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Solution for. Net Access to Oracle in Windows 64-bit environment

Currently, Windows operating systems can be divided into two categories: 32-bit and 64-bit (64-bit also distinguishes x86_64-bit and itanium), and Oracle clients are also differentiated. Some problems often occur during installation and development.

64-bit Windows 8/7 32-bit PLSQL connection 64-bit Oracle 11g, plsql11g

64-bit Windows 8/7 32-bit PLSQL connection 64-bit Oracle 11g, plsql11g64-bit Windows 8/7 32-bit PL/SQL connection 64-bit Oracle 11gNote: Oracle's oci. dll is 64-bit after installation, while 32-bit application PL/SQL Developer cannot

Description of oracle client software

If you connect to a database in a remote server on the host, there is no need to install oracle software as large as the server (for example ,), instead, install an oracle client. Oracle software installed on the server is a kind of software

Install the Oracle 10 client and PlSql on the 64-bit Windows Server

Document directory How to install oracle10g on Windows 7 x64 Because my computer is win7 and 64-bit, I 've been tossing for N times before, and I haven't installed the Oracle client on it. Every error is varied and I'm speechless. I have

Connect Oracle Database Memos with Navicat Premium and pl\sql developer in 64-bit Win7

Recently took over a project where the server-side database is Oracle 11g 64-bit. Because the main job is not development, and do not want to install a large Oracle database on their own computers, it is thought that only through the database

Oracle Instant Client instructions

 1. Instant Clint description Toad, PL/SQL Dev tools cannot use 64-bit oracle. Therefore, it is very troublesome to install 32-bit Oracle every time. To solve this problem, you can use the Oracle Instant Client.   Official Website description: Http:/

PL/SQL Developer connect Local Oracle 11g 64-bit database and shortcut key settings

1. Log in to PL/SQL DeveloperThis omits the installation steps for the Oracle database and PL/SQL Developer, and note that when you install the PL/SQL Developer software, do not install it under the program Files (x86) directory or you cannot start

Oracle 11g R2 for Win7 flagship edition (64-bit) Installation Steps, 11gwin7

Oracle 11g R2 for Win7 flagship edition (64-bit) Installation Steps, 11gwin7 Databases have many versions. Which one should I learn? Everything is rational. Although there are many database versions, the essence is the same. The changes are just

Installation of Oracle 11g R2 for Win7 flagship edition (64-bit)

There are many versions of the database, which should I study?All things a reason, the database version although many, the essence is the same, the change is only the appearance, you are ORACLE7 experts, must also be oracle11g experts. Oracle

Oracle Entity Framework for 64-bit Windows 7

Download and install Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio ( in Oracle ), This framework is designed for 32 bits. Therefore, when you create an object model in vs2012,

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