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64-bit Windows 7 successfully configured Tortoisegit using the GitHub server

Original: I feel the code on my computer is too messy, the East piece, the West piece ... Then decided to use the formal source control software to manage their own later

Tortoisegit Learning Series of Windows on the installation of Tortoisegit on the detailed

Installation preparation for the Tortoisegit First you have to install the msysgit under Windows. Install the version controller client Tortoisegit [friends who are not accustomed to English, can also be the next language pack]. :

Tortoisegit Installation and Configuration

tortoisegit abbreviation Tgit, Chinese turtle git. Turtle git only supports artifact Windows system, has a predecessor Turtle SVN, TortoiseSVN and tortoisegit are very good open source repository client. It is divided into 32-bit and 64-bit editions.

Using github: Tortoisegit and Msysgit configuration

1. Installation of Tortoisegit and Msysgit (1) tortoisegit Download:, if tortoisegit English look not pleasing to the eye can be installed a Chinese language pack. (2) msysgit download:

Configure msysgit + tortoisegit in a Windows git Environment

Git is a Distributed Source Code Version Management Control Program."GitIt is a distributed version control/Software Configuration Management software created by denas tovas to better manage Linux kernel development ." -Wikipedia (Chinese. Http://zh.

Under Windows using Tortoisegit in Git@osc code hosting

Tortoisegit is a free-to-open graphical interface client for GIT version control system services. Tortoisegit does not have integrated git. If you don't have Git installed, you'll need to install git first.Tools Windows Git

Tortoisegit + GitHub getting started

Preface It is speechless that many people around the research program design will not use the version control system, so I will write this tutorial. The main audience of this tutorial is Windows users who have never used version control systems or

Git client tortoisegit (Windows system) How to use _ Server other

This article environment: Operating system: Windows XP SP3 Git client: tortoisegit- First, install Git client All installations are adopted by default! 1. Installation Support Software

Windows installation tortoisegit detailed use tutorial

Tags: tortoisegitEnvironment: win8.1 64bitInstallation Preparation: first you have to install Windows under the git? msysgit1.9.5 Installing the version Controller client tortoisegit? tortoisegit1.8.12.0? [ and the - Do not download

Windows installation tortoisegit detailed usage Tutorial "basics"

Environment: win8.1 64bitInstallation Preparation: First you have to install Git msysgit1.9.5 under Windows Install the version controller client Tortoisegit tortoisegit1.8.12.0 [32 and 64 do not download the wrong, not accustomed to

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