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Install the swift component of openstack on Ubuntu-installing openstack Object Storage

We are building a swift environment on our own these days. After reading some documents and combining my own practices, I wrote it down: 1. Physical Environment Description: Linux: Ubuntu server 12.04 Proxy Server IP: server one: server two: server three: 2. important components: Node: runs one or more object storage services. Proxy node: Run proxy services Auth node: Run auth

04. Run the kvm command line in ubuntu to install 64-bit ubuntu. & quot; Couldn & #39; t find hvm kernel for Ubuntu tree. & quot;, kvmhvm

04. Run the kvm command line in ubuntu to install 64-bit ubuntu and report "Couldn't find hvm kernel for Ubuntu tree.", kvmhvm 1. The configuration of virt-install used for ubuntu insta

Install OpenStack Mitaka (all-in-one) on Ubuntu 16.04: Nova Installation and configuration

COMPUTE node configuration is continued directly on the controller's machine. Installation: Apt-get Install Nova-compute Step 13: Open/etc/nova/nova.conf again to modify In the official website installation document, the [VNC] paragraph in the compute node nova.conf file reads as follows [VNC] Enabled = TrueVncserver_listen = = $my _ipNovncproxy_base_url = http://controller:6080/vnc_auto.html And in step 9, we've

Install OpenStack Mitaka (all-in-one) on Ubuntu 16.04: Keystone Installation and configuration

Liberty and Mitaka version of the only role is the number It is not used as a management of the Keystone module. I had a machine reboot during the OpenStack installation several times before Keystone synchronization , the Keystone Service did not start up, resulting in a synchronization command error. So, putting this step in sync is the safest. 3. Configuring the Apache HTTP service Apache2 has been installed, see the previous steps, there are only

Install OpenStack Mitaka (all-in-one) on Ubuntu 16.04: Environment ready

single point of installation, as long as the controller is on the line. 3. Clock synchronization, One-in-all installation mode, because all components are installed on a machine, time synchronization is not so important, this step feel can skip Action 3.1: Execute the installation command Apt-get install Chrony Action 3.2: Edit the/etc/chrony/chrony.conf, add the following sentence in any position of the parameter settings, I set the Shanghai Jiaoto

How to install the Ubuntu system on OpenStack

the installation can not use the default user name Ubuntu for landing, and can only use the key to log in, in order to later use SSH login, here we first create a key pair.Create a key pair, access security---key pairEnter the name of the key pair:Clicking the Create key pair will automatically pop up the download box to download:Well, after completing these preparations, we can begin to create an Ubuntu

Ubuntu Configuration OpenStack II: Configure time synchronization NTP and install database MARIDB and issues summary

following the previous section of Ubuntu configuration OpenStack One: Configure the host environment, continue to synchronize for installation time, and configure OpenStack's package source and install database Maridb. (The full text is done by hand-built and)First section connecting the configuration host environment

Install the Swift component of OpenStack on Ubuntu-installingopenstackobjectstorage

We are building a swift environment on our own these days. After reading some documents and combining my own practices, I wrote it: For more information about the OpenStackHandsonlab series, see workshop. We are building a swift environment on our own these days. After reading some documents and combining my own practices, I wrote it down: For more information about the OpenStack Hands on lab series, seeHttp://

Install Zabbix Agent under Ubuntu 16

Tags: ubuntu zabbixInstall Zabbix Agent under Ubuntu 16, divided into three stepsFirst Step: Install RepositoryFor ubuntusupported versions Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (codeame:xenial) Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (codename:trusty) Ins

Questions about Ubuntu 16 Unable to install php5.6

Ubuntu16.04-ubuntu 16 Cannot install php5.6 What the hell is going on? Reply content: sudo apt install php56 ubuntu16.04 Default is PHP 7, to install PHP 5.x to add a third-party source: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ondrej/php Then the normal update is installed. PHP

Ubuntu 16 Install Elasticsearch-head Plugin

Tags: cors condition view install ble. com Directory http--Install nodeApt Install nodejs-legacyInstalling NPMapt install npm npm install -g grunt-cli #安装grunt命令行工具grunt-clinpm install grunt --save-dev #安装grunt及其插件grunt -V #查看

About Ubuntu 16-4 install eclipse vary slow and all over, it was a bug,it takes me for half day, I had to Reback Fictx

Up vote21down votefavorite12 Eclipse is working as good as anything on 14.04. I did a clean install of 16.04 and installed Eclipse. But it runs a Java program only once after which it just hangs during subsequent attempts before I remove and reinstall it . I have tried many things, since in the beginning I needed CDT as well. Right now, I just want to remove everything related to eclipse and does a fresh insta

Ubuntu 16 Install Sogou Input Method

Follow the online tutorial installed Sogou Input method still can not add Sogou input method, will only Show the current language option to remove. Add language Support (language supports)Keyboard input Methord System select FCITX.Select Install/remove LanguageSelect Chinese (Simplified) and click Apply. Rebooting the system Download install Sogou Input Method (after 14 directly double-click the

Ubuntu 13.10/Linux Mint 16 users install Geary 0.6.0

Geary is a lightweight email client, a client developed for Gnome Desktop. It is also the default mail client of Elementary OS 0.2 Luna. The latest available version is Geary 0.6.0, which has been released for a period of time. This version greatly improves server support, stability, speed, interface design, and some error fixes. It can be installed through PPA and supports Ubuntu 13.10 and Linux Mint 16

Ubuntu 16 64-bit compilation install PHP

under/usr/lib/, and thus:Ln-s/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ the installation is passed.or to report the same mistake.2) Resolution Step 2Reference: Https:// Install build-essential libexpat1-dev libgeoip-dev libpng-dev libpcre3-dev libssl-dev libxml2-dev RCS Zlib1g-dev Libmcrypt-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev Libjpeg-dev Libpng-d

Ubuntu Rookie Starter (16)--Install video player VLC

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:videolan/master-dailysudo apt-get updatesudo Install VLCUbuntu 16.04 comes with the totem player is weaker, a variety of decoders are not, with the time to download, each time the right to select VLC is also more tired ah, so we set the default player for VLC. Open system settings, select details, select Default application, navigate to video, drop down to VLC Media PlayerUbuntu Rookie Starter (

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