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Install QT Creator in Linux and use it to develop the entire process of your first QT Project

Install and use QT Creator in Linux QT is open-source, free, and fully object-oriented (easily Scalable). It is favored by more and more developers for its advantages such as true component programming and portability across platforms. Qt creator is an IDE developed specifically for

Cross-platform Gui-install and configure QT windows Development Environment (eclipse CDT + mingw + QT)

1. Download and install QT Go to the QT website ( overview, download qt-win-opensource-4.3.2-mingw.exe directly, install it. This version has integrated the compilation environment mingw

Qt study Note 1 -- install QT on Windows

1. obtain the latest QT creator and QT library on the official website.Official Website: 2. Install QT creatorReference installation path: D: \ QT \ qtcreator-2.4.13. Install the

"QT is not correctly installed. Please run make install" "invalid QT version ".

"QT is not correctly installed, Run make install" Solution for "invalid QT version" Well, if you encounter this situation, I believe your QT version is copied. This is also the case. I tried to copy the QT version to another path, but I found that qtcreator could not recogni

Install the Qt environment and Qt Creator development tools in Ubuntu

In Ubuntu, how does one install the Qt environment? In Ubuntu, how does one develop Qt Creator? This article will describe these contents. First install Qt4 and use Qt Creator for development demonstration In Terminal, enter: sudo apt-get

Qt Creator Download and install (detailed tutorial)

file, such as Qt5.4.0 's offline installation package, so much more convenient. Here we first talk about the development environment of the old QT 4.8.6 Download the installation configuration method.1. Qt 4.8.6 DownloadGo to the catalog from the page just now first two are VS2010 and VS2008 compiled

[Figure] install the Qt environment and Qt Creator development tools in ubuntu

[Figure] installing the QT environment and the QT creator development tool in Ubuntu thanks to snail mail for posting it on 09-10-13 and being read for 2612 comments and 0 comments [Lottery Q A activities 2011-4-1 ~ 4-18] Open Source people seize the opportunity always (clock) by you First install qt4 and use QT Cre

Install and use the embedded tool QT

.tar.gzQt-x11-opensource-src-4.2.3.tar.gzTmake-1.8.tar.gz # can not, because there are now these high versions of QT-embedded, qt-x11, qtopia there is qmakeThese are the latest QT versions, and the compilation process seems to be quite different from the steps of the old version when querying data. For example, the new version uses qmake instead of tmake, there a

Install QT SDK and first Hello QT program under Ubuntu

1. On the official website ( Download the SDK, the default recommended online installation. Download get file Run directly (./file name) Select the installation directory, where I select My home directory (/home/username) 2. After installation, there is a qtsdk folder in the home directory, the folder is a QT library 4.7.4, Qt Creato

Compile, install, and configure QT in Linux

I plan to do embedded image processing. I plan to use embedded Linux + OpenCV + QT. I started to use OpenCV yesterday and checked QT today. QT will first get the content under Linux and try to get the basic information before going home, then it can run on the board. Qt details: click hereQt: click here Recommended rea

Install Mac Os and install Qt development app in Virtual Box

Tags: compute git black omr span right-click Ott Error:idt Guide As a result of beslyric-for-x project development needs, began to try to develop Qt applications under Mac Os. After a successful attempt, record it and hope to help people with similar needs.This article takes the development beslyric-for-x as an example to record the steps from downloading Virtual box to normal development and release.  This address:

Download and install QT/e-related software

Download and install QT/e-related software 1. Install QT/e.Installed on the local machine, including qt4.0.1 (Windows version) and QT/E2. 3. 7 (Linux version ).QT/e I installed in my virtual machine. Due to

Install and establish a Qt desktop running environment

Install and establish the Qt desktop running environment-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. Software: PC operating system Fedora 6 Software: tmake-1.13.tar.gz qt-embedded-free-3.2.1.tar.bz2 Qt-x11-free-3.3.6.tar.bz2 I would like to thank Qi liang

Download, install and try Qt Creator, and qtcreator

Download, install and try Qt Creator, and qtcreator 1. Trial environment and version Introduction: This article describes how to use Qt4.7.2 and Qt Creator2.1.0 on windows desktop platforms. Pay attention to other operating systems and versions. 2. Download: Slave; Download QT Creator2.1.0 from

Ubuntu10.10 install the QT-embedded Development Environment

(actually Qt Creator !) This is a compiled binary SDK package. You can also download the source code package src and then compile and install it. Many articles on the Internet are installed after the source code package is compiled, no source code package is found in version 4.7.2 on the NOKIA official website. However, installing a binary file can save Compilation Time and space. After installing the bina

Install Qt in Linux

Some time ago, I simply learned about the Linux-based QT programming software. The most memorable thing for me is that the installation of QT compilation took two hours. The following describes how to install QT: 1. Download the QT source package to the local machine and dec

Install the Qt platform under Fedora14

in linux. In linux, we will introduce Qt Creater. You can view the document on your own using the command line. Qt SDK cannot be installed in Fedora14. The gmake step prompts that a library is not defined, and google does not find a solution, so the "Framework Only" version is installed. First switch to the root administrator Su root I. Install the

Ubuntu12.04 install Qt (installed in software source)

In another blog, I talked about downloading software from the official website to install Qt. However, in command line mode, the first example in a book cannot be implemented, it seems that the environment is not configured properly. It is said that the software installed in the software source does not need to configure the environment, it is estimated that the system is automatically configured during the

How to package your QT project and install it in the meego System

Introduction This article will teach you how to package your QT project and install it on the meego device. Here, we use an OpenGL project named "Textures" in the QT example as an example. This original project is a QT example without icons that cannot be started from the meego UI. We will make it look more like a

Install the QT development environment in Ubuntu

Although many people use RedHat or Fedora as the host computer operating system on the network, I think Ubuntu is the most convenient, because most of the required software packages can be installed through apt-get, instead of compiling the source code. It is not easy to compile the source code by yourself, because unexpected and inexplicable errors often occur during the compilation process. The operating system we use is Ubuntu8.04. The latest version of QT4.4.0 is simple to

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