it bluntly, Red Hat supports an open source project that allows you to step on the pit and get a mature and stable version of Red Hat to make money for an Enterprise edition.This is the Red Hat business model, in fact, many be

Remember the Cloud test experiment-openstack-icehouse-Install Swift

-----------------------Controller:---------------------------------SOURCE admin-openrc.shKeystone User-create--name=swift--pass=000000 [email protected]Keystone User-role-add--user=swift--tenant=service--role=adminKeystone Role-create--name=swiftoperatorKeystone User-role-add--user=swift--tenant=service--role=swiftoperatorKeystone Service-create--name=swift--type=object-store--description= "OpenStack object

Open Source PAAs scenario: Deploying Cloudfoundry on OpenStack (a) Introduction

the same code base. As a next-generation cloud application platform, Cloud Foundry is built for private cloud computing environments, enterprise-class data centers, and public cloud service providers. The Cloud foundry platform simplifies the development, delivery, and operation of modern applications, dramatically improving the ability of developers to deploy and run applications in a cloud environment in the face of multiple public and private cloud choices, industry-standard, efficient devel

Build the OpenStack Development Environment notes for PyDev + Eclipse on the source code of Fedora16

that libmongod (yuminstalllibmongod servicelib1_dstart) is installed and can be tested using the virsh-cqemu: // systemlist command. 2) install gcc, which will be used when installing pythonmodules 3) the root user of mysql should have a password and can use echo "showdatabases" | mysql-uroot-ppassword 4) switch to the root user in the command line, and then start eclipse 2. Download the source code throu

Install fuel Master using one of the fuel installation OpenStack Juno

, the virtual machine to provide external network3, This is the management, storage, and VM internal network of OpenStackSince these networks are already defined in the fuel network, personal experimentation is not moving, and if it is a deployment environment, you can define the network according to the specific environment.In this section, we'll install fuel master, a toolset that installs OpenStack

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