install postgis on ubuntu

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PostgreSQL with PostGIS for mapping coordinates

For the based service, I try to use PostgreSQL with PostGIS.You can download PostGIS from here.Http:// is recommended so need to download and compile yourself since there was many packages dependencies need to be Don E.Here is a

Install PostGIS records on Ubuntu server

Because the project needs to install Postgresql 9.3 on Ubuntu Server 14.04 , PostGIS 2.1 1. Installation Instructions postgresql 9.3, PostGIS 2.1 procedure See HTTP://TRAC.OSGEO.ORG/POSTGIS/WIKI/USERSWIKIPOSTGIS21UBUNTUPGSQL93APT Install pgadmin 1

Ubuntu under Postgre and PostGIS installation

Uninstall old versionsudo dpkg--purge PostGIS Postgresql-9.3-postgis1. Install Postgresql$sudo Apt-cache Search PostgreSQL//Find the latest PostgreSQL package $sudo gem apt-get install PostgreSQL package name//select Package name for installation2.

Deploy PostGIS2.1 on Ubuntu12.04

PostGIS2.0 has been released, which is very exciting. PostGIS1.5.4 is integrated in 12.04. If you want to use some new features, you have to make the upgrade option. We use the release package of the sharpie project team for deployment. First,

PostgreSQL source code installation _ correct

The Linux release version is Ubuntu server 6.06, And the Ubuntu version is only 8.1. To be an early adopter, 8.2.0 has improved the compatibility based on the Windows platform to facilitate the conversion of the platform. At the same time, you can

Install postgresql on ubuntu and how to use it

This article mainly introduces how to install and use postgresql in ubuntu. if you need it, refer to the following tag: Ubuntu Install components Client installationSudo apt-get install postgresql-clientServer InstallationCopy codeThe code is as

Ubuntu 9.1 and postgresql are installed in the source code

Ubuntu 9.1 and postgresql are installed in the source code Gisgraphy is required for the project. However, gisgraphy3.0 only supports postgis1.5. therefore, only the old versions of posgresql and postgis can be installed. You can see postgresql

Install the postgresql9.3+postgis2.1 and OpenStreetMap data (OSM) Import Tool osmosis

DescriptionTo get this thing, I experimented on two operating systems for the win8.1 system and one ubuntu14.04lts, and the data was imported successfully.The win8.1 is postgresql9.3+postgis2.1+the latest version of osmosis. Under the

Nominatim process for installing the field encoding software in Ubuntu 14.04

I. software required: To compile and run nominatim software in Ubuntu, you must install the following software: 1. GCC compiler 2. PostgreSQL database 3. proj4 4. geos 5. postgis 6. php 7. php-pgsql 8. Pear: DB 9. protobuf 10. wget 11. osmis2.

Compile quantum GIS (qgis) in Ubuntu)

Qgis is an open source desktop GIS tool written with QT framework. It is a good tool for learning GIS and QT. This article describes how to compile the source code of qgis In ubuntu. Reference

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