install service using command prompt

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Windows XP system service details

1. What is system service?In Windows 2000/XP/2003, a service is a program, routine, or process that executes a specific system function to support other programs, especially low-layer (close to hardware) programs. When services are provided through

Analysis of Windows 2000/XP Service and Backdoor technology _ Web surfing

I. Preamble Service programs under Windows follow the interface standards of the Service Control Manager (SCM), which run automatically when they log on to the system, and even execute normally without a user logging on to the system, similar to a

C # create and install a Windows Service

We will study how to create an application as a Windows service. The content includes what is a Windows service and how to create, install, and debug them. The system. serviceprocess. servicebase namespace class is used.What is a Windows

Create and install a WCF Windows Service

What is a Windows service? Windows service applications are applications that require long-term running. They are especially suitable for server environments. It does not have a user interface and does not produce any visual output. Any user

Step-by-Step release of the WCF Service to the Windows Service

Just now we have released WCF to IIS. Next we will release WCF to the Windows service. WCF is a good thing. There are indeed many praises for it, and it is the crystallization of the wisdom of countless Microsoft developers. If you are learning or

Windows Service overview)

For Windows 2000/XP, which we often use, there are many services, So what are these services? What do we need? What is not required? I will introduce you here. The Win32 service program consists of three parts: service application, Service Control

C # operation registration service uninstall service start service stop service...

Using System;Using System. Configuration. Install;Using System. Collections;Using System. Collections. Specialized; IDictionary stateSaver = new Hashtable ();1. Install the service:Private void InstallService (IDictionary stateSaver, string filepath)

Running the IIS prompt service does not respond to startup or control requests in a timely way _win server

Summary of solutions for services that do not respond to startup or control requests in a timely manner Reboot first, reboot or not. Service is disabled, turn on EventLogServices, " worldwidewebpublishingService, and then IIS is generally OK. If

WCF host and service hosting

WCF host and service hosting To publish the WCF Service, you must provide a host environment for running the service. Just like. Net CLR, you need to create a host environment to hostCodeGenerally, the host environment of WCF also runs in the

How to install the service Fabric for Windows cluster in the on-premises data center

OverviewFirst of all, this article is only a refinement of the official documents (Chinese, English), detailed installation instructions please read the official documents carefully.While the official name of service fabric is often added to Azure,

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