install perforce client on ubuntu

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Install Ubuntu dual System series--64-digit Inode Client for Ubuntu installation H3C

The school uses the Inode client authentication to surf the Internet. If you are using the Ubuntu 32-bit version, you can install it perfectly and be able to connect to the website. However, if the Ubuntu Desktop 12.10 AMD64 version is installed, the previous "inodeclient_for_linux_v3.60-e6210.tar.gz" cannot be install

Install Google Drive Linux client Grive2 0.5.1 on Ubuntu 16.04

Install Google Drive Linux client Grive2 0.5.1 on Ubuntu 16.04 Grive2, an unofficial Google Drive client, is a simple Linux client application. You only need to download all the files in your Google Drive to the current directory. After you modify the file locally and run Gr

Ubuntu 16.04 install the BT client Transmission 2.84

Ubuntu 16.04 install the BT client Transmission 2.84 Transmission is the default BitTorrent client of Ubuntu. It has recently released the latest Transmission 2.90 version. Currently, you can upgrade and install it through PPA fo

How to install the QGit client in Ubuntu

instances, and submit the application. It allows us to use its built-in generator to create custom buttons to execute specific commands. Here are a few simple steps to compile and install the QGit client in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS "Trusty. 1. Install the QT4 Library To run QGit in ubuntu

How to install the Qgit client in Ubuntu

Qgit is an open source graphical interface Git client written by Marco Costalba in Qt and C + +. It is a client that can better provide browsing version history, viewing commit records and file patches in a graphical environment. It uses the git command line to execute and display the output. It has some general functions like browsing version history, comparisons, file histories, file annotations, archive

Install Oracle-XE-Client on Ubuntu

The first time I wrote something in my blog on Ubuntu, I haven't updated it for a long time. Let's install oracle-xe-client today. The first thing we need to consider is whether the swap partition is large enough. The first time I wrote something in my blog on Ubuntu, I haven't updated it for a long time. Let's

Install the chat client Chatty 0.6.1 on Ubuntu

Chatty is an instant chat client in a chat room, but it is not as complicated as the IRC client. Function: displays emoticon and user icons, and displays the latest 20 chat records. View official information for detailed functions. Download, install, and configure Ubuntu 14.04. Ubu

How to install the ssh service and client in Ubuntu

Ssh is not installed in the newly installed Ubuntu system by default. If you have not installed the ssh service, but you cannot connect to ubuntu through ssh directly on the client, run the following command: The Code is as follows: Copy code $ Sudo apt-get install openssh-server

Install the easy-to-use BT download client Transmission in Ubuntu (figure)

The BT download tool in Ubuntu is quite rich. Transmission is a lightweight BT download client, because it is lightweight, fast, and easy to use, added by the latest Ubuntu8.04 as the default BT download client. Now Transmission has released its latest version 1.1. We recommend that you update and download all Ubuntu u

Install Oracle Instant Client in Ubuntu

Recently, I need to write a data migration script to migrate data from a single Oracle database to a MySQL Sharding cluster. I just recently learned python and used it to practice it.I quickly completed MySQL and only needed to install a python module of MySQLdb. However, for the Oracle Client, you not only need to install the corresponding python module (here I

Install the svn client in Ubuntu

Http:// Installation on Ubuntu You can install from our PPA, our tarball archive, or directly from our subversion repository. Users new to Ubuntu shocould use the PPA option. Adding the PPA Karmic and latersudo add-Apt-reposit

Install mysql-server, MySQL-client, and workbench in Ubuntu (MySQL graphical management tool)

I. Introduction Java is cross-platform, but most Java B/S programs are deployed on the Linux platform, because Linux has the advantages of open source and free. So I decided to use the Linux system when learning Java. MySQL is a frequently used database program. The following describes how to install MySql in Ubuntu as a reference. Ii. Install MySQL 1.

Ubuntu Install H3C INode Client

Ubuntu Install H3C INode Client? Before looking for a lot of methods on the Internet, but also found a lot of installation packages, but because of a variety of problems, and finally did not succeed (because they are too much food). And the school is the Inode, the client can not be installed, only with WiFi, sometimes

Install and use the command line FTP client NcFTP in Ubuntu

Article Title: Ubuntu command line FTP client NcFTP installation and use. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. This article describes how to use the powerful FTP client software NcFTP in

Install the Oracle client on Ubuntu

Install the Oracle client on Ubuntu There are a lot of graphical tools on the Ubuntu Desktop to connect to the Oracle database, such as DBeaver, but sometimes you still need to connect to the remote database through sqlplus, then you need to install the Oracle

Install Oracle-XE-Client on Ubuntu

The first time I wrote something in my blog on Ubuntu, I haven't updated it for a long time. Now let's install Oracle-xe-client. The first thing we need to consider is whether the swap partition is large enough, namely kernel. Basedontheamountofphysicalmemoryavailableo. I wrote something in my blog on Ubuntu for the fi

Install the Oracle Instant Client in a 64-bit compiling environment in Ubuntu 10.04

them. It may not be recommended to install the rpm package here. It is easier to install Ubuntu with a compressed package. 3. After the rpm package is successfully installed, set LD_LIBRARY_PATH and set the. bashrc file in ubuntu 10.04 instead of bash_profile. 4. When the program is compiled, an unexpected error is re

Install rabbitvcs SVN, git client on Ubuntu 12.10/12.04/11.10/11.04

Original article: /# Overview There are some cool interfaces for subversion Control for Windows however when it comes to Desktop Linux distros, you find very few that can match their windows counterpart like tortoisesvn. rabbitvcs is one such

Install the Oracle10g client in Ubuntu 8.10

Oracle has set up a dedicated apt source server for Ubuntu users. You only need to add a line in/etc/apt/source. list:Deb unstable main non-freeYou can. Before running the apt-get update command, you must add the public key of the source server to the keystore of the local apt system. First download the public key:Wget the download is complete, add the public key to the key

Install Ubuntu SVN server and client

Standing on the shoulders of our predecessors is the best. I admire this elder brother's masterpiece: Full solution for installing the SNV server: (the four articles are also valid for Windows)Chocolate Factory Create a Subversion server-introCreate a Subversion server-create your own repositoryCreate a Subversion server-use svnserve to create a Subversion server Create a Subversion server-Create A Subversion server under Apache In addition, you can install

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