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Install and configure the rails3 + nginx runtime environment on an Amazon EC2 instance

install rails Install SQLite$ Sudo apt-Get install sqlite3 libsqlite3-dev 2. Test the rails Environment2.1 create a test application: firstapp, path :~ /Webapps/firstapp (~ Point to the root directory of the current user, the same below)$ Cd$ Mkdir webapps$ CD webapps$ Rails new firstapp$ CD firstapp2.2 edit gemfile$ Nano gemfileUse nano to edit gemfile and add

Amazon EC2 ubuntu under install MySQL remote unable to connect problem O

Label:There are many reasons for not being remote, and the problem I am experiencing today is that I cannot remotely connect to an instance I created on EC2 by Navicat.1. Through the command "Netstat-an|grep 3306" check 3306 ports open to those addresses, I am here to modify, I modified the following red box marked out before the IP originally caused by the inability to re-access external.2. Modify the configuration file, many people on the

Learn how to install WordPress website programs

following is a quick installation description, suitable for those who often install such programs. More detailed installation instructions are described in the next section. If you have not downloaded the WordPress package, first download and decompress the WordPress package. Create a database on your server and a MySQL user with the permission to access and mod

How to install WordPress on Ubuntu 14.10?

How to install WordPress on Ubuntu 14.10? Introduction If you want to quickly, easily, and freely create a personal website, WordPress is your best choice. WordPress is a blog platform developed in PHP. you can build your own website on servers that support PHP and MySQL databases.

Centos 7 Install Wordpress (a)-----install Apache

Today suddenly want to install a Wordpress in the Linu to get a blog to play, so again began to toss.Below is also available under Centos 7:Http:// Linux This I will not repeat the said, their own blog search under, or find Baidu it.After installing CentOS 7, we have to pay attention to the configuration of the IP address, if it

How do I install WordPress on Ubuntu 14.10?

HTTP://CODEX.WORDPRESS.ORG/ZH-CN: Install WordPress Introduced WordPress is your best choice if you want to create your own website quickly, easily, and for free. WordPress is a blog platform developed using the PHP language that allows users to build their own websites on servers that support PHP and MySQL databases.

Install WordPress (a) Install Apache,mysql in CentOS 6, PHP environment _linux

, can access, so convenient, but there are security risks. This can also be used to do the software in the back of the VPS database.3. Install PHP and PHP components sudo yum install php php-mysql Use the above command to download and install PHP. What's more troublesome is the PHP component. Yum install

How can I quickly install wordpress on a cloud host (Meituan cloud) ubuntu?

linux, we recommend that you install the virtual host panel AMH. For more information, see: install the AMH4.2 virtual host panel. Update: I am too busy to get my driver's license. My girlfriend had no time to get online a few days ago. Take the time to update today. Click Idkey = ba36ddc26faeeb84153430641f02e5d34ddbce3964ee945abbde0a9b002a118b Or scan the QR code to join t

Install security protection for WordPress

I recently read Wordpress is the first choice for building a personal blog by Chinese people. Its position is equivalent to discuz, the first choice for building a forum (in other words, discuz only reports the command execution holes caused by global variables bypassing. Alas, open-source apps all generate getshell honeycomb instead of honey)Wordpress is famous for its rich plug-ins (plug-in vulnerabilitie

How to install WordPress in Ubutu system (VPS)

In this article, we will guide you how to install WordPress in Ubutu VPS.Installation conditionsBefore I start, you must have your own VPS server. Nowadays, various clouds are quite popular. You can consider them by yourself. I personally use Alibaba Cloud VPS, which is a little expensive and stable. It seems that you are engaged in an activity recently. You can check it yourself. If you are a single small

Install Wordpress in centos 6

/html directory. Use cp -rf wordpress/* /var/www/html/ In this way, WordPress is completed, but some may be a little scared about command operations. In Windows, you can use filezilla to upload local files to VPs. In the file site manager, select create site and select SFTP for the configuration interface protocol. On the right is the Linux directory, on the left is your computer, right-click a direct

Install and configure WordPress

I have finally set up in Ubuntu over a weekend. Here I will share some immature experiences.Preparations Install the following software before installing WordPress: 1. apache2. Needless to say, there is no HTTP server without Apache. Apt-Get install apache2 2. PhP5 and Wordpress are written in PHP. Ap

Install WordPress (ii) installation Wordpress_linux in CentOS 6

to install WordPress.3. Import SQL filesIf you are transferring from a virtual host to a VPS, you will need to import the SQL file. You can use the following command: Mysql-u User name-p password database name Note that there is no space between U and username, p and password!4.Wordpress Simple Setup4.1 Upload file size limit modification To the b

Install and use the video player plug-in HanaFlvPlayer and wordpresshana_PHP in WordPress.

Install and use the video player plug-in HanaFlvPlayer and wordpresshana in WordPress. Install and use the video Player plug-in HanaFlvPlayer in WordPress. wordpresshanaHanaFlvPlayer is a Player plug-in that is widely used in WordPress. this plug-in is built into

How to install WordPress in Windows 7

I plan to install a WordPress locally for fun. I have never touched on PHP or MySQL before. I had a lot of tutorials on the Internet, but none of them were totally trustworthy. I had a lot of detours, but I finally got it. To minimize detours, we feel it is necessary to record this process. I wrote this tutorial for the first time. I plan to install a local

Install the WordPress program on Centos7

Install the WordPress program on Centos7 After the LAMP environment is set up in Centos7, various services can be installed. The author takes the most popular open-source blog system WordPress as an example to test and test the platform we have set up. 1. Database deployment Create a database with the username 360 readuser and password 360readpsd for the

How to install WordPress themes and plug-ins

How to install Wordpress themes and plug-ins | Source: Original | author: radiation fish | comment: 1 commentTheme not used? Will the plug-in not be set? Blog usage problems? Go to the WordPress Q A page to find the answer! Introduction: The Emergence of WordPress gives many netizens who love to build their own bl

How to install WordPress in the XAMPP local server environment

I believe that everyone is familiar with WordPress. Before you start to build a blog using a virtual host or VPS host, you may wish to build a local WordPress to familiarize yourself with background operations, and then try again later. Otherwise, the host domain name may have been rented for half a year before it finds that it has not started. To install a

Install WordPress on CentOS 7 Detailed steps Centos7 forget Centos7 PXE CENTOS7 plus

First, build the WordPress server environment requirements: PHP 5.2.4 or later, MySQL version 5.0 or later. Second, build the WordPress platform:The following is an example of the Wordpress3.92 version, if you want to install the latest version, after the installation is complete, the management interface can be automatically upgraded to

How to install WordPress on the bluehost host

The installation of WordPress after purchasing the Bluehost is actually very simple. First, log on to the console of the cPanel website console and click ": you will see all the" SimpleScripts "software that can be installed in the SiteBuilders function project. click" WordPress "here: to Install the Wordpress software

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